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Woah, this game just rocks!
I first played this game. I thought it was excellent, but then it got some bad reviews.

So I was hesitant at buying it. But the cool cover and all that hype just overtook me and I brought the game home and gave it a try.

Let's just say, if you like destruction, this is the game for you. Tanks, choppers, hordes of mad mutants and legions of soldiers, this game just rocks. You get to beat the crap outta your enemies, use awesome morphosis powers to change your body into weapons, and just lay waste to everyone you see.

This is the game for everyone who loves blowing stuff up.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

The Closest to Being a Jedi
This game is quite enjoyable because of its gameplay, campaign and how the story links so well to the rest of the saga, especially the last three episodes. There are many highlights to this game, and a few flaws...but mostly it's one that Star Wars fans should buy because of its freedom in the way you create your character and the way they introduce already-created planets which have not received much attention from those who've only watched the movies.

Gameplay - The gameplay is top-notch, the way you are able to move around like a Jedi, jump and fight like a Jedi, and use a variety of memorable Force powers like a Sith. You really do get the sense that you're this extremely gifted and powerful apprentice who goes around killing Jedi (it's nice to play an antagonist for once), and taking orders from this famous villain who is shown to be cruel and evil. The Force powers are nicely thought-of, as well as the ability to unlock new moves and upgrade yourself using the Levling system. There are some originals, like Force Push, Force Lightning and Saber-throw, but there are also a few new ones, like Force Repulse and Lightning Shield which both also have their roles to play.

Story - The plot is quite simple, and very much like Assassin's Creed. It somehow expalains many things that have happened in the later films, like the creation of the Rebel Alliance in the first place and how its symbolic crest came about. Very subtle things but they just project such realism into The Force Unleashed.

Total Mark: 8/10

BY HowlingRabbit334

Fallout 3

I Was Hooked
The world lies in ruins. For dozens of years it has been recovering from an enormous nuclear war, and yet, mankind has reached its lowest as they take shelter from the pools of radiation that inhabit Washington DC.

Story - That's quite a common flow of a story, the post-apocalyptic type, and it's one that seasoned gamers might be familiar with. The game itself is quite enthralling, with a gripping line of main quests accompanied by several side ones. It's the story of a child who lives in Vault 101, one of the protection shelters where people live and die in without the threats of the outside world, until the child's dad leaves. The player is then forced to leave the confines of the vault and looks for him in the open wasteland. 9/10 for that.

Downloadable Content - Fallout 3's creators, Bethesda, has created some downloadable quests for the players of the game. The few that have gone out by mid-2009 have impressed me greatly. Operation: Anchorage is a mission in which the player assumes control of a soldier in the early years of the atomic war fighting Chinese communists in Alaska. This is great, because the main game is mostly wandering and talking without much element of combat, but Operation: Anchorage is trudging harsh climates and battling lots of those Chinese foes all the way. Into the Pitt was a story about Pittsborough, a city which has survived most of the nuclear disasters and is still standing, but now the player has to unlock a secret consuming the entire wasteland, but to do that he'll have to infiltrate the city and escape alive. Broken Steel takes the story of Fallout 3 even further, as it unlocks a new section of the main storyline. The player allies with the Brotherhood of Steel, a major protagonist faction in the game, and undertake a mission that would cleanse the wasteland of the game's antagonist faction. Point Lookout is also a great experience, because it transports you to a new, undiscovered location which is a place filled with quests and whatnot. But the main thing is, buy the game, because even if you've finished the bulk of the campaign, there's still so much out there.9/10.

Total Mark: 9/10

By HowlingRabbit334

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Yet Another Great Harry Potter Film
David Yates, in my opinion, is Harry Potter's best director, because his movies in this series are dark, more serious, yet still contain a bit of laughter and humour. I think this was quite a nice film to watch, very effective lighting and graphics, a script that was light and enjoyable, and frentic tension near the end.

But I still think it has a few flaws. The beginning of this movie was slightly rushed, and people who have not yet read the novel may not understand it so well, but the rest of the movie flowed on quite well and those 2 and a half hours mostly flew by without me even registering it. There are also a few scenes, particularly at the end, that I would've liked, though.

If you are looking forward to a great film to amuse yourself with, watch this one, for it is one of 2009's best summer blockbusters.

And, I know people can complain about why a kid's film has become this dark, but you can't blame Mr. Yates. Because if hardcore Harry Potter fans started off watching The Sorcerer's Stone, they'd be much older by now to watch something that bright.

By HowlingRabbit334

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

A Realistic War Game
Call of Duty 4 beats all previous Call of Duty games and World at War because its based on modern warfare, not World War II, which no one cares about anymore. It's a great and well-designed FPS game and really brings the series to an entirely new level.

Campaign - The campaign is short and relatively easy, with few teammates with you, tonnes of enemies ahead of you, and quite a varied and breathtaking set of missions, from stealthy two-man infiltrations to noisy and explosive massive-scale assaults. But then there comes Veteran difficulty, which is a killer. Due to the realistic nature of the game, enemies still go down easily, but you can die within half a second of a full-on encounter with one. And that gets harder when you realise there's a whole squadron of them after you. And the last mission, not providing any spoilers, is near-impossible in Veteran difficulty, with only a single minute to complete it! A good and structured campaign with a few flaws gets a 7/10.

Multiplayer - This game's online multiplayer gaming is better than Gears of War 2, but is still inferior to Halo 3. What's extremely annoying is the fact that more accomplished players are able to hold better weapons, meaning what whilst more experienced soldiers show off their advanced gadgets, the low newbies who don't know how to play the game are left to deal with weaker guns. But what's good is that you gain experience for every kill or assist you do. For example, in Halo 3, you can be the best in the whole game, but if your teammates are rubbish, you may lose and not even get a single experience point even though you were the best. Call of Duty 4 covers that issue, and not only that, it gives EXP for assists too. Many players weaken foes but not get the finishing blow and receive nothing for their effort, but in Modern Warfare you even get a bit of experience for helping teammates. With a mixture of the air strikes, choppers, UAVs, and the fact that it'll take years for an average player to become the top rank ever (after passing the 55th ten times), Multiplayer deserves a 9/10.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is a fantastic game and I recommend it to anyone who is a fan of First-Person Shooter and loves short but epic games.

Total Mark: 8/10

By HowlingRabbit334

Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars

An RTS Legend
Command and Conquer has been an RTS milestone, still is, and I think it'll always be. It brings depth and infinite possibilities to the battles you can wage against multiple opponents with dozens of units, a nice building space and several creative superweapons to devastate your opponents. Plus in the PC, you can input army structure, army postures and positions, and the way they act to certain situations. Although because of all those things, Tiberium Wars can be slightly complicated, and so newcomers would have to delve deeply into strategies and commands before starting.

The campaign mode is quite enjoyable to play, with well-designed levels, cheesy but watchable cutscenes, and a few bonus objectives to kill some hours. The difficulty of them can be stressing at times, but it always keeps you striving at the correct pace. 9/10.

Skirmish is always something people love in RTS games, with you against an opponent or two, building bases, sending in huge armies, and just clashing to death. A great thing about playing against the computer is that you can change and modify their behaviour, like Rusher for waves of light, starting units or Tank for the more hardcore legions. Another interesting fact is the scope of the game. Most RTS games say "Build massive armies to conquer your opponents". Mostly they mean, small, little squadrons of units not massive, endless armies. But, with Tiberium Wars, you can literally build unlimited units, until your money runs out. 9/10.

A game for all RTS lovers, and fans of Command and Conquer.

Total Mark: 9/10

By HowlingRabbit334

Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne

A Well-Created RTS Game
Warcraft III is quite a nicely made Real-Time Strategy game which includes many features in the Warcraft Universe, being detailed and very specific on units, defence methods and Heroes in gameplay.

Good - There are many generous comments to be spared when reviewing Warcraft III. The game has a nice feel to it, with well-crafted landscapes, intense battles and freedom to mold your army into whatever stance and stature you like. Warcraft III also contains a great Hero system, with Hero levelling, selectable abilities and the choice to revive the Hero without much cost.

Bad - Warcraft III still has a few flaws. One is the graphics. You can't blame them for not having excellent graphics since Warcraft III remains a classic, but they could've done a better job with it. Another problem is the scope of the Warcraft games. For example, the RTS gaming instruction is "Build entire armies". In the game, you can create about 60 or 50 units, and that isn't exactly an "entire army".

I guess Warcraft III is a game that should be bought and played for anyone who loves RTS, but for those who want to further delve into the Warcraft Universe, play World of Warcraft.

Total Mark: 8/10

By HowlingRabbit334

Halo 3

A Game That Will Last
Let's just say Halo 3 is a powerful and exciting game that could be famed worldwide for years on end. The game has a few features, all compelling and worth delving into, with only a few flaws here and there. But the glitches, Easter Eggs and Skulls (which are all hidden) keep the community and fans always knowing there's more after the completion of the surprisingly short campaign.

Campaign - Halo: Combat Evolved had 10 levels, Halo 2 was longer with 15. But Halo 3? Only 9. I felt that Halo 3's campaign was slightly rushed and shorter than it had the potential to be. It was fun and dramatic, with new weapons, new vehicles and the usual hype and adrenaline caught it in the battles and firefights. The levels were quite well-structured, individually carrying its own ups and downs. For example, one level was notorious for being incredibly hard, but it compensated by being short. Another level was quite enjoyable and explosive, but was the longest. Halo 3's campaign, for me carried an 8/10 mark.

Matchmaking - The matchmaking in the Halo Trilogy is better than ever, with many different categories and playlists, a weekly DoubleXPWeekend playlist, and a few unique choices. This feature is obviously the most played in the world, as statistics even pointed out that matchmaking play time had taken up millions of years in the second year of Halo 3's release. Matchmaking is when you compete against other players online, around the world, no matter where they are, as long as they have connection. It is the most addictive of the features and it has kept Halo fans playing the game for long stretches of time on end. A definite recommendation to any fan of Online Shooters. The only downfall is the scope and scale of the games. Some people think that 8 players fighting on a map that would've suited 16 is quite slow-paced and not explosive and action-packed enough. Matchmaking should deserve a 9/10 mark.

Custom Games - Usual Custom Game choices include the map and gametype. But this one allows you to choose your own custom created map and your own custom created gametype, with precise settings that the Party Leader chooses to tweak gameplay in whatever way possible. Custom Games are inventive and very free-choiced. A downside is that sometimes the custom choices aren't as spaced and varied as they could've been. Probably an 8/10.

Forge - This is Halo 3's "Unique Feature". It allows gamers to visit a map and just play around with it. Like, deleting objects, changing objects, adding objects, with near-infinite choices when it comes to the downloadable maps like Foundry or Sandbox. It allows you to morph the map into whatever shape you want it to be. These maps can be used in Custom Games or posted on the File Share to show to the world. But maybe Bungie could've been more free with what you can do with the addition and positioning of the objects. I'd give it a 9/10.

Theatre - Another Unique Feature in Halo 3 is the Theatre, where you can see games, take screenshots or film videos, and then see them, share them, and post them on the File Share to let it to the community. The Theatre is inventive and useful for reliving memorable moments, like an impressive kill of maybe a photo that you think looks cool. This feature is quite good, like what REALLY annoys if the fact that if you do not save a video and therefore brand it as part of your 'out-of-100' custom saved content list, you cannot screen it the next day or afterwards. A 7/10 for this one.

Halo 3 is a game to look out for, and I think all lovers of Sci-Fi or First-Person-Shooter will love it and its infinite possibilities.

Total Mark: 8/10

By HowlingRabbit334

Gears of War 2

Beats The First by a Mile
Gears of War 2 is a game that excels the first and continues the story of Delta Squad, a four-man team comprised of soldiers with their own pasts and specializations in combat. I'd say its pretty good and a well-made sequel to the first Gears of War.

Solo Campaign - This takes you to the story of Gears of War 2, which is quite good, but, as usual, short. The thing is, usually games go by level, going from level, to level, to level. Games like Fallout 3 or Fable II are RPGs, which mean their story can last forever as long as you like playing with your character and keep roaming, getting money and jobs or whatever. The story is progressive and quite complex, but with the same feeling and concept every single firefight; enemy appears, you take cover, kill them, move on. The story is nice and you get to receive new experiences, but just plainly the same again and again. 8/10.

Co-op Campaign - A nice feature, this is exactly the same as Solo Campaign except you can now play with a sentient player as a teammate instead of a computer. The co-op features limit to only two players, though, due to the amount of time its just two characters in the mission. 7/10.

Matchmaking - Could've been better, with few game modes and a third-person cover system which doesn't really fit in with player vs. player styled combat. There's not much to say except that Matchmaking is much better, but still quite amateur. 6/10.

Horde - Gears of War 2's Unique Feature is fun and exiting, with waves of enemies pressing in onto you team. This is a fun team-orientated feature which beats most with its adrenaline-filled moments. 10/10.

A game for tactical gamers who can deal with massive levels of blood and gore. But there is a filter for that sort of mature stuff.

Total Mark: 8/10

By HowlingRabbit334

World of Warcraft

A highly gripping game
You can choose any race out of the few. Humans, tall Night Elves, fat Dwarfs, or even the tiniest of Gnomes. You can choose the class, Warrior, Mage, Paladin, Warlock, and others. You can choose your name, crafting it into any form you like.

Then the journey begins.

World of Warcraft is an enthralling game that unfolds as you cross the worlds of Azeroth and Kalimdor and discover new locations, fight epic battles, finish quests, level up and much more. You can buy, sell, trade, and duel with others players, plus buy mounts, ground-based or flying, to traverse the enormous terrain. With new spells, weapons, skills and enemies, there's always a way you can improve yourself and strive to become the most powerful being in the World of Warcraft.

Definitely the best fantasy game ever made.

But there are downsides. And some afflict to some and maybe not to others. World of Warcraft is like any online game if anyone plays it too much. After spding months playing the game, the gamer will start to get more ruthless and addicting to it, straying away from his real life and making the game replace it. The gamer will start swearing as regular talk, rebelling against parents or superiors, and become very dull and ungreateful in life. These are the things that make a game addict, so be careful when playing World of Warcraft, do not get too addicted to it, and also keep in mind the things that matter more in life. But don't get me wrong, it is a great game, and I recommend it only to mature gamers, those who know to control their lives.

Total Mark: 8/10

By HowlingRabbit334

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

A Grand Finale to The Lord of the Rings (LOTR)
The Battle of Minas Tirith, the March on the Black Gate, the Quest to Destroy the One Ring. Those are the elements which make this epic fantasy film THE best in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It contains such an enthralling world of Middle-earth that for the lengthly period of time the movie takes place, you lose time in yourself to a world filled with mirth and magic. I think those fans of LOTR, Tolkien and fantasy should grab this movie straight away. Oh, and try buying the Extended DVD, it contains more scenes, Appendices and an Easter Egg below the final scene in the scene selection of each Disc.

Definitely a 10/10.

By HowlingRabbit334

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Once again, one of Peter Jackson's greatest works
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers is, in my opinion, Peter Jackson's best movie up to date. The Fellowship of the Ring was also really impressive, though. I recommend this to those who are fans of LOTR and I think it definitely shapes the gap between the start of Frodo's quest and the epic ending of the third movie. This is a story with emotion, action and adventure, one that grips the viewer in the world of JRR Tolkien and engages them in the story. I was blown away, and I think many others will too. It's kind of like the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy in a way. In Star Wars: Episode 2, the finale was the Battle of Geonosis and that started the clone wars. In LOTR; The Two Towers, the finale was the Battle of Helm's Deep and that started the War of the Ring.

A recommendation to almost anyone who favors movies and fantasy 10/10

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

The Best in the Star Wars series
With all six movies of the Star Wars Saga, Revenge of the Sith (ROTS) has been an excellent piece of work filled with a whole load of action, drama and that sort of sci-fi feeling to it. I think the special effects are just well....special, and they bring a deep enjoyment to all the scenes you see with the Jedi in combat and fleets of starships battling in space. This a pretty well-made film which, I think deserves a lot of credit. The actors played their part well, and LucasArts really outdid themselves with designs of new characters, like General Grievious.

9/10 for me.

By HowlingRabbit334


A gripping game
BioShock was one of the games which I originally go "This looks OK...I'll just buy it for the sake of it" but then after a while I think "This game rocks, I'm glad I bought it in the first place". I think the gameplay is simply amazing with the numerous weapons and Plasmids, I enjoy whacking enemy Splicers with a wrench, downing them with armor-piercing revolver rounds, incinerating them with the power of a plasmid or firing electric bolts from your fingertips. The story and game simply just rocks to the best of it, I recommend this game to any who love standalone horror shooters. But I still don't get why the protagonist went down to Rapture in the first place anyway...

Note - Big Daddies in the game may be difficult but are essential to the harvesting or rescuing of Little Sisters, which give you ADAM energy useful for the continuation of the game.

By HowlingRabbit334

Ninja Gaiden II

A nicely done action game
I first had low expectations about Ninja Gaiden 2, I mean, it didn't seem so great that it was based on some old arcade them that has long been kicked out of the popularity list. But then as I started playing, I realised it wasn't such a failure after all; the graphics were exceptional, the gore lightened the action, and the fighting game play was one I really got used to. This story takes place in the modern world, but with the creditals of a plot set thousands of years ago. I kind of liked that, and it brought me the feeling of always wanting to know what's next. I recommend this game to all who enjoy third-person sword action.

By HowlingRabbit334

Halo Wars

Needs working on.
In all, Halo Wars is a good and well structured game. The story really does tell more about the UNSC's further origins and I'm glad at least three Spartans are usable. But as much as it's good, it's also quite bad. Simply because of the game play; I hate the way the number of structures and units are limited, and I just think they could've added more units. But I enjoy the upgrades, although I'm still sad only four total turrets are available, as well as only 30 units (40 as Covenant) and only six maximum structures (Fortress/Citadel). Maybe Command and Conquer could be a guidance for Halo Wars, although the two games have their pros and cons. Still, I think Halo Wars is a really great RTS game, and I recommend it to all Halo fans, especially that the Limited Edition unlocks the Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack.

By HowlingRabbit334

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

A great, worth film
This film is worthy of a 10/10 rating simply because of its imaginative and complex nature, I mean, I couldn't bring myself to know why this simple idea of a man aging backwards hadn't sprouted up before. Set all the way back at the end of the Great War, to New Orlean's meeting with Hurricane Katrina, this movie tells the story of Benjamin Button, a baby born an old man of eighty, destined to die in the mere form of a zero-year-old. I found this movie very emotional and special because there's reeally nothing like it. I honestly thought, when I found out the immense length of the film, it was going to be boring....I was wrong, it gripped me from start to finish. There are many emotional and touching scenes in it, including the end, where it brings forth Benjamin Button's 'younger' years as an old man. Nothing went wrong with the cast, Brad Pitt played a great job as a reverse-aging man, and Cate went well as his childhood friend. Overall, this movie was great and I recommend it to anyone who loves the genre.

Dead Space

A chillingly enthralling game
Dead Space is a recommended game for all lovers of survival horror and sci-fi. It has a very inventive campaign featuring extraterrestrial infections called Necromorphs and your job in the game is to wipe the out from ships in space.

Good - Well, Dead Space gives me the creeps sometimes; it's not only the dark environment or the suspensive music that grips me, it's just the knowledge that behind every door or across every corner there can be a monstrous beast ready to maul you to death. The very idea of an alien source transforming humans into these Necromorphs is quite a classic but interesting one. I think the suspense and horror action of Dead Space is just what gives it the 9/10 stars it deserves.

Bad - Not enough action in my point of view. Not that I'd like more action in a survival game such as Dead Space, but the Necromorphs encounters are scarce compared to the amount of time scouring each section of the ship. There's also no Multiplayer, no matches to decide the better player, and no co-op to comfort each player with the fact that a trusty teammate is beside them. Dead Space is a stand-alone, after all.

9/10 stars: Very good campaign, no multiplayer

By HowlingRabbit334

Splinter Cell: Double Agent

Enthralling all the way
This is fourth in the Splinter Cell series, being evented after Spinter Cell,Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory, plus evented before Essentials and Conviction.

Splinter Cell: Double Agent is one of Tom Clancy's best games, because it simply has an interesting and uniquely brilliant campaign. The story is about Sam Fisher, some NSA agent who has lost his daughter and now, with nothing to lose, takes up one of the most dangerous missions ever staged by the National Security Agency. He is told to be sent to prison (WTF?). Not because of crimes, though, he is willingly forced into the cell next to Jamie Washington, a member of a criminal organization, so Sam can help him escape (WTF!). It may sound confusing for an agent to break out a criminal, but this is to gain criminal trust and join the organization to destroy it from within. The Trust Meter is a very interesting feature now because you have to balance trust between both the NSA and the criminals, called the JBA, or John Brown's Army. Slip too far into the NSA, and the JBA decide you're a Double Agent in their midst. Too far into the JBA, and the NSA decide you've been overwhelmed by the way of evil and don't trust you anymore. You can simply pick whoever to serve. A Full Trust Meter can be achieved at certain moments, but sometimes, you have to choose for yourself. At the end of the third level, you have to shoot helicopter pilot Cole Yeagher. Shoot him, and you gain trust with the JBA. Spare him or miss, and they'll lose trust in you. Things like the bombing off the Cozumel Ship and executing of your own NSA leader, Irving Lambert, are like that. Plus if you kind of spare him, an extra mission is unlocked, and if you spare CIA agent Hisham Hamza, a new part of mission nine can be played through. My point, you are free to choose the objectives you complete in this game, which gives the player more freedom.

9 stars for good game play and plot line, minus 1 for 10 for the multiplayer and challenges' lack of freedom

By HowlingRabbit334

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

A very quick campaign
NOTE: I USUALLY TEND TO ADD SPOILERS INTO COMMENTS AFTER WARNING READERS, BUT THERE'S NO NEED FOR ONE IN QUAKE WARS, BECAUSE IT DOESN'T HAVE A STORY AT ALL Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is a game almost like Star Wars: Battlefront; you choose a class, kick ass, and complete objectives. It is good how you can just run around killing everyone, but the campaign is just so short! Any lame gamer could complete it in one day without much difficulty. It took me two 'cause I got bored half-way and decided to do it the next day. The campaign isn't revolved on any story, just a war between the Human GDF (Global Defence Force) and the Strogg (any alien, cyborg race). You can choose any, and I mean ANY campaign you want straight away, for example instead of doing level one, you can blitz onto level ten when you start the game. I find that a bit inferior to games which make me want to continue in order to find out the end of the story. Halo 3 or Gears of War 2 or even Splinter Cell: Double Agent drive me on like that. The only thing pushing me in this game is the rich campaign achievements.

6 wealthy stars for good game play in the field, minus 4 from 10 for the lack of story and length.

By HowlingRabbit334


A disappointment for lovers of the book
First of all, I'd like to congratulate Christopher Paolini for being the youngest author to ever grip me throughout a big, fat book. I expected the movie to be a long and descriptive one, reflecting off the novel which was full of dialog and explanations. I think the Eragon movie was still very rushed like Twilight (hated that film) and it has almost nothing to do with the original Eragon storyline. Pinch me if an Eldest movie turns into a good adaptation of the book, because I had my greatest doubts that the story can go by correctly, due to Eragon's differences with its novel.

A solid 6 stars for the persistent acting and good special effects Take away 4 stars from 10 due to the rushing of the film and differences from Paolini's book


A great novel is introduced to the big screen
I've always been a fan of Anthony Horowitz. I read his book 'Stormbreaker' not long after it hit the shelves. It was a great and catchy novel, with a limited number of pages but nevertheless quite compelling. I heard that Alex Pettyfer, Ewan McGregor and a whole lot of other guys were starring in a Stormbreaker Movie, and i was quite excited.

The film is really great, watching it was a very nice experience, noticing how it relates to the book. The movie is sometimes a bit rushed, including the fact that they missed out how Alex Rider fell in the Man of War's tank in the first place and how he jumped off the plane atop London. But the acting and action made it a movie to watch for younger audiences. I recommend it to any fans of Alex Rider and damn, I knew many were glad to finally see Alex's appearance.

9/10 - Excellent, but not Perfect

Assassin's Creed

Buy this game if you want something to occupy you for a really long time
I tell you, this game isn't exactly like one of those levelled games which you journey from one mission to the next just like that. It's like Grand Theft Auto, you can kill people, roam about the cities and let the guards try to kill you if they can. This took me a surprisingly long time (a year) to complete. First of all, I was stuck a third of the way through and spent months trying to figure it out. Anyway, this game is one in which you'd cry out in grief if you lose all your data. It's simply a bit like Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, except it's set in the Third Crusade. Assassin kills targets. Assassin has doubts about why he kills his targets. Assassin finds out his master is evil. Assassin sets out to kill his master. Assassin kills his master. Everything is peaceful again. This game kind of gripped me because you get to kill everyone, and the mission is about assassinating these nine targets in the Holy Land. But the games bores me after about an hour of non-stop gaming because the layout for all your ten targets (except Robert de Sable and Al Mualim) is just the same. You go into the city, perform tasks, speak to the bureau leader and set out to kill your target. This game is very effective in keeping you playing, but has its flaws. 8/10.

By HowlingRabbit334

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