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The Valley of Light

Heartwarming-Heartbreaking Glimpse Of Yesteryear....
The cinematography in this movie gives the soul the space and wings to soar! The rivers and lakes are swarming with schools of fish, skirted by beautifully dense woods filled with chirping crickets. The lush green pastures with rich black earth are ripe with enormous wiggling worms - great pickin' for fish-bait.

The characters and the plot are heartwarming - yet heartbreaking.

A handsome WWII soldier wandering the countryside trying to outpace the grief that dogs his every step since returning stateside.

A pretty widow with a warm heart who takes loving care of her deceased husbands' brain-addled aged grandmother.

A lonely young mute boy, makes one wonder if it is perhaps from his young mother's death or his runaway fathers abandonment of him.

The town and it's cast of characters are quite charming - they make one long to move to this little friendly town in the valley of yesteryear.

Throw in a mess of fishin' to boot and this is a MARS & VENUS Movie. The finale of this movie gives ones' soul hope and that's no tall tale. Don't let this movie be - "The One That Got Away"!

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