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Love it!
It feels like I have been waiting ages for series 2 to begin here in the UK and am pleased to hear we are only a couple of episodes behind the US. Hooray. Episode 1 of series 2 aired last Sunday and i was not disappointed! In hindsight i think i should have watched the entire 1st series as a reminder but in general my memory served me well as to the events of series 1! At the end of the episode i felt exactly the same as i did with the previous series - i cannot wait a whole week until the next episode! I am even tempted to series link it all on Sky+ and watch it all in one go! The 1st episode has got me hooked all over again. The acting, as ever, remains superb with Glenn Close as the hard faced litigator stealing the show. I find her portrayal as Patty Hewes mesmerising and yet slightly creepy at the same time. Although in this series I think we will see a more emotional personal side to Patty. And I'm hoping this will help me warm to the character. The introduction of some new characters and a new plot (alongside the initial one which continues)keeps our interest. The introduction of another great actor, William Hurt and the sexy mysterious Timothy Olyphant only add to the intrigue of what lies ahead in this fantastic series. Trust no-one! Its a recurring theme and the genius of this show - when you think you've worked it out another surprise or twist pops up but it always adds to the suspense and leaves you wanting more unlike other shows like Lost, where the twists and turns just confuse and make you want to give up!! Damages - not to be missed.


Series 2
Series 2 has got off to a great start! I don't think you need to have watched series 1 to get a grasp of whats happening but like any series its nice to feel some sense of the characters and to care about what happens to them. And this show makes you think like that! These 4 30-something women seem to lead glamorous and exciting lives yet the premise is believable and realistic. So the twists and turns that arrive thanks to their love and sex lives are exciting to watch but you also know that these are problems that happen to real women too. Its about the decisions we make as women and how sometimes we are led down certain paths in our lives rather than consciously making those choices!

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