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Everything's Gonna Be All White

Stupid movie from frustrated people
Stupid, shallow frustrated people are talking about something that never happened to them. They didn not experience it, and no one cares except them. This is their problem, and their problem only.

Ali Wong: Baby Cobra

Omg, never again
I'll never let an hour of my life go to crap like this again. Worst jokes ever. This is not humor for people, this is humor for frustrated women who have no satisfaction in life, and of course she thinks that poop jokes are hillarious, maybe about 60 years ago. Really, you can't think of anything smarter than that? This is pathethic.

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore

Worst movie of the franchise because of idiocracy
Yes, it is true. The world is gone to s.... They ruined the fantastic franchise, and they are not stoping there. I watched the whole movie, but from the first scene i want it to stop, and this is all because of the bad story, everything else is ok. I only watch it out of respect to J. K. beacuse this is not her fault.

Wolf Hound

Waste of time and money
The only parts of the movie that are good are those where there are no people. Now the bad parts. No 1. The script. He who wrote it does not know the basics of human communication. No.2. Acting. If you can call it like that, as if a drunken group of people from the bar had found themselves and decided to make a film. No.3. Directing. He was the most drunk.

Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings

My life took a wrong turn when i decided to watch this crap
Ok, lets go from beginning. First Wrong Turn, it was decent horror movie. Not the best, but it was ok i could recommend it to every horror fan. Wrong Turn 2 - It is bad, but somehow whatchable. Wrong Turn 3. Equaly bad as the second, but still watchable. I would not recommend it, but if you really dont have anything better to do than you can whatch it :). Wrong Turn 4, this is where the real crap starts. The story is so bad that script have to be wipe uot from existence. I dont know any person that is behaving so stupid as they are people in the movie. Very bad story, bad acting, all in all a big pile of crap.


Only the first season is watchable
Very bad forced jokes, bad acting, annoying charaters, to much meaningless mugging. The first season can be endured, but after that there is only nausea in the stomach. A good idea created by the wrong people.


The movie could have been great
The movie could have been great but it was ruined by a bad screenplay and bad directing. Too much attention was paid to the humor and attitude of the main characters, and the story itself was left somewhere on the sidelines. Everything is solved too easily, everything is done quickly, the characters are mediocre. The film had the potential to be great, but they ruined it with irrelevant things. The story loses its soul.

I am Georgina

Insult to society
Tip of the crapberg, so called TV about shallow selfcenterd narcissistic nobody. Attention w.... if you will. It's a show for zombie generations born of lazy shallow time wasting influencer crap.

Everybody Loves Natti

its not that bad
I cant belive i am saying this, but it is not total crap like "i am georgina" (small caps on purpose). But on the other hand it is not worth to watch that either. A latino singer who wants more audience and more money because she is gonna have a baby.

The Predator

disgrace to franhise, cinematography and the profession
This is how you ruin 30+ years of good Predator franchise, bad acting with really crapy b rating actors, bad story, waste of time and money. But this is where the real problem begins. Director Shane Black, ffs he wrote screenplay for Lethal Weapon, and from that he came to this, to write and direct this piece of crap. I dont know is it a girflriend, a bad diet, to much consumation of bad stuff, i dont know. The one thing i know for sure. This is 88 milion USD worth of crap.

How I Met Your Father

HIMYM was crap, but this is the king of crap
Maybe not the worst show of the decade, but its there. This is waste of time and money. B rating, bad acting, low budget, bad forced not funny humor. This is like watching Tara Reid movie and i am sorry to say this but Hilary Duff she should urgently find a new career because she sucks as an actress big time.

The Thing

Low rating from peolpe who watched only a trailer and doesnt remember the original
Maybe the best prequal ever. Why? Because they carefully connected two movies to detail. If you watch both movies in order, you will understand. Of course people who doesnt understand it, they didnt use their brain, so it is a little difficult for them to understand it, but nevertheless, movie shows the very beggining of the story and connects perfectly to the original. I dont want to spoil what are the details bcs i want you to have a Thing marathon to see it for yourself.

Motel Makeover

Most irritating hosts ever
I think this is potencialy good idea, but the Instagram wonna be designers with most irritating and annoying behavior is to much. I couldnt watch without mute on speakers.

Warm Bodies

Most idiotic thing ever made
Yes it is true, when Stephenie Meyer ruined the vampires and... wolfs :) with her crappy story we thought ok that was it, but no, they had to go furder. Thank you Jonatan Levine for runining zombies for us. What was once the prime fear of horror movies now it is trashed to pieces by romantic brainless crap, why didnt you make it as a musicle? that would be a treat. It is not a satire, it is not a comedy, it is not a horror movie, it is just 1 hour and 38 minutes of crap.

The Flood

Low budget trash
Well maybe in another dimension with real director, writer, actors and production company the movie could be ok, but this is insult to society. Bad story, bad production, and acting is a bad charry on the top of the crappy cake.

Ghost Adventures: Quarantine

They have only 18 friends to vote for them how sad
Most idiotic thing i've ever seen in my life. They should at least put some effort and go to acting course so they could be little more surprised and scared. What a bunch of crap.

100 Humans

Very entertaining
I am passing trough all reviews and what i noticed that, so called "real" scientists are really offended by this show, like they are being insulted on the personal level, and that the show is jam-packed with political bias, it is nonsense and bla bla. First of all, i think the show actually touch someone´s nerve, because they found themselves in some of the situations. Well truth hurts people :). But this show is entertaining,cheerful humorous, light. Ok not all of the thesis and experiments are proving facts, and some of it could be done better. But watching all those 100 random people in those situations is actually fun. I am not disappointed because i was not biased toward this show like half of the reviewers and that is the biggest problem here, not the show :). All in all i was having fun.

Spy Intervention

Waste of time with fake reviews
Low budget crap, bad acting, crappy effects and scenes with self reviewing crappy cast and production members. See "Tell your friends" review. This have to be banned from existence.

Cutthroat Kitchen

Waste of time
Stupid dialogues, obnoxious comments and worst idea ever for the show. The biggest asshole is the winner every time. Turn off the show because every episode is the same. If you want true competition and cooking watch Hell´s Kitchen because that is the real and interesting show.


I dont know, if it is the same movie that all here writing about how it is great, it is probably something else because this movie suck. I dont say that it is disaster, but cmon,what are you all talking about. Some of the scenes are so bad like i am watching James Bond drive a car in the studio. Acting is so horrible but that is Roland´s fault, and the dialog OMG, that is so lame i cant even imagine that they were talking like that. Half of the movie is ok, and if u can stand the other bad half, than go ahead. It could have been really good movie if they hadn't ruined it with bad acting and patriotic crap.

The Purge

Very good
I love to see people who admire documentaries like Bert Stern: Original Madman and than decide to write a bad review for this movie. Is it really something i want to take seriously? The answer is no, because people like that they dont like this kind of movie, because it is not art, it is not a photography. This is a movie for good thriller/horror lovers. Very interesting idea for the movie. Something that stands out from all the typical thriller/horror slasher movies. Very good story, interesting development. Good actors, and good production. What better you need for a movie night. BTW all the sequels sucks but they are watchable.

The Purge: Anarchy

Really? Did we watch the same movie?
All the sequels are just bad version of the first one. Anarchy sucks. First purge also sucks, but election day sucks the most. They didnt have the money to get good actors, better story and better production. It is like to watch an average series on the TV, well even the series are better than some sequels. Good idea .

Breaking Spirits

Warning! Crap!
If you somehow find yourself at this title just press "X" on the browser tab. Low budget crap, bad acting, bad story, bad production. Just forget you ever heard about this movie.

Art of the Dead

Garbage with fake votes
Well yea, we all know second rate trash actress Tara Reid, and this is exactly the movie for her. Low budget garbage, bad production, bad acting and bad screenplay and it is not even funny. People who actually can watch this movie must have a quite high dosage of some substance in their body to get to the end of it.

Ghost Nation

Are they for real?
Really good comedy show, i was laughing all the time. I think of all the ghost hunters crap because there is no good one, this is the worst crap i have seen. I love good ghost movies, and real documentaries about ghosts, but this is the king of crap.

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