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Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Michael Bay has reached the lowest point of his career!!!
Michael Bay has reached the lowest point of his career!!! And it's not personal because I gave T1 & T2 a 8 each. There are so many flaws in this movie that I don't even know where to begin with, but I'll do my best.

1. Poor editing. Many Scenes didn't go with each other. They could either be deleted or shortened without anyone will ever notice! 2. The 'Lead' actress, whatever her name is. How many of you feel she's got 'I'm Hollywood & I'm fake' written all over her face?? 3. The 'Lead' actress...

4. The 'Lead' actress...

5. Plot. It's so awkward & shallow that if we threw in a different story in, no one would even care as long as there are robots in it.

6 The running time. This definitely has something do with the poor editing and its plot. The entire movie could be shot in 90 mins or less, but apparently they didn't think so, in which it starts to getting boring at a certain point.

7. Casting. NSA director, Sam's gf's boss, that former fat black marine and again The 'Lead' actress.

8. Were Sam's parents really needed in that movie? I totally forgot what scenes they were in, how about you?? In fact, I forgot about 99% of the movie right after watching it.

9. It's T3 now, not T1 anymore! You guys need bring up a notch if you want to keep your loyal fans. What has seemed cool in T1 & T2 might not do it for the audience in T3.

10. Michael Bay, Michael Bay, Michael Bay!!! Here are my suggestions to improve in T4 if there will be one: 1. Fire Michael Bay and bring Christopher Nolan on board.

2. Fire Michael Bay 3. Fire Michael Bay 4. Kidnap that 'lead' actress, whatever her name is. Make sure she won't be in any movie during our lifetime.

5. Write a better story and be more creative (Hint: Don't be boring!) It's a 200 million dollar movie and I'm sure it's possible to achieve that!

Kingdom of Heaven

Orlando Bloom single-handedly destroyed this film!
This movie certainly isn't one of the best works from Ridley Scott. Actually it's far from being one! It had a great story and huge potentials, but it had failed on so many levels to the point I don't even know where to begin to criticize. It had many flaws here and there and the biggest of them all was placing Orlando Bloom in the lead. Don't get me wrong, I think he did an excellent job in LOTR, but he just does not have enough charisma and/or acting skills to pull this one off. I could think of at least 5 actors that will do a better job than he did. BTW, the casting director should have been fired right on the spot! This is one of those films that were supposed to be great and memorable, instead it went wrong in every direction.


Had potential, but failed badly...
********************************************************************* ******************This Review Contains Spoiler*********************** ********************************************************************* Basically, two idiots got together and formed a team of female pimp + male whore. The show had real potential, but the casting was just horrible. None of the characters are likable except for that lying, deceiving, heartless 'Lenore'. And she wasn't even supposed to be liked, but when other characters have failed miserably, she somehow stood out.

The casting director needs to be fired and that annoying 'supposed to be a good person' Tanya needs to go, too! 6/10 and I'm being generous!


Somewhat Disappointing...
Tron Legacy give us an amazing visual effect. The concept is unique and presents something that never has been seen before on a big screen, especially those full body suits. However, its plot is too shallow and isolated, leaving me never wonder what's going to happen next. Another problem is one of its leading actors, Garrett Hedlund. I applauded when they chose someone unknown rather than big names and familiar faces, but the someone they chose, in my opinion, is a big mistake. He has no charisma or charm or both. Most of the time I felt like he was just reading off the script instead of living in the story. Jeff Bridges, however, gave his usual A+ performance. Without him, TL could have just been another borderline B movie.

Let's hope the sequel will be better! 6 out of 10.

The Way Back

The plot is too lean, the dialog is dry and the film editing is horrible, we often see one scene jumps to another without much explanations or transitions. There are few to none in characters background and development. All the actors in this film can be replaced by someone else and the quality of the film would still be the same. The lead actor, whatever his name is, does not have enough charisma to pull it off.

In my opinion, it's definitely not one of the worst films I've seen, but it certainly does not contain any interests for me to be attached to. Overall, this film is forgettable.

I give it a 5 and I'm being generous. And what's up with all the 10s, 9s and 8s??? Are you people serious??


What a surprise!
Defendor started as a silly comedy, then it was completely turned into a heart touching story about an ordinary man did extraordinary things.

A simple story indeed, yet it kept me on my seat till the very end. Kudos to everyone who have been involved in making this wonderful film! There's no doubt that Mr. Harrelson has done a fantastic job on his role, but I think it was Kat Dennings who should be mentioned more than once for her brilliant performance in this movie. Her presence was just simply amazing. Both their characters were haunted by the past and troubled by the present and it was that unfortunate similarity that brought them together and changed each other's life. Defendor is not an ordinary superhero movie. It is however, an extraordinary story filled with courage and determination!

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