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The Deep House

I should have counted how many times she said Ben.
This was meh and good grief how many times does she say ben? It had a newer idea horror underwater I think thats a first but could have been so much better. Ben ben ben ben ben ben.

CSI: Vegas

CSI with bad so called actors
I was so looking forward to this. Whoever Mandeep Dhillon is what in the world you cannot understand a thing she says............ I was wanting to see this for Grissom and there is no Grissom in this one. Did they just throw actors names in a hat and pick them out they do not even fit together.


I see why this was one season and done
This show is so bad. Jennifer Garner is horrible and annoying in this. The original is so much better watch it!


Old quickly
I like that he makes movies that are different not the same old story over and over. This one is different and it was really good.

The Trail

Good grief
This is just horrible how would someone from this era have no survival skills what so ever? She has the cleanest dress and perfect hair I have ever seen for someone wondering around in the woods. And what is up with those lame shoes she had on?

Laura Ingalls from Little house would have better skills than this. She is the worse fire starter I have ever seen. If you grew up then and lived then you had much better skills than this.

The Midnight Sky

This was so boring not even a good story. Wasted my time watching it, Nothing ever happened.

A Crafty Christmas Romance

Boring. slow not good
This is really not good at all. The whole expensive coin and so easy to lend out and misplace and lose. Mandy is so annoying she is not good in this at all


This could have been good
Kristin Stewart ruins every movie she is in. With her mouth always gaping open and all her stuttering. And in her underwear I guess to attract guys to watch her bad acting Ugh . You don't even get to know these people at all. So boring I was trying to not fall asleep.

It just goes into The Abyss and Alien are much better under water movies.

The Cowboy Way: Alabama

I loved this show in the beginning.
I love the first couple of seasons of this show. They were running their own cattle doing their own work. Now Bubba is always gone somewhere else and Booger is the same. It gets really old them going to texas all the time to work. Why not do your own cows again? Bubbas wife Kaley I just cannot watch her anymore she talks so much with her hands its annoying. I ff over her. She carried around their daughter for 2 years she was never down good grief.

I like Booger and jacklyn she is a good match for booger.

Cody and Misty we are going to name our son something no one else is named Carter um ok I hear that name all the time lollllll

The Carol Burnett Show

Best show ever
We never missed this when I was growing up! Carol Burnett is just so hilarious. And she had the best people to work with so funny! This is on Amazon Prime so I can rewatch this !

The People's Court

Milian never lets anyone talk
Milian has always been bad about talking over everyone. But she is even worse now. Its hard to even watch this show now. She will ask people questions then just talk over them when they are trying to answer. Then she will start yelling and going on and on. She likes to hear herself talk.

The Far Green Country

Boo hoo woe is me
This is a boo hoo woe is me story. Boo hoo you became parents and have to live like the rest of the world. I feel sorry for their child. That is no life for him.


Loved this
This was a really good movie. Its really cute it made me laugh I loved all the ladies in this movie!

The Detour

Good until this season
This show is funny made me laugh. But this season with them chasing their kids all over the world its been so lame. Put it back on track.

What Men Want

Wow so bad!
This movie is so bad I can't even believe I watched it all. What a waste of time not even worth a sit through. Playing such a low class woman! This movie sounds good but fell flat are far from good.

Rim of the World

Rim of the world
This was pretty good. I like these movies that are more original and not some remake. This could have done without the rich black kid in the pajamas with the attitude. Why didn't they just make him more normal. It could have also done without all the black guys keep on saying they are black no one white in the move says they are white. Yes we all know!

Other than that its good

Suburban Swingers Club

Not good at all
Typical Lifetime movie. Lifetime use to make such good movies but they don't now. And why does every new Lifetime movie have to be a interracial couple now??

A Simple Favor

Waste of time
Boring slow paced by the trailers this looked good but it was nothing like what the trailers showed. Blake Lively was not even someone anyone would want to be friends with in this show.

A Killer in the Family

Good movie
I remember when all this went on. We live not to far from the prison when it happened. I remember the manhunt going on. This was a made for tv movie its good should of been a big screen. Has some big name actors in it. Its very much worth a watch.

Roswell, New Mexico

This is so bad
I loved the original Roswell it had a good story and I really got hooked on it. This is so bad. Just has a political agenda into it. I do not need that shoved down my throat I watch shows to get away from all the negative liberal news.


Very good
This is good has a good story to it so much better than the Disney version. I don't always like CGI but it didn't bother me in this movie at all it was quiet good.

Oceans Rising

Horrible movie
This is one bad movie I had to quit watching Summer Spiro nagging and nagging fighing and going on and on. That ruined the movie from the beginning/. But then the bad CGI wow I never knew it could get so bad!

Magnum P.I.

The orignal was so much better!
I wanted to like this but it just falls short not good at all hard to watch. I tried then gave up and took it off my DVR. If I want to watch Magnum I will stick with the original that was so good!

13 Reasons Why

Not good at all
I tried this I heard it was rated high and was good. Well its not its hard to even get any kind of sorry feelings for Hannah at all she is not likeable what so ever! No one would be to blame for her choosing to kill herself but her. So this listening to old cassette tapes to figure it out just so lame. I will find something much better to watch!

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Show has become so political
This show was good years ago now it have become on the side of illegals. And very political. Also Mariska it has become a show about her which has become boring! I have taken it off of my DVR!

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