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Pit Bulls and Parolees

A Reality show that really feels like reality
I really feel for this family. They are full of good intentions. Giving Parolees jobs & rescuing dogs that are not easy to place in good homes that understand the breed. But this was set up by a husband that has been (back) in jail for 3 years. They were married a short time before a stolen motorcycle is found on the property. It is not his, but it's his property therefore he's responsible. He is facing 3 strikes, a life sentence.

Unlike most "Reality" shows, this one seems the least scripted. This woman is in deep pain, worried sick about her, her husband & her children's future & it comes through strong. She's an animal lover in the true sense.The parolees sympathize with her & try very hard to help out. It comes through strong. It's hard to watch & not feel sympathy for them, wanting them succeed. It's well shot, the narration is kept to a minimum. The words are coming from their mouths. This is reality at it's best

The Killing Room

A waste of 1:33
It looks and sounds low budget. It's a Psychological thriller without much psychological content. 9/11 has changed the world and an old CIA mind control program that was shut down in the 70's (for real) has been reenacted to seek out USA suicide bombers who will be dropped into terrorist areas & blow themselves up in suits made of C4. There's a series of challenges with the one being shot dead in each of the challenges. One is left standing.

The script is awful, lots of mumbling and blank stares. The entire movie takes place in a large white locked room. The dialog is sparse and far from riveting. Challenges are made by quiz type questions being dropped into the room and a clock ticks away making the test subjects go nuts. Nick Cannon was interesting though. Chloe Sevigny has just a blank stare to offer. The only reason to watch this is if your a Timothy Hutton fan. He makes a lot happen with a bad script.

La leggenda del pianista sull'oceano

This is a movie that will have you thinking about it for a long time after it's finished. It's a unique story, very well written. The cinematography is wonderful. But the soundtrack is enchanting, it takes you somewhere beautiful. There's something romantic about ocean liners of the day & this film captures this wonderfully. Tim Roth is so right for this part, he captures the innocence of someone who has never stepped foot on land, but has a keen sense of people's personalities. The rest of the cast was carefully picked. The Piano duel between 1900 (Tim Roth) and Jelly Roll Martin (Clarence Williams III) is one of the big highlights of the film. The scene that has him recording a song on board the ship while he watches the beautiful Melanie Thierry is poignant. It's right up there with Amadeus. You must buy this film & the soundtrack

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