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Godzilla vs. Kong

An insult to anyone with double digit intelligence!
Its just absolutely inane, preposterous, uninspired, OTT nonsense with its specious bare bones story just an excuse to have two CGI leviathans battle it out!

Utter, utter crap imo!

Wonder Woman

Absolute drivel
Bring back Linda Carter's wonder woman I say because this is terrible. I can only assume it's got the plaudits it did because it has a female director and female protagonist and the current climate of #metoo and age of groupthink? As one British newspaper reviewer stated this new wonder woman is just a "weaponized smurfette": I have to concur because she is so one-dimensional!


Utterly preposterous
Hey, at least the two films it ripped off were high octane fun, with die hard setting new precedents for action adventure films and towering inferno filled with so many star cameos that blink and you'll miss one - but this blatant ripoff is just utterly preposterous. For example, the one legged hero somehow manages to climb the external structure of a adjacent crane to get above the height of the fire in the eponymous skyscraper: 96 floors high at a speed that would put an arborial ape to shame - and there's even more ridiculousness to come! Utter rubbish


Preachy, virtue signalling nonsense
How on earth can you parody or spoof the high street retail when the likes of sir philip green exist in reality? Incredibly I see this as awarded 5 stars in the daily mail - now that's comedy!

The Midnight Sky

Derivative rubbish
This film has been done numerous times infinitely better. Notably, films , which star its director, suffer from the conflict of interest which invariably arises - and it's very much the case here: clooney needs to make up his mind whether he wishes to be a star or director - it's clear he can't do both!

Miracle Workers

Series 1 and 2 couldn't be more different!
Series 1 for the start was quite funny, whereas, well, the second just plain isn't! I rate this 5* as the follow up second series seriously nullifies the enjoyment of the first!

Very surprised to read a third series has been commissioned as I thought the second would be it's death nell?

PS Daniel Radcliffes acting still hasn't improved and he's just as wooden!

Peter Crouch: Save Our Summer

Truly, truly terrible
As other posters of commented the initials of this show spell out SOS..which immediately spells disaster! I for one can't understand why the media currently fetes Mr Crouch: the BBC have heavily pushed both this and his podcasts - hi frankly find him as humorous as a haemorrhoids!

The Great Wall

Could only make out Matt Damon's oirish accent at the end of the film with his very last lines!

Everything happened at breakneck pace - I suppose any slower and the films plot holes and faults would have shone through even more?

The Nice Guys

Fantastic morbidly black comedy
Very, very enjoyable. Remember it being released back in 2016, and, as not a particular fan of either of the two leads, didn't give it serious consideration and as a result didn't watch it. Oh, what can error if judgement on my behalf. I can only imagine individuals bemoaning this on IMDb aren't nuanced enough and that it goes totally over their heads?

The Legend of Tarzan

Absolutely ludicrous
This adaptation of Tarzan is abysmal - the coordinated multiple animal species attack at the end so ridiculous as to be untrue.

Blown Away

Total and utter manure
How on earth did this crap ever get made? IRA terrorists ups sticks and moves to USA and joins Boston police? Glorifies the IRA and period of time known as the troubles here in the UK by referring to "the cause"! Classic Hollywood depiction of de oirish, which makes patriot games look like a master class in character study by comparison Endless playing of u2 - cos theyre oirish you know! God awful oirish accents all round!

Project Blue Book

Ran out of steam
Series 1 was an enjoyable, albeit low key, x files type show. However, series 2 became increasing preposterous and ott. this is highlighted by the series finale where the air force capt suddenly developed submariner skills! Alas, it ended on a cliffhanger which will never be resolved.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Ultimately falls flat
Would any government let dinosaurs - particularly very dangerous carnivorous ones at that - roam free? No, obviously not, so goldblums characters announcement of welcome to "Jurassic world", is, frankly, ridiculous! Sadly, so much in this film makes little sense or bares scrutiny.

Dad's Army

Just watch the original series
This is a pale shadow, what's more, the classic catch phrases are just clumsily tagged on with virtually no context to what's going on!

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

All over the place: a jumbled mess!
Apart from the chaotic mess this film is, it's leads look about 15 years old - it felt uncomfortable seeing the female lead cavorting about in skimpy outfits and acting provocatively!

The Full Monty

Robert Carlyle's character, Gary "Gaz" Schofield...
Is really an unlikeable arsehole. He's got no redeeming characteristics. One understands his desperation, however, his total lack of anger management and abusive language he demonstrates, plus intentionally ruining the chaps job interview chances, were abysmal!


Very enjoyable film, however...
Redford and Kingsley are much too old to play the two protagonists: one assumes they were probably graduate students in the events at the start of the film and later should be in their mid forties, however RR is 56 when filmed!

Man Like Mobeen

True to BBC form
Politically correct, left wing, blame culture steeped in liberal guilt!


Essentially a reboot of 1992s "universal soldier"
Only with 21st century CCG and vastly inferior!

Nothing more to say apart that I have to add wordage for this post to qualify!

King Gary

Utter dross
Incredibly unfunny - cant believe the underwhelming pilot led to a series! It's just preposterous. Shame Davis ditched murder in successville to pursue squit like this and action team!

The Water Diviner

Crowes attempt to ingratiate himself with Turkey
All very one sided: painting the british as colonial aggressors and Turks as the oppressed - when, infact, turkey has been involved in more than its own far share of genocides! I can only assume this was funded by Erdogan?

His Dark Materials

Crapola - makes the 2007 film seem masterful by comparison
As usual the BBC has taken liberties with an original story and decided to pepper it can improve upon the writers creation by peppering their adaptation with ethic minorities to suit it's pc agenda: surprised they didn't decide iofir bynerson, the armoured best, was too white!

Nacho Libre

Very funny film
All those who accuse it of racism and cultural appropriation are just the humourless perpetually offended imo

Mystery Men

Great film - much underrated
Ahead of its time considering the plethora of superhero films today that are deadly earnest and take themselves far too seriously.

IMO mystery men is book very clever and funny.

Blinded by the Light

Two hours of politically correct, virtue signalling nonsense
So much so this touchy feely effort will no doubt be a big hit with the critics!

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