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El limonero real

The only thing I can say about this film is... it doesn't get much better than this. The movie is simply fantastic and I don't think I can write a review that makes it justice. But I think I can comment on two aspects. First the film as a form of reading on the novel. The novel is almost purely descriptive. And the film translate this. The film is positively a descriptive film. Everythng about it is a description. This blew me away. Secondly, the cinematographic language is really captivating. It feels like a documentary. It's about the way you get it from just looking at things. At the beginning there is a long first shot at the boy and you slowly begin to see all that's happening to him. the weight he is carrying. This is one of the best films I've seen in years. Many years.


One of the worst westerns ever filmed.
This is a truly bad film. It's just all over the place. I haven't seen a film this bad in ages. It's like a cheese teen movie. I don't know why, it's just so bad it made me angry. On this, every thing that can be wrong, is wrong. I have to put in more lines on the review to get it passed, so I will because I want to share my infinite dislike with everyone. If You are just bored, do anything else, anything. Even staring at the wall is gonna be more productive than watching this picture. The characters, the conflict, the scenic action, the you name it, is a disaster. the director seems to be a young kid, no doubt he'll get better but on this one he didn't know what he was doing.


The Hateful Eight

Master of pulp genre.
I've seen this movie is not getting good reviews. After reading a few I understand the viewers were disappointed somehow, probably because It's not the type of film they wanted to see. I can see this happening.

But The Hatefull eight is a really good film. It is not related to western movies in the way Django is, not in the same fashion, but I found it to be at the core of western pulps. It reminded me so much to the old western comic books I read when I was a child, inherited from past decades. The intrigue, the environments, the place. It was just amazing. I think that when looked at from this viewpoint, the films falls into place. It's just sound. I believe this movie is at the core of the old pulp fictions. And after all, that's what its author is going for. Can't wait to see it again.

American Sniper

A amazing film, but untruthful
There cannot be any doubt about the kind of filmmaking master Eastwood is. In the sense of narrative American Sniper achieves perfection. Is both subtle and fierce and as usual with the work of great authors, you don't know exactly what to make of it. I saw a lot of controversy about the political stand of the film and I went to the theater with that in mind. After some time I concluded that the film's deficit is not the figure of Chris kyle, the way he is portrait or even the way the movie doesn't deal with any implications of the invasion to Iraq apart than those in the mind of this particular soldier (which are non existent).

But falls far from the truth of the war in Iraq, the behavior of American troops, the ordeal Iraqis live everyday and the crimes committed by both Iraqi and American troops. Anyone with a bit of curiosity can easily find out how wars are like and how elite troops behave anywhere in the world. In particular Saudi and Nato troops.

In this film I couldn't see not one innocent victim of the war wounded by American troops. Not even by mistake. Not one. Even more, almost all Iraqis were ready to hurt American soldiers. Women, children and men. The quality of the film suffers from it. Because this is a lie.

Terminator Salvation

Just another boring action film...
Hi there:

I just saw the movie and I felt so sad about where the terminator saga went that wanted to review it. Getting to it I gave the other reviews a quick read and was surprise to find so much argumentation about military strategy or Skynet's variety of terminators to wipe the human race with. I have given up on the movie so much earlier than all that. And so have done the people who made the movie.

My review is that the movie is plain bad. A terrible script, far to shallow characters, worst dialog and poorly creative action gags that, as all action sequences based on gags and Fx's (both on-set and in post)instead of a good edition, go out of fashion at the end of the week. It has nothing new to add to filming language and cinematography.

The first terminator was a masterpiece of high class cinema language by Cameron, a fine movie that left a deep impression in film history. T2 was a good action megafilm with Arnold(the closest to a robot a human can get), a mean liquid metal robot, motorcycles and the guns n'roses. Who wouldn't love it? The third movie no one will care about and this was a chance to make something good out of all that money and chromakey. The final part at the Skynet headquarters is so so boring... When you resurrect a character at the beginning, you can't kill him at the climax and bring him back to life again to resolve the climax. And then they kill him AGAIN at the ending having him donating his heart twice. Hombre... Please don't make a 5th movie, just release the first two to theaters again, It'll be better.


The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Non stopping trip into insanity and gore.
This is it. Director Tobe Hooper deconstructs a road movie into a non stopping horror thriller and an absolutely must-see classic, taking the film experience to the next level. He manages to create a strong and savage atmosphere with a series of elements that converge perfectly. From the title and the opening sequence of flashes we know we are dealing with a movie not to be taken lightly. The viewer can't never help felling helpless for the characters and that is probably due to the fact that the script does not ever need to rely on the classic horror script type. Here the characters decisions are completely believable. After all, once they know they are in trouble they hardly make any. And here is the strongest side to this film. The anguish and tension will NEVER stop. Not for a second. In fact, the viewer will be expecting it to drop down a bit, as any other film. No. Tension is hardly matchable, for as long as there is image projected on the screen. Camera work is very effective finding the right angle and height to create a disturbing image. Art direction is flawless, delivering one of the most macabre sets ever made on film. It is true that this is a low budget production and may seem annoying if one's not use to the photography of the genre. Not to worry, most likely you'll get the code quickly and jump in to a real bizarre, macabre and thrilling ride that really pushes the edge.

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