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  • Come on. They only showed two episodes of this series. I believe the show the audience deserved more than that. The two episodes I saw showed a lot of promise. I liked the cast, but everybody needs more than two episodes to prove themselves.

    The network really missed an opportunity to promote this show on 80s and other retro-style radio stations. The 80s are in, and this show could have done well had it been given a chance.

    The world, they say, will never know.
  • We used to watch this show on BET and laughed ourselves silly every time. Apparently this show ended with the lead actor's death. However, I wish it would come to DVD or VHS. I would be standing in line to buy the first copies.
  • When this was new, it was really worth watching. Now, if you're not a subscriber, it's hardly worth the effort. Even if I was a subscriber, I'm not sure it would be worth the time. The writing has become stale, and the girls are getting tiresome.

    Plus, great-looking past hosts like have gone. I really miss gals like Brooke, Gretchen and Carmen while they retain annoying chicks like Lilly and Sandrine.

    Oh well, thanks for the memories, girls.
  • This movie was not very good, but it's not as terrible as many make it out to be. It's always good to see that group of actors together again even in such a disappointing effort.

    The movie does have a few highlights:

    o Uhura's dance. C'mon, didn't we all want to see Nichelle Nichols in the buff? This was such a tease, but still lots of fun. I wish we could have seen more of the beautiful Nichelle, though.

    o The interaction between the three ambassadors on Nimbus III. This should have been expanded because there was some real potential here.

    o Kirk's attempt to hug Spock on the bridge of the Klingon ship. Spock's line, "not in front of the Klingons" was priceless.

    o Scotty's line, "I know this ship like the back of my hand" right before he crashes into a beam and knocks himself out. Yeah, it's not a good movie by any means. However, it's worth one viewing. If for no other reason, it will help you appreciate efforts like Star Trek IV and VI.
  • I loved watching this show on Friday night as a teenager. It lacked the action of the feature films, but was nonetheless interesting fare. Ron Harper and James Naughton had good on-screen chemistry with always-great Roddy McDowell. This show could have had a good run with a better time slot and run later in the night so more violence could be featured. This was a great cast that should have been given more than 14 episodes to show their stuff.
  • More gay propaganda here. Treats a very serious issue too lightly.

    I would not recommend under any circumstances. In fact, a young girl who is struggling with her sexual identity should be kept away from this flick.