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She-Hulk: Attorney at Law

Whats going on!?
Did someone take too many mushrooms and decide to make a really bad show? There is nothing entertaining whatsoever about this show other than the fact that someone was dumb enough to give it the goahead.

There must be some kind of internal betting going on in the office as to who can write the worst super hero show. *rolls eyes*

The concept, the stroy and the interest are all lacking here, it's time to pull this show before it gets any worse, and it can only really get worse, im sure everyone can agree.

It's no longer about making quality content it's only about profit, and until they start to care again im never going to pay for any of the drivel they put out, it's simply not worth it. I get more entertainment from popping bubble wrap. Im sure kids would not even like this show.


Cgi looks plasticy and fake, story was boring and dry.

Just not up to par for todays standards. Almost seemed like it was written by an AI or someone on mushrooms.


Horrible movie
I guess these people have no clue how to write a tech movie. They did not get even one part even remotely close to realistic.

I could not stand this movie once, and I sure as cant watch it a second time. I am not sure how Denzel felt after seeing the release cut, but I know I would have had a heavy bag of shame.

The Food That Built America

The food that helped destroy america
More mindless history channel blabber. I really wish they could produce shows as good as bbc, but that's just asking way too much.

Here is a docuseries about americas bad food tho, I hope it interests you.. the food that helps americans be overweight.. the food filled with chemicals, the food that slowly kills you as soon as you put it in your mouth.. yeah, greaaaaat title for this series... it's almost as if they have no real clue. The food that built america.. *eyeroll*

The Electric Man

What in the world!?
This movie was pathetic!

The acting was horrible, cinematography terrible, script even more terrible. At what point are they going to start paying us to put up with such trash movies... I mean why bother making them at all!? Why not just use your old camcorder and make your own movie to watch yourself at home so other people dont have to put up with it.

The Orville

Probably one of the worst scifi shows ever made.. cast, costume, set, lighting, effects, and script leave this show lacking in every department.

The script seems written by someone in grade school, or it's scripted for people in grade school, I cant tell which. I did not find one moment of this show amusing, but that's just my two cents.


I've never seen cgi look so crude
They went the wong way with his movie imo. Some bad actors that just did not fit their rolls well at all coupled with some cgi that looks like they are in first year art school. Bad angles, bad meshing, bad lighting.. how can you get cgi so wrong on a movie with such a huge budget!?

The slaughter of toto's rains of africa song was the nail in the coffin tho...

Star Trek: Lower Decks

Just not good.. in every way.
Animation style is super cheap, incorrect, and boring.

The dialog is rediculous and seems like most of the time they are just saying words to make noise.

Low quality animated trek for kids.. they wont know the difference.

The King's Man

I had hope
I had a bit of hope this movie was going to be good. I was wrong, i'm not surprised anymore at less than mediocre films being released... it's just becoming a drag is all. Time and time again a movie is hyped and time and time again we are let down. I guess it's just life now.. never learn to get your hopes up!

Kong: Skull Island

It's rather strange how they show the typical human way of destructive exploration as a highlight in this movie.

The movie itself is a pretty typical kong movie imo. Godzilla will always be better than any kong movie.

The Kings of Napa

Just wow.. this show is obnoxios. I don't understand the mentality of the type of people IN the show and the people that watch it. I guess if you like being annoyed and rolling your eyes a lot.. but that's not for me. I get enough of that in everyday life thanks... I don't need it following me home.

Spider-Man: No Way Home

Yet another Spiderman movie... These just keep getting cheesier and cheesier. Effects are even starting to get subpar. Actor choice and scripts are also getting super cringe. They are in full in cash grab mode now... weewww!


It's like a horrible mash of marvel and power rangers... I guess this was meant to appeal to 5 year olds. Bad cast, with super powers only a 5 year old could dream up.

Learn to write a good story BEFORE you make the movie.. I'm starting to think the movie industry is run by children.

To be fair.. the movie wassss made by disney, so I guess it really was made for the underlings but my gosh... disney needs to stay out of making super hero movies, they are truely horrible at it.

Beyond White Space

Some of the cgi was ok.. the acting however was a headache.

It's really better to watch it with the sound off and let your mind make up the dialog... speaking of sound, even the sound mixing on this movie was horrible.

Some people should just not make movies I guess!

Don't Look Up

Only the last 18 minutes were good
This movie went nowhere and it did it painfully slow. The last 18 or so minutes were good, because something other than bickering was going on.

I think it was meant to show how dumb some people can be in the face of a natural disaster but im not really sure... there was not enough thought put into the script to make it clear. *shrug*

Ghosts of Mars

The story was there but the actors weren't
A movie that had potential but it got blown on bad actors. I'm not sure what actor ruined it the most but I think an entire reroll for the cast would have done it good.

The Matrix Resurrections

Not worth one penny
This movie was a total disgrace from start to finish. IF I would have seen this in the theater, id have walked out and demanded my money back. LUCKLY I got to watch it at home and ended up fast forwarding through a lot of it because it was so stupid and boring. Might as well as called it Matrix Recapped, not Resurrections.

Astounding that some people are giving it more than 2 stars... absolutly astounding..

There are very very few directors that can make keanu look like a worthy actor.. it's almost the same as music singers that are horrible, but the producer works some magic and then you might have a hit. If you have seen any of Keany's own directing you might see the point I am trying to make.. HE CAN'T act, and he sure as heck cant direct..

If you paid money for this movie.. i'm sorry.

The Umbrella Academy

More annoying super hero shows
Way to go. Yet more superheros.. do we really need this? It's not even interesting anymore. Underthought and overdone, like most american tv.

I guess all these superhero shows are aimed at a different generation.. I just don't see the interest. I gather in a few years they will just do away with dialog and use meme pictures to try and explain what's going on in the movie.

The Real Housewives of Miami

Oh lookie... more trash
People like this actually exist! As stated in another review, it even creates them.. monkey see monkey do.

Shows like this do more long lasting damage than a virus.

Haven't we put up with enough of this wannabe lifestyle? Reality tv shows that are not even close to reality!? It's disgusting. I rather wish this stuff would never be aired because it's ruining america faster than any natural disaster ever conceived.

The Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip

Fake people doing dumb things
Somehow this show got made... for what reason im not sure, but it happened and the world is a worse place now. Watching this show makes me cringe. It's truely a disgrace to see stuff like this crammed down the publics throat.. at least we can change channels.

I guess the types of people to watch this are the types to watch stuff like jerry springer or something? There is just not one redeaming quality in shows like this...

I still say and hours worth of commercials is better than this drivel.

Ghosts of Christmas Past

Uhhhh huh
I guess.. if you like christmas movies.. you might like it?

Typical cheesy christmas movie.

All the new christmas movies that come out are just so cringy.. including this one imo..

Power Book II: Ghost

Yet more disgusting american tv trash for you to all watch. I'm not sure how this got put on tv but it should be taken down and replaced with an hour of commercials... thanks.


Super trashy show
This show is just stupid on every level. They even go to great length to make it look and sound stupid... why? Comedy? It's so stupid it's not even funny. Quit wasting everyones time producing shows like this..

Christmas by Chance

Yet more christmas trash
I'd rather watch 2 hours of comercials than this trash. Its rather funny that someone gave this 8 stars and then wrote some kind of paid drivel to make it sound good. This movie is just pure american trash. I dont even think americans know what christmas is even about anymore... as you can tell.. from movies like this.. I think I should send them the cleaning bill from the vomit I got on my tshirt after watching this.

The Fight Before Christmas

Christmas trash
Hohoho, here's some christmas trash, I'm sure you wont enjoy unless you're some kind of chritmas whacko. This movie should come with a bottle of vodka, because you'll like the vodka more than the movie, and then the floor more than the movie after you've puked.

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