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Eight Legged Freaks

Kari Wuhrer is steaming as the heat!
This is your run of the mill giant insect attack film that has been coming out the past 5 years. It does have a certain charm to it though. David Arquette is always funny, and Doug E Doug steals the movie with his conspiracy rants. The film was hit and miss, but everytime Kari Wuhrer came on screen it made the movie better. 4/10 2 stars out of 5

Friday the 13th Part 2

A solid sequel to the original.
Part 2 picks up six months after the original ended. We then skip ahead five years, to a new camp set up right next to Camp Blood. Kirsten Baker does the best job as Terri, by getting naked and also wearing tight shorts. The suspense is built up like in no other Friday movie. I know Crazy Ralph was crazy, but if he was so scared of Camp Blood, why was he walking around in the woods the first night? Many questions are answered and some remain unsolved to this day. The second best in the series behind part 1. 6/10 3 stars out of 5

Femme Fatale

A big tease
The film has a beginning and a climax, but why the hour of nothing much? The start has to do with a diamond theft which is very well shot and fun to watch. We then get into the tease. The film is promising to lead you somewhere, but it comes to a dead halt. There is a surprise twist in this film, from De Palma, go figure. I compare this movie to the way Rebecca Stamos almost gets naked. She gets off on teasing a man by stripping for him, but not going all the way. I think it was too smart for it's own good. 4/10

Not Another Teen Movie

A good gross out comedy spoof. 5/10
A very well done spoof. The over the top language and sight gags in this one rise it above the others. It makes sure to spoof every teen movie it can think of. The Breakfast Club scene, Varsity Blues coach, and Bring It On cheerleaders are all in this. I can't comment on most things because that language cannot be used. If you want a gross out spoof then this is your movie. ** 1/2 out of *****


The funniest movie ever made about slavery. 4/10
Overall this is a fair film. Maybe not fair to history or the actors. Ken Norton asking Yaphet Kotto if he had let Sophie touch his snake was very amusing. The use of N word has to be at least a hundred times. I found the film to be in bad taste and not for any purpose other than to exploit. At the end Warren Oates makes a statement that sums up the whole film. He says that slaves are unpredictable sometimes, just like some kind of mad critter. ** out of *****

Kill Bill: Vol. 1

Chiaki Kuriyama is slammin' as Go Go Yubari
Chiaki Kuriyama made the biggest impression on me. She is not only cute, but deadly. Her character Go Go Yubari needs her own movie series. Anyway, the rest of the film has it's ups and downs. There are a ton of scenes of just The Bride talking or just looking at something. The slow points had me almost falling asleep in my very comfortable movie chair. I don't like to compare other films, but Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown never let up or got tedious. I enjoyed the look of the film and the music. The "My name is Buck, and I'm here to f**k" scene was hilarious. I say check it out. It's better than most crap being put out nowadays. 6/10 Good

Cidade de Deus

One of the best of 2002
I enjoyed this all the way through, which doesn't happen very often. The characters are so real and raw that you forget it is just a movie. The truth is that things could have been like this at the place and time. I don't want to get to detailed into this, but it's not your regular rip-off gangster movie that some people call it. It has a heart and soul all to itself. The scenes with kids no older than 4 being involved in shootings and getting shot are very powerful. Check this film out, it's a winner. 8/10 Very Good

The Hunt for Red October

A good submarine action movie
This film has it's ups and downs. The problems are find are with the Russian to English speaking of the characters. It's fine with me if all the Russians speak English, so we can better watch the movie without having to read subtitles, and you sure as hell know that Sean Connery is to lazy to actually learn Russian. Anyway, why do they speak in English, but then sing in Russian, shouldn't they be singing in English? I hate when they do that.

Alec Baldwin is great as Jack Ryan. He carries the film all the way throughout as Sean Connery sleeps through another one. Too many action scenes and a bad script make this just good. The technical aspect of the script is wonderful, but when they try to talk normal to each other, it turns sour. 6/10 Good

California Dreaming

The ending made my cry
Seymour Cassel gives a great performance, a tour de force. His acting as supposed washed up beach stud Duke Slusarski will always have a place in my heart. The film is centered around a nerd who just came to the beach in hopes of honoring his dead brother's dreams. What he gets is lame surf hijinks. Guys cheating, guys fighting, and guys getting drunk going to watch surf documentaries with the whole town of LA on a Friday night. Duke takes the nerd in and tries to teach him how playing volleyball is like touching a woman. Next time my woman talks back I will pretend I'm spiking the ball.

Back to Seymour Cassel. The end of the movie turns into a good drama, since the first half of the film really had no point. Duke plays a wonderful game of volleyball, the best he's played in over ten years. The way the scene is shot is beautiful. You can feel the heart this man has for the game and the love of being on the beach. Those five minutes will go down as one of my favorites of all time. 3/10 Bad to Fair, the rest of the movie was lame.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

A real romantic comedy
It's good to see a romantic comedy involving someone other than those two dead sticks Meg Ryan and Julia Roberts. The whole slant on the greek family traditions and way of life are very funny. The father Gus and his mother were very funny. She keeps saying damn dirty turks. Gus always carries around the bottle of windex, which had me laughing. Nia Vardalos and John Corbett kind of play it low key which makes everything going around them seem realistic. 6/10 Good

The Matrix

A good mix of action and emotion
Of course the action scenes are top notch and really get you going, but the key to this film is the emotions we feel for the characters. The film takes time to develop the characters and their relationships. For such a complex story they take the time to tell us every detail of what is going on. From the time Neo and Trinity go to save Morpheus the film never lets up for a thrilling 45 minute ending. Not many movies can sustain an action packed ending for a long period of time. 7/10 Good to Very Good

Gas Pump Girls

They couldn't make it worse if they tried
The film never picks up any pace and stalls throughout. The star Kirsten Baker is the reason I saw the film. She was so good in Friday the 13th part 2 and good to look at. She is useless in this film and gives maybe the worst performance in history. There is a scene at the beginning where all the girls graduation gowns get ripped off, but that's the only nudity in the movie. There are these three biker guys that always hang around. When the bikers go to the beach they wear a swimsuit, leather boots?, and a leather jacket? What the hell? There is also a dance scene with on the of the bikers and the stuck-up girl. It is hilarious. 2/10 Bad

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Not as fun as the first, but still good
I guess most people take the Lord of the Rings trilogy very serious. I see this as just a good film. The acting is fair, and the CGI is some of the best. There is a lot of walking around and talking in The Two Towers, and it's tough for a three hour movie to still be compelling. The battle scene in the last hour is very well done. 6/10 Good

The Last Days of Disco

A bad movie centered around good music
I sat through the 105 minutes still not knowing what the point was. It wanted to be a hip movie, with the young crowd having drug, sex, and relationship problems. What we got was a bore. There was no dialog that actually lead the story somewhere. The acting was okay. 2/10

Against All Odds

A movie to watch over and over again
A lot of people don't get this film. The love triangle between Jeff Bridges, Rachel Ward, and James Woods is very well done. I would agree that some of the plot is hard to buy. Why would Woods hire and football player to find his runaway girlfriend. I say because he doesn't want anybody to find out he is looking. The movie is kind of set in two different stories. The first being Bridges down in Mexico with Rachel Ward and the second being him coming back to Los Angeles to deal with Jake Wise. 6/10 Good

Minority Report

Could have been very good
The problems with this film are what come up the most. The only reason John Anderton ran into Crow was because of what he saw. Then why would the pre-cog have a real vision if the only reason he would kill Crow was if he saw the vision. Does that make sense? I enjoyed the slant on Anderton's son, and the emotion Tom Cruise put into the character. Do we ever have an action hero who is also a dope head? This is one of Tom Cruise's best performances.

The movie should have been darker during the action sequences. When Colin Farrell's character is chasing Cruise through the apartment building and auto production plant, I just found the music to be happy and Spielberg was trying to be comical. The movie reaches it's climax about 30 minutes before it ends. I would have preferred if the movie ended with Anderton actually finding out what happened to his son. The ending comes on to fast and sets a pace that the rest of the movie had not set. 6/10 Good

Like Mike

Run of the mill family film
Lil Bow Wow does a good acting job, but Crispin Glover steals the show. Crispin Glover plays himself to perfection. He doesn't talk very much, only when it serves his own purposes. Morris Chestnut is also very good as he is one of my favorite actors. Jonathan Lipnicki's character is annoying and should be kidnapped instead of adopted. I'm glad they didn't have Bow Wow dunking too much, because it does look fake. A good family film. 4/10 Fair


I'm a sucker for casino movies.
I can't help but enjoy films that take place in casino's. Maybe I am addicted to gambling, but oh well. I enjoyed it because it focused on characters more than the action going on around them. I was confused about why Sydney would just take John in. I was convinced he did it because his own children were not in his life. As it turns out, there is more reason than that. Philip Baker Hall is awesome, as he carries the movie from start to finish. His character never shows any signs of emotion even though we know he cares. 6/10 Good


A very funny small time film
Arye Gross and Claudia Christian make a great team. Arye plays a night clerk caught in a fantasy land. He pretends to be everything he isn't, but always ends up getting caught at it. When he has the chance to actually meet the famous model Hexina, he jumps at it. Even though he has to pretend he's someone else, it's nothing new for him. The love scene is super funny. Hexina has the most intense orgasms ever put on film, so intense they are played for laughs.

Norman Fell and R Lee Ermey have small parts but add a lot to the film. When someone asks Hexina what is wrong with her, she responds with "I'm f**king bonkers!" When Arye Gross accidentally falls on his female uptight landlord, she says "This feels like a rape, this feels like a rape." This movie is full of sight gags and had me rolling. A good spoof. The last twenty minutes got lame, so I give it a fair vote. 4/10

The Tuxedo

The comedy makes up for the bad direction/editing.
The first thirty minutes with Jackie Chan and Jason Isaacs are good. Isaacs is great as the real Clark Devlin, even though he doesn't have much to do in the film. Jackie Chan is likable especially when he does his James Brown impression. Jennifer Love Hewitt is cute, but isn't able to garner up much of a performance. Due to the age difference they weren't able to explore a real relationship between the two. It's not a good movie, but it looks nice and Jackie Chan is funny. 4/10 Fair


I wanted to like it, but thinking about it caused me not to sleep.
The good things are the setting, the acting, and Nicky Katt. Does that Nicky guy rule or what? The whole internal affairs angle has been done many times. Why didn't Pacino just shoot Williams when chasing him along the lumber dock? They tried to use every scene that has been done before. How many killer movies have come out in the past 10 years that seem the same as this? I got the feeling I was watching Seven set in the Alaskan wilderness at the beginning.

I hope the original version of this film is not as cliched as this. Pacino gives a good performance even though I really never felt for him not sleeping. I give Insomnia a 5/10. Fair to Good

The Daytrippers

A pleasant surprise.
I just caught this on a Sunday afternoon and it ended up being a good movie experience for me. This is as close to real life as I can remember a movie getting. All of the characters are real and have real feelings. I can't remember a shred of violence in the movie even though it had plenty of screaming. I enjoyed the relationship between Parker Posey and Liev Schreiber. Even though many life changing events occur over the course of the day that the movie takes place, everyone seems to be having a good time just getting out together. The film has some slow spots, I guess where they were trying to get to their 90 minute running time. 6/10 which I don't give out easily. I find the film to be good, and in an original way.

The Specialist

This was a comedy, right?
I enjoyed this movie in a comedic kind of way. Sly stomps around, trying to act suave. His voice gives him away in every situation as just a big dump retard. How could someone of such brain power perform such masterful bomb explosions? I guess is Sharon Stone wanted to get in bed with me, I would get stuff done that I don't have the first clue of how to do. Eric Roberts and James Woods in the same film is like dating two women at the same time. It's fun, but sooner or later you will pay a price. Rod Steiger's racist accent should of had the latin community up in arms.

The opening scene when we find out why Sly and James Woods part ways is very funny. Then we have Eric Roberts jumping out of his car because Sly is looking at him really hard. He pulls a switchblade on Sly and tells him he might lose an eye if he keeps looking at him in a sexual manner. We get to Sly and Stone naked sooner or later and it is a good steamy sex scene. James Woods keeps wandering around acting crazy and like he knows what's going on. By the end, all of the white actors playing Cubans get their's. Not to give away the ending, but we need a part 2. 4/10

Friday After Next

Very funny
This movie is funny from start to finish. We have Craig and Day-Day getting into all kinds of trouble. The first half of the movie takes place at the strip mall with the funniest scenes involving Money Mike. He is little pimp that looks like Prince. Day-Day tells a group of church women to get off the corner because he thinks they are there trying to turn tricks. The funniest scene in the movie is when Money Mike goes to the bathroom and is followed by Damon. That scene had me laughing. I enjoyed it even though I was the only white person in the theater in backwoods Louisiana. It was Thanksgiving night and the placed was packed. Everybody loved it and so did I. 5/10

Fools Rush In

A good romantic comedy
This film shows the differences between different cultures mixing and breeding. Actually, they use all the stereo types they can think of. Salma Hayek and Matthew Perry give good performances. I don't get how "The white people are melting" is a racist comment? I figured the guy was making fun of himself for turning red. I didn't like the fact that he kept his getting married from his parents because he was ashamed of his wife. She was hot and I would prance her around every chance I got. Better than most crap movies being put out. 5/10

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