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Scream VI

The best Scream sequel
I'm a big fan of Scream movies. However, even being enjoyable, I thought Scream 5 wasn't the the requel that the franchise deserved. I didn't like the new main character, hated the connection between Sam and Billy and the story didn't give enough space to the new secondary characters like Mindy, Amber or Wes. So, my expectations for Scream 6 weren't high, but I'm completely surprised.

Scream 6 does a great work, it's full of awesome ideas and interesting twists. This film made me like Sam, her bound with Billy Loomis doesn't seem so crappy like in Scream 5, all the new characters are well developed and there's enough screen time to the our loved legacy characters like Kirby and Gale.

This installment is the bloodiest and gruesome movie in the franchise. I watched it with my mom and she cringed during some kills. The new Ghostface is more crazy and brutal than ever. There are some thrilling sequences like the subway scene or when the survivors try to escape from their home. And the opening scene is epic, they changed the game with it and now is my favorite of the whole franchise.

The only problem in this movie is killer's identity. I don't know how to explain, but I was expecting somebody more surprising.

Halloween Ends

Mistakes happen, let's pretend this movie doesn't exist and do a different Halloween Ends with a good story about Michael and Laurie instead that whole crap that we've seen.

Share #DoHalloweenEndsAgain on social media and let's try to convince Blumhouse to produce a new Halloween Ends with the right choices, the film that all fans deserve.

Jamie Lee Curtis is incredible like always but she hasn't enough screentime. The film has one awesome death, the sound editing is fantastic and the final battle is great (but short). Then there's nothing left, is just an annoying romance and a really bad plot focused in a new character that nobody cares.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

A bad and disrespectful installment... But entertaining
Good points: +A lot of gore; +Very good soundtrack; +It's bad, but can entertain;

Bad Points: -The plot is basic and awful, full of plot holes and stupid scenes.

-It made me miss the insanity of the Sawyer family, one of the main elements that made the old movie being unforgettable; -Almost all of the characters are despicable, making it difficult to empathize with them; -This new version of Leatherface and his mask are one of the worst in the entire saga; -A disrespect for the franchise and its legacy -The cinematography is extremely dark!


I wanted a new movie... But not this one
Scream is my favourite horror movie franchise, I was expecting this sequel since 2011 and now I have some mixed feelings.

Loved the new cast, but hated when the movie abandoned the all development about the new secondary characters to focus on Sidney, Gale and Dewey (and believe me, I really wanted to see them again but not in this way).

The other problem is how Scream (2022) is too much linked to the past. It's not a true requel (because the new audience needs to watch the previous films to understand some points).

All these forced attempts to create a link to the original story open a door to a huge plot hole: Sam was 13 years old and Tara was 8 when their father left. So, Tara is around 17/18 years old and judging by that, Sam maybe was born in 1998/1998 (2 years after Billy Loomis death)... So Billy can't be her father.

By the way, the first killer reveal is the worst one after Roman in Scream 3. That character was really annoying and I've found she was the killer when she asked about Tara's inhaler. And I have a question: How she killed Dewey? She grows up when dresses the Ghostface's costume?

Even having a lot of bad points, it was good to see a new Scream movie. There are a lot of thrilling scenes, some good twists, the cinematography is great... But it's not the movie that I was expecting. It's not good to a new audience, neither to the original fans.


The best comedy of the year
I've watched it at MOTEL X Film Festival and I felt surprised about this French movie.

The plot would be so disturbing if was just a serious drama. Some Like It Rare knows how to transform the disturbing and gruesome elements in comedy.

I've never laughed so much in a movie theater like when I was watching this movie. It's full of funny scenes and the humour always work... Except if you don't like dark humour, because in that case, Some Like it Rare isn't for you.

The only problem is the ending. It finishes too fast. I think would be so much better if they added a couple of scenes before the ending.

American Horror Stories: Game Over
Episode 7, Season 1

The WORST AHS episode ever made
I love AHS, it's my favorite TV show ever, but this was the weakest episode I've ever watched.

The plot is awful, full of plot holes, there's no tension and the two protagonists (Sierra McCormick and Kaia Gerber) are so horrible, their acting is painful.

I'm really afraid of Double Feature because Ryan Murphy is killing the AHS universe. He must stop or pass the torch to somebody who knows how to create interesting stories.

Don't Breathe 2

An entertaining (but unnecessary) sequel
I love the first film, it was a huge surprise but I always thought this sequel was unnecessary and after I watched it I felt I was right.

Don't Breathe 2 is enjoyable, interesting, has a couple of nice twists but didn't surprise me. There's a lack of tension because the "old man" looks to be immortal and everytime he's in danger, we know he's going to survive.

I can divide it in two parts: even being enjoyable, the first half is quite predictable, but the second half is a thrilling and unexpected trip.

I mean, this sequel isn't bad but also hasn't the ingredients that made Don't Breathe (2016) a surprisingly and intense film.

Spiral: From the Book of Saw

A reboot in a very wrong way
Yes, the Saw franchise needed new blood, but the producers did it on the wrong way.

Spiral doesn't look like Saw at all, doesn't have the vibe that the fans love, the majority of the traps are uninspired and the editors did a horrible work during 99 minutes.

And what about the main cast? Samuel L. Jackson is just in few scenes, even being an awesome actor, his role isn't memorable. Chris Rock is good during a lot of sequences but he seems a bit exaggerated during the scenes where needs to be angry. But some actors are really horrible and sometimes they look amateurish.

The body count is weak and we've seen better traps during the previous Saw installments. There are some gruesome parts, but not so intense or creative as we used to watch in Saw II, III, IV,...

In my opinion, Lionsgate tried to "reboot" Saw in a very wrong way. The job was simple: they just needed to put some hateful and relatable characters trying to survive in a mansion/warehouse/whatever full of deadly traps, with few connections with the previous sequels (or even without any connection). However we had just a long episode of CSI/Criminal Minds inspired in Saw.

Mortal Kombat

Amazing for fans... Enjoyable for the rest
This film adaptation of Mortal Kombat has everything that made the videogames incredible. In this story you have charismatic protagonists (Kano and Sonya Blade are my favorite ones), a lot of fight scenes well choreographed and some violence (but this one isn't so gruesome as the last videogames installments are).

As Mortal Kombat fan, I had a lot of fun during almost 2 hours, however there are 2 problems:
  • The villains don't have any development, they are on the story just to fight, we never got any knowledge about them and they never feel to be a really threat.

  • Even being the film adaptation that the fans deserve, I think some spectators will feel a little lost in the story or won't understand some videogames references.

Even having some problems, Mortal Kombat is one of the best film adaptations I've ever seen.

When the movie ended, I wanted to watch more... But in a good way, of course.

Wrong Turn

Don't expect to watch a Wrong Turn film and you will enjoy a lot
I watched with very low expectations and I loved. The biggest fail were some plot holes, but it's intense, thrilling, surprising and twisted. The cinematography and the artistic direction are really good as well. However, this reboot hasn't any connection with the original franchise and that's a bad point for who was expecting to see Three Fingers and the rest of the redneck. For me, this version is more close of being a slasher reboot of Midsommar.

I loved it but understand the people who hated this film, because like I said, even being great and entertaining, this isn't the real Wrong Turn movies that we were used to watch.

The Babysitter: Killer Queen

Not amazing but is one of the funniest movies of the year
It's fun, it knows itself is an average movie and never tries to be taken seriously. The horrible CGI and mediocre interpretations end up contributing to the comic and campy tone of this sequel. The biggest negative element was the final twist that opens the door to an unforgivable chronological error. For the rest, I liked it, but obviously I don't recommend it to everybody.

I advice you to watch it with low expectations as I did, I'm sure you will enjoy a lot.

Ju-on: Origins

Worst tv show I've ever seen
I tried to find something positive in Ju-On: Origins but it's impossible. Everything is HORRIBLE and AWFUL here. The character development is so poor, the plot is really boring, the stories are so annoying and pointless, nothing interesting happens and it's not scary. However you have a good option, you can save 3h hours of your life avoiding this awful tv show.

Cuando los ángeles duermen

When the Angels Sleep is a nightmare
With the most annoying characters I've ever seen, an awful plot and a dark cinematography (darker than the Long Night episode of Game of Thrones), When Angels Sleep is the worst spanish movie I've ever seen. I don't know what the director wanted to do with this story, it hasn't any message, it's all about 90 minutes of people screaming, running and just being stupid. This is a lesson about how not make a thriller.

Guns Akimbo

Completely AWESOME!
Put some of the concepts that you saw in Deadpool, Birds of Prey, Crank, John Wick, Scott Pillgrim and Kick Ass in a blender and you will have an explosive and incredible cocktail called Guns Akimbo. It's an awesome movie with a simple story and there is space for nice (and crazy) characters, dark humor, geek references, violence, some plot twists and unstoppable action sequences.

I wish to watch more action films so entertaining as Guns Akimbo.

Fantasy Island

Campy, funny and with the worst meaningless plot twist I've ever seen
I must confess I hadn't high expectations about Fantasy Island because seemed to be another horror movie with the same vibe of Truth or Dare. The story is interesting and makes us think about what we would wish if were in that island, but unfortunately turns to be a little annoying in due of the lack of tension and violence. I just can say this film is more a drama with comedy and fantasy elements than a horror movie.

The other problems are the acting of some characters (I don't think Lucy Hale is a bad actress, she's just unlucky about the roles that she accepts) and the main plot twist that doesn't make ANY SENSE.

SPOILERS: During the final act, everything reveals to be a revenge plan made by Lucy Hale's character. She tried to bring all the people involved in the accident of the man who she loved. That doesn't make sense because during the movie she helps some people and is surprised about everything that happens in the island. During the first act she goes to that torture room alone and she's in shock when finds everything is real and the kidnapped woman in front of her is also real, but in the ending she says that knew everything about the powers of the island.


For me, Fantasy Island is a campy film, it's really weak however can be so funny and entertaining to watch with a nice group of friends.

Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn

Has everything I wanted... Except a good plot
Finally Warner/DC gave the opportunity to their directors be full creative, as they're not worried about the the R rating. That's good and seems to be one of the ingredients to create new awesome (and different) movies. Birds of Prey is really creative, the clothes, scenarios and cinematography are incredible; Margot Robbie gives her best as Harley Quinn; the action sequences are simple and very well choreographed (showing how sometimes a blockbuster doesn't need to have big explosions, cities in danger, or colossal spaceships to be awesome). It's everything good, except the script and the editing. The first is more of the same and give us a story that doesn't have anything new, neither has a plot twist, is really predictable and sometimes can be just a little boring. The second tries to be original, looking fresh and but unfortunately sometimes the way that Birds of Prey is edited doesn't fix well in the main story.

It's not bad, to be honest Warner Bros gave us a nice movie with some fresh concepts. However the plot isn't interesting at all and that's the biggest enemy of Birds of Prey. But, being optimistic, I think the DC Universe is going in a good way.

For me is just a 6/10

The Grudge

I'm sure is going to be the worst horror movie of 2020
I like horror movies (even some bad ones) but this reboot is horrible in every single way. The story and the characters are uninteresting, there's no tension, the jump scares don't make you jump and the ghosts are so generic. The remake of 2004 is a masterpiece compared with this one.

The trailer sells an awesome and twisted film, however The Grudge is just more of the same, but a thousand times worse than the typical bad supernatural flicks.

Knives Out

Not perfect but really good
Knives Out has a great cast, a nice story, a hand full of twists and is a game changer in the whodunnit genre. It's not one of my favorite movies of all time but I enjoyed. The characters are almost all interesting and made me want to know more about them. However, I think if you're expecting a blockbuster with some action sequences it's better change your expectations because Knives Out is a little slow but stills really interesting. I would say this is a clever film for all audiences.

Frozen II

It could be better
I liked the first film but this sequel is more of the same. It's not bad but doesn't add anything new to the story and sometimes is predictable. The songs are just okay, in my opinion I think the characters could sing less. Frozen 2 isn't bad, but is away of to be one of the best Disney's films. The children will love but I think there are a lot of better animated movies for adults.

American Horror Story: Final Girl
Episode 9, Season 9

Am I dreaming? Or is this the first awesome ending?
American Horror Story is my favorite tv show ever but in my opinion never had an excellent season finale. Some of them are nice but not incredible and other finales are completely horrible. I must confess I felt surprised with each second of this episode and now everything makes sense (except Ramirez being alive in this timeline and dead in the timeline of AHS: Hotel). Like I wrote, every scene was perfect, even the final girl twist was clever and the last scene of Jingles's family is one of the most beautiful I've ever seen in AHS. This season is not the best for me but is one of the best.

Thank you Ryan Murphy! Finally you created a good ending.

Terminator: Dark Fate

Enjoyable but not incredible as Judgment Day
Judgment Day is one of my favorite movies ever and made me to be a fan of this franchise. Even having weak sequels, I liked the previous installments. This movie starts a new timeline with a story that looks completely more of the same, full of recycled concepts that we've seen in other Terminator films but now with Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger coming back to their big roles and as a fan, that's what I really wanted. The action sequences are good but their editing is full of cuts and sometimes that can be a little annoying.

I liked, even expecting something better and different. Take a look if you're a fan, but don't expect to watch something incredible. Like I wrote, this movie is more of the same.

It Chapter Two

A good ending
I liked! Has the same vibe of the first film, the cast is incredible, there are a lot of creepy and thrilling moments, the jokes are really funny and the plot is awesome. I don't think the runtime is too long, there is no space for boring scenes, it's always happening something interesting in the screen.

The two weakest problems in my opinion were the CGI, I mean it's good but sometimes it's also too much (I don't know how to explain better, but they could use practical effects in some scenes, would make some elements more realistic), and I didn't like how the movie sometimes forgets some characters during a lot of time.

If you enjoyed It (2017), I'm sure you're going to like this sequel. If you hated, stay away from It Chapter Two.

Ready or Not

Very good
It's a really intense thriller full of thrilling scenes and a lot of twists, however suffers with its trailer that showed a lot of spoilers and important scenes. I also loved the cinematography, the character development, the acting, and the scenarios, the technical aspects are almost Oscar worthy.

The weakest thing in my opinion was the rushed ending, I would give more 10 minutes instead to finish the movie in a bloody and fast way.

Avoid the trailer (or try to forget it) because it shows a lot of important scenes and some funny jokes. Because Ready or Not is surely one of the most thrilling experiences of this year.


One of the best portuguese movies ever, but...
I was expecting more. I mean, sometimes the plot of Variações is shallow. I finished this film without knowing anything new about this great artist. The movie shows us just the fight of António to be a singer and one important relationship in his life, however never goes too far and it's afraid of explore the deepest points of his life and personality. However the cinematography, the scenarios and the "clothes" are incredible, it portrays very well the portuguese culture during the 70s/80s. I also loved Sérgio Praia's performance, he's amazing and I hope to watch him in more great productions.

It's not perfect, but is the movie that Portugal needs to show to the world how we can also do great films, we just need dedication and passion as a lot of people from this crew had.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

A fine horror movie
Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark has an interesting story and concept. I liked to watch the characters getting stuck in some terrifying stories about creepy creatures. However it could give us something more intense and dramatic like It (2017).

The main story is good and easily catches our attention, but the poor character development is the biggest enemy and prevents the film from being much better.

Annabelle Comes Home (2019) has a similar concept about a lot of supernatural creatures attacking children/teenagers and did it better. Anyway, it's fine to watch in the theater or at home even if you're a horror movie fan or not, just don't expect to see a masterpiece.

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