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The Batman

To Dark as in couldn't see anything half the time.
Ridiculously long and dark as in couldn't hardly see anything half the time. Watched 3 quarters of it. Not much action and the action that does take place is always at night..!

Why do directors insist on the dark noir look...the amount of money that is spent on production design'ld think they would want to show it off... in day time scenes may be. I've really had enough of all this dark and atmospheric baloney..!!

Pattinson looked like a moody teenager throughout the film. Kravitz was good as cat woman...not much for her to do though. Jeffery right looked bored as commisoner Gordon.

Sadly, this one is a generous yet disappointing 3/10 from me.

The Suicide Squad

What's the point...
This is a terrible movie. No real substance. Just a whole load of FX shots and big bangs. If this was supposed to be an improvement on the original then I would to think how bad the original must have been. This was the first film I watched coming out of the pandemic.... jeez what a let down..!

The Dead of Night

What was the point...!
I've just wasted 130 mins of my life.

Was there actually a script....or did they wing it...!

I kept hoping it would get got worse.

The scenes and characters were disjointed....nothing flowed. Things just didn't hold your interest.

There was no explanation as to why things happened the way they did and to whom...

You never really got a background on any of the it wasn't emotionally investing when something happened to them.

Please no sequels..!

Cars 2

The magic has been lost .........
I watched Cars 1 with my young son and thought it was brilliant, charming and funny... and we couldn't wait for a sequel... and here it is Cars 2....what a let down and disappointment.... what the hell were they thinking'... .

Cars 2 has no heart or Soul or character....and has replaced fun and comedy ....with blatant non-stop action. The film is an animation and is supposed to cater for the taste of younger children. The plot is far to confusing, with sexual references and violence.

My personal suggestion for a sequel would have been to have a tamer road movie based on the Cannon ball run, or the Smokey and the Bandit movies... or we could have had Ligtning McQueen and Mater get car-napped and shipped off across the world ...etc..,

The Fall

What a load of rubbish....... !! Please don't make no more movies
I watched the first half hour... and then skipped through the rest of the movie. What a load of crap.... . They must have wasted a hell of a lot of money with all the arty / farty visuals....its a film not a bloody painting ... try telling us a decent story Mr Tarsem. I am an Indian and would normally applaud the efforts of a an Indian director...... but this was just pure drivel... without a sense of direction, decent story... .

How can people rate this film at an 8??? THE WORST FILM EVER MADE. I am shocked that people enjoyed it! It was truly RUBBISH. A director trying to make a quirky and surreal film but failing miserably with no PLOT it was not even a visually exciting film! Although I am sure this is what Singh was trying to achieve. It was so terrible! I can't even say it was amusingly terrible. The best part of the film for me was quite honestly the 'Buster Keaton' clip at the END. The casting was terrible... the costumes were cheap and tacky. The ending was a disaster. I really do not have much else to say just do not watch this film. Has Tarsem Singh hired an office full of people to join IMDb and rate this at an 8??? I am shocked people loved it. shocked...

I'm gonna keep away from this chaps films.... . Thank you for wasting 2 hours of my life..!

Tropic Thunder

What a waste of talent ....not to mention the budget and my viewing time !!
I am a Ben Stiller fan…when he get it's right he gets it so right ( Something about Mary, Meet the Fockers)……but this has to be in my top 10 worst movies of all time. It was utter moronic crap.

I can't imagine the budget they wasted on this, not to mention the talent …'s unbelievable. There is no plot just pathetic tasteless gag after tasteless gag. What "Tropic Thunder" was trying to accomplish will perhaps remain a mystery forever. It failed as satire, as comedy, as drama, even as mindless action spectacle. The only other burning question is how it ever managed to get into the Top 10 box office. Yeek.

Avoid at all costs. This is two hours of my life that were essentially stolen from me, and I'm not happy about it.

Quantum of Solace

Execellent Sequel
Excellent movie, Excellent entertainment…I won't add spoilers, but be aware, it's a sequel to Casino Royale and is necessarily darker in tone. Bond has shut down emotionally as a consequence of Vesper's death and is driven to investigate and, to some extent, avenge her death.

Daniel Craig further extends his takeover of the role, he exudes a sense of sadness with a ruthless drive to move forward with his mission. Mention should be made of Judi Dench - she delivers another excellent performance as M.

You got sad people moaning that this Bond movie is missing elements of the old films. In my view this is a refreshing change. There only so many flat one liners and pathetic innuendos that the audience can take, as in some of the Brosnan era films....!! The only criticism I have is that the camera work in few scenes is jumpy, fast and confusing. Overall if it's an entertaining action movie that you want …then this it.

Casino Royale was an excellent movie too…but was just a little bit to long. This movie was a worthy sequel.

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