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Ballykissangel took easy way out
The first 3 seasons were very exciting. The storyline between the priest and the publican (Assumpta)was dangerous, edgy and romantic. Then the writers took the easy way out by killing off Assumpta. Then they did it again when they killed off the husband (Ambrose)of the woman (Niamh) who fell in love with someone else!

I was shocked at the first death. Although it was a cowardly way to settle the story line, it did work, although it could have been so much better had they explored the ramifications of a priest falling in love. But then they did it again with the next troubled romance.

Other serious flaw:People disappeared without comment: Eamon, Padraig, Danny, Emma, Orla. They just disappeared.

The series never recovered from the killing off of Assumpta and Father Peter's exit.

I wonder how much the story being in Ireland and funded with Irish government $$ (very Catholic) limited the writers.

Ballykissangel reminds me of Hamish MacBeth, which actually was much more fun and even though that also had some deaths, did not use them to artificially stop exploring interesting story lines.

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