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  • I caught the last half of this garbage fest on late night TV, while finishing up the laundry. I'm here to tell you to never watch this crap-pile of a film, and never let anyone you care for or respect watch it either. I can assure you that there's not ONE, single redeeming quality about this horrid, plotless, poorly acted, poorly directed, Uber-violent, nihilistic film. It's literally a waste - of everything. I had figured since the actress playing the mom had done a fine job playing a supporting role in an excellent suspense film with Michael Douglas (The Game, 1997) that she'd bring a touch of class to this heap-O-garbage, poor excuse for a film. I was very wrong. It appears to me that all the actors took mass doses of tranquilizers just to tolerate being in that scum-bucket movie.

    Again, I have to ask, WHO writes, or produces, or directs this particular kind of violent crap? I mean what kind of twisted soul comes up with this garbage? And what total idiot would invest their money, time, or efforts to help make something so completely antithetical to the many beautiful creations by millions of humans who create ART, in film, music, painting, sculpture, fashion, photography, etc.? (*NOTE TO ACTORS: Just Say "No" to bad movies! Keep your dignity; hang on to principles!) To me, this movie is simply a statement of hatred towards the entire human race - and particularly the family.

    Another reviewer cleverly stated that he believed the only reason this movie was made was so the producers could launder some illicit money. And you know, I never would have thought of that, but I believe he's right. There's no possible other reason for that nihilistic swill. Unless it was a giant middle finger to the nuclear family and the whole entire human race....
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Unless you hate all things Monty Python; and British humor in general. But if you enjoy the zany, silly, Anglo humor, and If you like learning new things; or tweaking your ancient memories regarding some obscure history you were once taught, you will enjoy this docucomedy. I really did enjoy re-learning about the Tulip Bubble (And I hope you, like me, will ask yourself, "People REALLY did that?!") I especially giggled out loud over the inane Tulip Song.

    I am not an economist. I'm not even sure what economists actually DO, or how they materially contribute to the greater good of society... or if they even DO contribute to society like my spouse and I did with our small businesses.

    I shudder at the thought that this capitalistic economy in which we all work - and at who's mercy us sweaty workers all are, is run by nerdly geniuses who really have no clue, and mostly no balls, when it comes to coming up with how to actually prevent Economic Depressions, or BUSTS, as the title says. Yet, these people advise the biggest banks and governments IN THE WORLD, which in turn affects OUR daily lives.

    A far smarter person than I, and a real economist, Don2507, gave a very excellent, in depth, review of Boom Bust Boom, but his final conclusion was that the BUSTS were perhaps the price people have to pay in a Neoclassical Economic Model. (Insert big-eyed shocked emoticon here) As a child of parents who grew up throughout the entire Great Depression; and hearing these stories about one neighbor working for a WEEK for a 50 lb. Bag of dried beans; and then sharing this with his hungry neighbors; and their ONE pair of shoes with cardboard 'reliners' in the soles... I feel these Economists can, and must, do a helluvalot better than that. Don't you?
  • I started losing respect for this TV show several seasons ago when the story writers, directors, and production heads self-righteously appointed themselves as the 'Keepers of Modern Morality' and took it upon themselves to tell 97% of the rest of the world that does NOT agree with their whackadoodle, malleable ideas on gender and sexuality, and what is normal or not, and why... Ricky Gervaias said it best, when he said "You people of Hollywood are in NO position to be telling others how they should live.." And this lame episode painfully testifies to that fact.

    It's about a man who thinks he's a chick, the music industry, OG Rappers... and the barely believable, super-woke, open minded police who must assign blame before an hour is out, for beating up said wonderful He/She person.

    It's just too much wokeness to be taken seriously by any L&O fan. And the tired, preachy, endless prosthelizing from locked-in Leftists, shoveling nonsense and lies down the public's throats under the guise of entertainment is not acceptable.

    Note to entire L&O production crew: We, the millions of average Americans already know it's 110% wrong to beat, kill, or rape people! Any people! Of any gender, race, creed, etc. Etc. We don't need your clumsy pedagogery ruining the entertainment industry just so you can feel good about yourselves. Please stop lecturing us with your unproven, invalidated, post-modern nonsense. Please.
  • And what's wrong with that? Don't know about the rest of you all, but I'm just about DONE with being lectured, propagandized, or made depressed by the dysfunctional, ultra-leftist movie makers now expressing their angst all over the little and big screen.

    I unapologetically say that I LIKE being entertained, I appreciate being made to have a deep belly laugh and totally forgetting my daily grind. This hysterical and implausible adventure starring Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman successfully accented both professional's natural comedic talents, and made my day a better one. I thank the stars of this film, the director, the very funny script writer and the entire crew for doing what Hollywood used to do best: Delight and entertain an audience. I only have one thing to ask, how about a sequel, or another McCarthy -Bateman comedy paring?
  • ...With preachy, agenda driven, leftist globalists you get this convoluted mish-mash showing up on Law & Order. It's not about victims of "sexually based crimes". It's not about American victims in NYC. It's not about Americans at all. No, it's about some Middle Eastern people who were questioned too roughly after the attack of Sept. 11, 2001. Apparently, an American television show that is supposed to entertain us, now believes itself to be America's moral guidance counselor regarding what should be allowed by professionals in the Government's war on terrorism. News Flash, NBC TV, you are in the entertainment business, so do your job. Leave the gov't. To do National Security.
  • Based solely on Gene Hackman's sterling interpretation of the prisoner on death-row, crotchety, clever, and cruel Sam Cayhall. It's 2021 and I just viewed this excellent movie for the first time. It's a melancholic reminder that:

    1. Gene Hackman is one of finest actors to come out of Hollywood in over a half-century.

    2. The art of filmmaking - in its entirety - from casting to final editing has Not Improved by one iota since the 80's and 90's. Crafting a decent STORY on film seems to be a dying art.

    3. For reasons unbeknownst to me, perfectly wonderful, well crafted, well acted, well everything movies will get panned and sent to the home-video graveyard.

    I suspect that it is because, as in this movie, there weren't enough car chases and exploding automobiles or gratuitous, moaning sex scenes between the cast's prettiest characters.

    That's a damn shame.

    Because 'The Chamber' is a story rich in drama, tension, family shame, political and historical shame, and a very life-like, gritty, form of redemption and resolution. I recommend you watch this movie just to see what a seasoned craftsman, Hackman, can do with a character. Brad Pitt doesn't deserve to shine his shoes.

    Even Faye Dunway wasn't bad, although she was destroyed by many critics for her role as Lee Cayhall, the alcoholic daughter.... it's just that the weight of the pain and torment of this character was more than Ms. Dunway could fulfill. But still, she wasn't near as bad as some criticism says.

    And Chris O'Donnell was truly exceptional as the bright-eyed young lawyer with his Lancet forward, galloping forward on his white steed to reclaim justice and mercy from the bloated, political justice system. O'Donnell should have acted more in his career. He's worthy of the title, "Actor". Unless you absolutely despise 'Law Movies' and intense dramas, I strongly suggest that you catch this hidden gem.
  • I hope you will take my advice and try to catch this 1970 treasure, featuring 'Real Man' actors, Jack Palance and Lee Marvin. If you happen to see it, and grasp the tender underbelly of this movie filled with dust and horses and top 1960-70 era Macho-Men, then you'll understand why it's so darn good. If you have ever ached over unwelcome and uncomfortable changes 'Progress' has brought to your world, then you'll appreciate this movie. It's A nice little unsung gem about the lost, wide-open West, and the people who tamed it; only to be left, discarded, as progress had its inevitable way.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Because of the acting and plot lines. Definitely one of the better Sci-Fi productions available for our viewing pleasure. Kudos to the actors and the script writers for their efforts and energies in this under-rated television program that nobly lasted a good SEVEN seasons. The three actors in this episode, The Voyage Home, chosen as US Astronauts actually look like they could be astronauts. All granite jawed and buff - and faced with a dilemma that NO space explorer ever wants to consider... a matter of saving their home planet... or....? Yes, the costumes and special effects are often on a budget TV level of quality. Yes, Outer Limits does seem to generalize all aliens as close relations to The Creature From The Black Lagoon. Yes, most of the episodes lack the gymnastic, explosive, laser-light-show fight scenes and Special Effects so hungrily craved by Gen X, Y, Z, and the Mils. But that's not OL's mission. Their goal is to say "What if....?" (You found yourself on a returning space capsule from Mars with an Alien Life-form that had just taken over your two partner's bodies; but the alien seems to be pretty cool and promises to show earth the cure for cancer in the deal, if you'll just cooperate and let him/it land on earth with you, AND the capsule is touching earth within the hour? What would YOU do?)Outer Limits 2.0; with excellent drama techniques, tries to get the casual television viewer to stretch his or her brain cells and ponder more than the mundane thoughts of everyday life.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I guess I should preface my review with a confession; I am a Law & Order junkie from way back and have always enjoyed the seasons... When they didn't preach too much progressive cr-, uh, ideology. This episode, number 22, of season 7 is a buffet of delicious societal and criminal issues, and should be watched by families of teens and then thoroughly and openly discussed by the whole clan; well, the clan over age 12. This episode portrays the heartbreak when teenagers trivialize sex, the criminal consequences when sex is misused & abused by people too immature to deal with it.

    THEN, as if that isn't a head full of concerns to process, suppose one of those teenage participants involved in something beyond their mental skill-set (sex) turns out to be Bi-polar and off her meds on the 'sound' advice of a rock-star she adulates?! What could possibly go wrong? For you Crime show fans, I encourage you to enjoy this dramatic episode (22) of season 7. It would also be a great opener for a real conversation with your beloved teenager about not getting involved with sex.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    About this film: The acting, the cinematography, the moody music. Unfortunately, there's a little more to dislike. For example, another reviewer said the most interesting thing about the movie is trying to guess what scenic small town it is filmed in. This cracked me up because I was doing exactly that during a fair part of the film! And I shouldn't have been - I should have been invested in the STORY and what was happening to the characters IN THE STORY. While each and every character acted their freakin' hearts out, and thusly sold most of the story, the story just didn't hold up. It didn't pull us viewers in because: 1. It didn't begin strong, it didn't adequately set up the why, when, where, who, etc. (yes, viewers are supposed to be flattered that a film leaves a lot for us brainiacs to figure out, I guess) But we also like a structured STORY with a beginning, middle, and something resembling a SATISFYING END. I believe that's why they call it the climax?

    There was too much guesswork in this drama. For example, my viewing pal and I never even understood where the main character got those bags of money. We thought he must have robbed a bank (?) But apparently not; all the other reviews state it was a drug deal. So I guess it was a drug deal? And what, exactly, did the little brother do to get himself involved? It was not clear. A few more minutes of setting up the story - then detailing it - would have done WONDERS for the overall understandability of an otherwise great drama. It also would have helped the viewers give a cr**. Maybe some better editing too. For example, near the end, the dad heads home in an, understandably, dirty, sweaty army green tee-shirt. Oddly, he exits his SUV with a clean, white tee-shirt on. Huh? How'd that happen? The devil's in the details, guys! Please give us much more in your next film.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Don't waste your precious time. It's definitely NOT a comedy. The networks are incorrectly calling it that. They apparently have never seen or heard of I Love Lucy. The script, of sorts, is written by people (men or women? I don't care enough to check) who have NO earthly clue about women or men. The Mocumentary format falls uncomfortably flat. The irony of the whole concept dies before drawing a breath: Women mysteriously start becoming pregnant without men, and give birth to only females (Like Mules, or Hinny's) therein creating a shortage in men and a evolutionary change; specifically, men aren't needed anymore - so they are disposed of! This concept is totally ludicrous, and antithetical to any human reality. As I freely admit another reviewer pointed out, it's completely unbelievable because human nature, heterosexuality, and the rarity of men would create EXACTLY OPPOSITE a societal reaction. Women would covet the rare male. Women would hoard them, fight over them like she-cats, and over-value men in such a situation; and a real comedy could have been about that. But this movie was done by people with no real clue about either life, sexuality, or gender; letting our current dystopian, 'progressive', anti-everyone, PC controlled, media-reality inform them wrongly about what actual real men and real women think, and love, about the other. That was a run-on sentence trying to say that the filmmaker got it ALL wrong, so the movie falls flat. The style is flat. The script is flat, the acting is flat, and I think I gave it 3 stars out of pity.
  • Try to catch this 1998 Outer Limits television episode. If you're a sci-fi aficionado - I assure you that you'll enjoy it. I gave it a solid '9', only deducted a star because of some wooden acting; although C. Thomas Howell is definitely not one of the guilty party's. The plot of this humble TV show easily outshines many of the current 21st Century Pay-Per-View sci-fi movies streaming today. I enjoyed it from beginning to end, and recommend for a lazy Covid confined day.
  • So my husband picked out the movie this night. He mostly likes movies that "Are real". This movie is based on a true situation that did occur with some Mormon Missionaries. So guess what? It's going to be about 1) Mormons 2) Religious faith 3) Religious faith during times of intense trouble. Most people cannot deal with this subject matter in a mature or objective way anymore, preferring instead to be titillated by the glut of porn, violence, horror, and Computer Animated silliness.

    I found this film a refreshing break from the endless morass of film mediocrity. An interesting story told without gratuitous sex, endless F-Bombs, or piles of oozing intestines falling out on the floor - imagine that?
  • As someone not of this generation, I'd all but given up on the possibility of good movies coming from the Gen X'rs, et. all. However, I'm happy to say I was wrong. COHERENCE is a tasty modern morsel in the flavor of many of the classic TWILIGHT ZONES from yesteryear; and who doesn't enjoy those? Just buckle your seat belt, relax, and enjoy this cozy ensemble of professional actors take you on a mind-bending ride through a wormhole. No, maybe time folded back on itself, or perhaps a comet barreling over earth warped reality, time , and space? Either way, it's a great little film, causing a spell of wonderment and respect from a jaded old movie watcher that this team of director, producers, and fine actors handily created something of Rod Serling-like quality in the typically sub-standard 21st Century movie world. I'm impressed and hope to see more from all of them, and particularly the script writer. Who knows what he can conjure up next? I hope a lot of quality work. I deducted 1 star for the wobbly, constantly moving camera work, as it literally can make me sea-sick. But I get that it probably helped set the mood and dissonance in the film. A well-earned 9 out of 10.
  • Dear Hollywood and all moviemakers everywhere: Will you PLEASE stop with the apocalyptic, post-destructed-world where mankind barely survives? It's such TIRING crap. Please, I beg of you. You folks in the film production business who are obsessively into this dysthymic, depressing type of movie need to Get Over It and realize that the Real World craves entertainment, which is the LAST thing movies like 'What Still Remains' manages to accomplish. I stubbornly watched the whole debacle, er, movie to the end; hoping for a point to be made, or a happy ending, or at least a reconciliation between the lead characters. No luck. It begins as a pointless 3,899th movie about the post apocalyptic world where man's inhumanity towards man abounds - and no surprise - ends exactly the same way. Don't waste your time with this one. The actor and actress in the lead rolls appear to be competent in their work. They deserve something better. Maybe someday there will shine some scriptwriters and directors with enough IMAGINATION and skill to make something worth acting in. We can always hope.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    If you are a man or woman of child-bearing age, see this documentary. If you know any cousins, nieces, aunts, sisters, or friends who are in that child-bearing age demographic, get them and their spouses to see this documentary. It's an important, if somewhat grueling, film about the little known mental disease called post partum psychosis that strikes, with little warning, women who have recently delivered a baby. It also touches on the dangerous side-effects, like depression, psychosis, and suicide, that the over-popularized 'Pill' can cause in susceptible victims.

    The film, Not Carol, follows the case of veteran Carol Coronado as her family retells the circumstances that built up to one fateful day in the life of Carol and her beautiful, if financially challenged, family. But there's more than one heart wrenching case. Through the stories of several women, husbands, and specialists in the field, the film details the history, signs, and subtle symptoms of this unique, hormonally exacerbated mental illness that claims truly the most innocent of innocent victims EVERY YEAR. As the documentary follows Carol's fate in a justice system ill equipped to deal with tragedies of this kind, the viewer may justifiably feel a sense of frustration at the antiquated laws, and ill informed, merciless judiciary who hold Carol's fate in their hands.

    If enough people are educated, enlightened and motivated by Not Carol, maybe someday unnecessary tragedies like this preventable mental illness will stop, as a natural, normal course of post-partum maternity care.
  • Those of us who follow and enjoy American classic movies know that the 60's was a sure turn towards lighthearted entertainment and increased exposure of lots of female flesh. The Yellow Rolls Royce would seem at first to be of this type. It's not. It is truly exceptional story telling, covering some of the various highs and lows of the human condition - through an automobile's perspective. Yes a high-end automobile is central to the story(s).

    The movie showcases the joy of being rich, the heartbreak of being cuckolded, the heartache of unfulfilled love, the consequence of selling yourself out, and the nobility of unselfish bravery when it's needed. Broken up into three vignettes, all with this fabulous, high-stylin' yellow and black Rolls Royce as one of the central characters, this movie manages to deftly cover many of our human errors with humor, dignity, and compassion; and it does so while the camera catches some of the most enchanting scenery and travel destinations in Europe, which is a real treat for those of us who won't be traveling to Europe anytime in this millennium... if you know what I mean.

    If you have the appetite, or even just the patience - to watch a well directed vintage color movie with some of the top actors and actresses from the 20th century; including Art Carney, Ingrid Bergman, Rex Harrison, George C. Scott, and the devastatingly handsome French actor, Alain Delon, who makes me want to travel back in a time machine and work on foreign movies just so I could see him up close and in person at his peak....

    But I digress. Please give yourself the gift of seeing this wonderful example of 'old school' entertainment. I refuse to say much about the plot or story as I don't want to spoil the enjoyment for you. Be assured there is one, and it takes you through time and locations cognizantly and comfortably, unlike much of the 21st century's swill Du' jour. And if you pay attention well, I assure you that you will smile, cry, and learn a bit more about life and the human-condition served to you in a gentle, classy, even-handed manner that is apparently impossible to do by our current alleged "film-makers".
  • The Tingler is Camp all the way. Delightful, B-C movie foolishness from Hollywood's budget basement bin of 1959. From bad junk-science plot lines, silly theatrical gimmicks (seriously, they had 'tingler' gimmicks actually in the movie theater SEATS during it's epic release circa 1959) or actors taking themselves very, as in way too, seriously; this movie has all the elements for a very fun liquor-enhanced date night, or B-Movie party night. This epically cornball fan favorite is sure to entertain, which is why I gave it a nine. I won't divulge the wobbly plot, but let me say: Vincent Price should have taken a patent out on psychotic mad-scientists with proper manners. He is flawless. So grab some friends, theme snacks, and adult beverages, switch your brains to neutral and forget the world as you enjoy some true video Camp.
  • Realistic teen actors. Lousy script. Confusing plot. Even more confusing covert agenda. The film Reflects society's over-thinking, over- angsty, over "I'm O.K. Your O.K, lets all sing Kumbaya and Celebrate! our differences!" Clearly the movie reflects a bigger agenda that is being pushed on all of society; mainly, that there's no boundaries to respect, honor, or keep for family or self. It seems to imply that nothing is ever more important or valuable in life than getting one's crotch jollies. No flipping wonder kids these days are flipping confused as hell.
  • Paint dry! I caught this on Stars one night. The eerie, atmospheric music drew me in. I patiently waited, and waited for something to actually happen that was remotely interesting. It never did. Not even Paul Giammatti's charmingly smooth voice professionally delivering his few lines can save this long stinker. I guess we should pay attention when the total box office amounts to a little over $3000 dollars.
  • This rude, crude, distasteful, disturbing vulgar little movie is EVERYTHING wrong with 21st Century movie making. It's pegged as "Dark Comedy" It's not. The movie is just dark. There's NO comedy. And it's depressing. The script is horrible; filled with hatred from the characters towards each other and the whole world in general. Any young couple contemplating having children who are unfortunate enough to have wasted twenty bucks on this movie, probably immediately got sterilized; as the actor playing the teenage son succeeded in making teenage boys appear to be the most unlovable miscreants on earth. It was actually painful watching Robin Williams slog his way through the awful script. Keep some faith in the human race and don't waste any time or mental energy on this giant stinker.
  • You'll love this! It's yet another one-sided, factually vacant, anti-Trump melange. Makes Trump out like a freak & pervert, while completely IGNORING the fact that Hillary Clinton rode several times on the "Epstein Lolita Express" to his secret sex-party houses in BOTH the Caribbean and Mexico. (Visualize HER w/ drunken & drugged under-age minors). She's as much of a freak, and political miscreant as her long-time husband and partner in crime, Bill, but this movie pretended the female Democrat Dillinger was a flipping Nun. The movie only flirts at and pretends to have journalistic fairness or integrity. Like the bumper sticker says, Trump 2020.

    Postscript 2021: So how's the Cheater-Prez, Joe "Come on man!" Biden and his allowing in thousands of Covid-infected illegal immigrants, and his inflation, and paying people to stay on unemployment, and the fake health mandates, and his weak stance in the international stage working out for y'all?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What the other reviews failed to grasp about this episode is that for Jaime, Claire, Ian & Janet, certainly for darling Fergus, and especially for Scotland - Everything has been surrendered. Everything is gone. Several years have passed since the rebellion at Culloden was lost by the Scotts. Now England has determinedly and systematically brought the ornery Scott's to heel, robbing them of most of their civil rights, taking their guns (Pay Attention you libs in America who naively think that it's all about 'safety') chasing down any last stragglers who may have had a hand in previous rebellions, not allowing them to continue many of their cultural traditions... It was a surrender of the traditional Scotland forever.

    On a personal level each of the characters surrendered an important part of themselves as they protected Jaime from capture and tried to adjust to their new lives with England's boot on their neck. Ian was stripped of even the most basic respect as an estate owner. Janet surrendered her dignity and the beauty of her newest baby's birth to the rude invasion of British soldiers literally minutes after childbirth. The housemaid, Mary McNab, fully surrendered all her pride as she seduced Jaime, trying to give each of them a few moments happiness. Poor Fergus, still the spirited young rebel for Scotland's cause, surrendered his entire lower arm. Lastly, after years of tireless torment of the people at Lally Brach, the Brits effected Jaime's surrender for his alleged treason.

    In the future, Frank surrendered his pride, dignity, and a good deal of self-confidence for his love of Claire and his heartfelt efforts towards making their marriage, and new life, work. Now that brings us to Claire; what did she surrender? Not much. She couldn't. She just couldn't, although she did try a little bit at first, in her new role as the 1950's pregnant housewife of a high-status Harvard professor. She did surrender a healthy dose of her willfulness as she encountered the arrogant department head of her husband's history department, and politely acquiesced to the obnoxiously full-of-himself patronizing boss for the sake of Frank's career; for which Frank was exceedingly grateful.

    But as time went on in their marriage, as she started going to med school, living in an 'open' marriage with Frank, and breaking sexist roles in education and career, Claire tenaciously refused to surrender anything. For some odd reason, she even refused to divorce Frank. The impression from this excellent, but a bit sad, episode was that Claire would not surrender her memories and love for Jaime, her possessiveness of her daughter, or her desire to live her life her way.

    But her level of stubbornness, the "take-no-hostages" kind, especially her refusal to give love with Frank a real chance, was, in a way, a type of surrender to a permanently unhappy life in the modern world.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Briana, did you do that for mercy, or to make sure.....?" And that is as much of a spoiler I will leak out, because all that needs to be said is this is a terrific episode in a terrific season. Don't miss this one. Each episode builds on the previous, yet, they can stand alone for enjoyment by the occasional viewer. (However, from one historical drama lover to another - I strongly urge you watch them all) So far, season five has been killer and this episode has given us several satisfying conclusions; giving respite to this viewer's strong sense of justice. I like having OUTLANDER give us visual reminders that justice USED to be swift, sure, and fitting the crime(s), unlike the sissyfied, inept 'justice' of the 21st century. Of further interest is the subtle way Outlander brings alive occasional real-life historical people. Please do some research on your own to get some colorful tidbits on these historical early American characters that show up in many episodes. For example: Governor Tryon. He was real, and really a _____! I urge going to Wikipedia to find out about this English colonist for yourself.
  • I had forgotten how good some of those dusty old 70's New York Noir cop dramas really were. Take all the old NYPD Blue type of police drama's, get dead serious, add some excellent vintage, polluted NYC scenery, some clean, tight, direction, a great human-drama script, and some fantastic actors giving their all back in the day when their hair had color, and what have you got? The 1978's Movie, A Report To The Commissioner. Simply an engrossing, well written, finely acted film to enjoy; but only if you love cop shows. PS: I won't tell when or where, but keep your eyes out for a very young Richard Gere!
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