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Crossing Jordan

Very ENTERTAINING Medical Drama
"Crossing Jordan" is the ONLY medical drama that doesn't bore me to death. I tried watching shows such as "CSI" and "CSI: Miami" but they don't seem to have entertaining qualities that a good television show should have. And "ER" has gone downhill in recent years.

What I love about "Crossing Jordan" is the interesting characters and the plausable scenarios. These characters form their own family of friends, which is hard to find in today's medical dramas.

Characters such as Nigel, Bug and Woody give the drama much needed comedy. Who says that drama has to be such a downer? Why not laugh a little? With Jordan being the strong female lead, gives the show much needed respect.

Joan of Arcadia

Only New Season Show I Watch
Out of all of the shows thrust upon us this new television season. "Joan of Arcadia" was the only one I seemed excited to see. I was right I am excited about this show and get angry when I can't watch it, which was only once, luckily my sister taped it for me. It was the actors that drew me to the show. Mary Steenburgen, Joe Mantegna, but more importantly Amber Tamblyn. I have been a die hard "General Hospital" fan for the past 7 years, and Amber was on for many of the years that I have been watching GH and I was devestated when she left her role as Emily, I swear Zander hasn't been the same since. Anyway I was hoping that she would be on televison again because she is such a talented actress. I am so happy to see her as Joan, because this is a terrific show!

General Hospital

Fan of GH for 5 years now.
I started watching "General Hospital" regularly 5 years ago, I was in grade 9 (1998) (which makes me 19 now) and the main reason I watched it was for Jonathan Jackson (Lucky Spencer). Over these past 5 years, I am disappointed about the replacements for him. None of those guys have the range or can convey the street smarts that the original had. As well the new Gia is terrible!

I have seen flashbacks of the show, and wonder why don't they do some outdoor scenes anymore? It would make it a lot more interesting. Speaking of interesting, the storylines have gotten a lot better now that Bob Guza Jr. is back in the writing department.

I love the performances of Robin Christopher (Skye), Chad Brannon (Zander), Tamara Braun (Carly), Steve Burton (Jason), Alicia Leigh Willis (Courtney), Maurice Bernard (Sonny) and (of course) Anthony Geary (Luke). These actors are the reason I watch the show. I am happy that Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) is back, I really didn't like his replacement.

Another note, Ingo Rademacher (Jax) is the best piece of eye candy daytime has!

Boy Meets World

My Favourite Show!
I love "Boy Meets World" it has been my favourite show for a long time. I loved the 'Chick Like Me' and 'Cory and Topanga's Wedding' episodes. I am so happy that here in Canada we can finally watch "Boy Meets World" on Family Channel. I thought that Lily Nicksay was better as Morgan and Topanga was a lot more interesting when she and her family were hippies. I also thought that the last episode would have been better to tie up all of the loose ends. It was a great show and it deserved a great finale.

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