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Io so che tu sai che io so

It is actually a deep drama!
The film has some imperfections, such as the fact that only an absolutely idiotic private detective can follow someone only by the license plate of a car, the first important thing being the person's identity, name, surname and, absolutely mandatory, a photo of the person being followed. Then, all we see in the films filmed by the private detective, which Fabio (Alberto Sordi) watches in the country house, are scenes that are too intimate down to the smallest detail, in terms of image and sound, which would could be almost impossible for a private detective to obtain. Overcoming these flaws, the film is captivating. Certainly, everything is due to Monica Vitti and Alberto Sordi, the greatest comedic and dramatic actors of all time. If there were two other actors, the film would not be as good.

Teresa la ladra

Exceptional film!
Monica Vitti, another favorite actress of mine, is here 42 years old and sometimes she looks at most 32, and sometimes even 22, a rare beauty and not very sexy (although she is), because she has to look like an ugly, bitter thief, unwashed, sometimes crazy person. She plays as usual extraordinary, building an excellent role. Michele Placido, in one of his first roles, is extremely young, looks like an immature teenager. The scene when Teresa (Monica Vitti) is alone in the prison cell, alone in the whole prison, and she sings a little bit "Volare (Nel blu dipinto di blu)" is absolutely brilliant. A reference film. Great achievement for Carlo Di Palma, who made 2 other films with Monica Vitti, "Lucky Girls" and "Mimì Bluette... fiore del mio giardino".


"The myth of Ingrid Bergman and the myth of Cary Grant"
There is an old joke that the Chinese made a porn movie: Chairman Mao exposed to the button on his neck. Exactly like Mao, Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant, they make love dressed, with all buttons closed, including the top one, at the neck. And they just kiss, peripheral superficial, not real kisses. And not a naked breast, a piece of flesh, something topless at least, either she or him. Nothing! Two actors that I never liked, not even in their best films "Casablanca" and "North by Northwest". If you like these two constipated artists and movies without a real subject, just a long bland juice, then you might like it. To me it's just a waste of time.


The story of an extremely intelligent bear!
Very sexy 2nd victim, brunette with long hair, who went to poop in the forest and Mr. Big Bear caught her in the small cabin. The bear played excellently, he deserves an Oscar and a BAFTA. Human actors not so much. I mean, not exactly talented. The hand of the first victim, the woman with the red checkered shirt, can be seen to be made of plastic. We really need such a bear now, to deal with Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and company...

Queen of the Stardust Ballroom

A sweet film!
I think it's the best day to die, on the happiest day of your life, how Bea died. The most delicate roles in the careers of Maureen Stapleton and Charles Durning. Beautiful music, worth seeing.

Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams

Good movie!
Joanne Woodward, one of the best actresses of all time, one of my favorites, together with Giulietta Masina, Lila Kedrova and Jennifer Jason Leigh. Sensible story directed by Gilbert Cates, who made another very good film, a similar drama, "I Never Sang for My Father" (1970), with the exceptional Gene Hackman. Martin Balsam and Silvia Sidney play two delicate roles very well. Absolutely worth seeing!

Der blaue Engel

Old but good!
Marlene Dietrich was young and very sexy, she had very attractive thighs and ass. Not coincidentally, the very serious professor falls in love and then goes crazy for her. Very good Emil Jannings. And the whole cast. Absolutely worth seeing!


This is not a film, it's a catastrophe!
Too bad for Oliver Reed, this is the worst role and movie I've seen him in. Too bad about Jack Palance too, who is embarrassing, at least, he doesn't appear much, about 2 minutes. A film that should not have been made, just a waste of time, of money of everything.

La donna del lago

A waste of time!
Of course I wanted to see the film because of Virna Lisi. Disappointment, small, insignificant role. The whole movie is disappointing. Despite the presence of several good actors: Valentina Cortese, Salvo Randone, Philippe Leroy. The story is confusing and absurd.

Caravan to Vaccares

Boring and predictable!
Despite the fact that it has enough action. But the whole action is around the character "who has to get to the USA" (Zuger) and is repetitive from beginning to end. Something totally crazy, we will never know why Ferenc The Killer (Serge Marquand) had to shoot that man in the car in the first two minutes of the film. Charlotte Rampling is young and beautiful but her role is as if she is not even in the film. 3 very good actors, Françoise Brion, Marcel Bozzuffi and Michel Lonsdale, are wasted in a banal story with many flaws. Watch for Graham Hill, the great racing pilot, as the helicopter pilot at the end!

Dial 'M' for Murder

This is very good!
Angie Dickinson is not what can be called an extraordinary actress, not even one of the best, she is just an actress. Not the same can be said about Christopher Plummer, he is one of the best actors of all time, in everything he plays, he super shines and eclipses everything around him. Here he also has a very good story, a solid script, as you rarely meet, he is the film in fact. He also has quality help from Ron Moody (the excellent Fagin from "Oliver!"), Anthony Quayle and Michael Parks. Boris Sagal, the director, did a very good job, the film is excellent.

Rude Awakening

Super boring!
A very good example that it's not enough to have a great actor (in this case, Eric Roberts), to get a very good movie. You also have to have a great story. And, in this case, the story is stupid, banal, boring. We have a handful of some good actors, Julie Hagerty, Robert Carradine, Cindy Williams, Andrea Martin, Buck Henry, Cliff De Young, who worked hard: in vain, the result, a failed film. With such a cast, I thought I would see a particularly good movie: great disappointment! Watching this you'll probably fall asleep and you'll have a dull and boring awaking.

The Lady from Shanghai

It's not a masterpiece!
Rita Hayworth looks OK but a bit old for only 29 years. Overall, she does a good honest role. I can't say the same about Orson Welles, it's not his best role. And I can't say it's great about the film either, considering how predictable it is, who, how and why it happens what we see. Hitchcock would have done a much better job. And just imagine what would have done Brando with Welles's role.

The Mouse That Roared

Just a waste of time!
Yes, here is the great comedian, Peter Sellers, playing more roles than usual, but the film is not "Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb" or any of the Pink Panther films. It's just an extremely dull and boring movie, one of Sellers' weakest.

Evil Roy Slade

Waste of time!
Unfortunately, Dick Shawn, the real reason I wanted to see this movie, doesn't play a great role. Pamela Austin was sweet. Dull, boring, monotonous, flat.

The Maverick Queen

Good Western!
The best, worth seeing, in this film is Barbara Stanwyck, she is by far the best actress in the entire cast. Everyone else, including Barry Sullivan, Scott Brady, Mary Murphy, etc., is good, but only functional around her. I try to imagine what it would have been like if Barbara Stanwyck had worked with Sergio Leone.

Cose di Cosa Nostra

The only good thing worth seeing in this movie is Pamela Tiffin, for her physical beauty, she had a beautiful body, very beautiful. The rest is just a waste of time.

I clowns

The sad world of clowns!
Only Fellini could make such a film, inspired by his childhood. It's like a boring documentary, but it also has some good moments. You can't laugh, anyway. Exclusively for Fellini fans and for those who love clowns.

The Sell Out

A lot of action but still boring!
Despite seeing one of my dear actors, Oliver Reed, the film didn't go down well. It is extremely predictable and boring. The whole movie repeats the same thing, the request that Gabriel Lee, Reed's character, is handed over. We don't have great acting performances. Vladek Sheybal as The Dutchman tries to be cool but it's more ridiculous. Better are Sam Wanamaker as Harry Sickles and Richard Widmark as Sam Lucas is even better.

The Song of Sway Lake

We don't have time for love anymore!
I wouldn't call it drama, I'll call it a sad story. For me personally, it's doubly sad, because seeing this movie, I found out that Elizabeth Peña and Brian Dennehy, whom I saw in many good movies, are no longer with us. A film with some breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, all filmed from different majestic angles, including from the sky. It's a film for those who love simple romantic stories and good old music, names like Tino Rossi, Issa El Saieh, Flo Bert, names forgotten today, but which were in great vogue in the '40s and' 50s. But in the film you will also discover the contemporaries John Grant and, especially, Ethan Gold, the brother of the director Ari Gold. Ari Gold, who made a unique, exceptional film. The young actors, Rory Culkin, Robert Sheehan and Isabelle McNally are good. In my humble opinion, the best performance is made by Mary Beth Peil, an actress of great beauty for her 78 years, the age when she made the film. Being an avid music lover myself, a collector of vinyl records, cassettes, CDs and DVDs, I had an extra reason to like this movie. Original end credits with the names of some artists written on old 78 format records, similar to a film of mine, OFF LICENCE, with the artistes names written on the labels of the drink bottles.

Adventures of Power

Simply amazing!
When I was little, I wanted to be Mozart. But Mozart already existed. And, it seems that his spirit did not reincarnate in me, he was stuck somewhere on the roof of the house where he lived when he died. Because it did not reach the sky, that it's clear. Why? Because he composed "The devil's music." Not what was later called rock'n'roll, but the symphonic roots of the genre. Power, not having drums, because his father did not buy them for him, had to feed only on spirituality, feeling the music in his hands, in his whole body, being himself the drums. What does the power of music mean! A single song, "Tom Sawyer" by RUSH, the great Canadian trio, completely transformed his heart, his soul, his mind or, better said, transformed him, from the larva without drums, into the free butterfly that rises to the sky. Power's performer, Ari Gold, is a mix of Harold Lloyd, Buster Keaton, Woody Allen and "Weird Al" Yankovic. All the other actors are wonderful: Michael McKean, in the role of the father, Jane Lynch, in the role of aunt Joni, Adrian Grenier, as the silver-spoon boy Dallas Houston. The one who does a special role is the beautiful Shoshannah Stern as Annie. If you love music, you have an extra reason to like the movie. If you love comedies, you have another reason. A simple, emotional story that touches everyone's soul.


The feeling of deja-vu!
This is what I wrote about another film called "It Happened Here" (1964): "A very special film about something that never happened but it could have happen: the conquest of Britain by Nazi Germany. Incredibly well done, like a true documentary. All the actors do an excellent job, not about to play a role, you say that everything is filmed "live", every character in their daily life under the occupation of Hitler's army. I have seen many movies about the Second World War, more or less inspired by reality. But not one does look so real like this film looks, whose subject is not true at all." Why I'm quoting myself with this other review? Because the two films have the same subject: the Germans are the winners, not the losers. The big difference is that "Fatherland" does not reach the quality level of "It Happened Here". Everything is trivial and predictable, and the actors' play is not of great class at all. The only good thing about this movie is Rutger Hauer.

L'invincibile Superman

Something with "robots"...
Maybe if you are a teenager who likes superhero movies, you will also like this production. It's an Italian film with actors whose names have changed from Italian names to American-looking names, stupid fashion in the '60s. The only one who didn't have to change his name is Guy Madison, who is really American. The film "is related" to "Argoman the Fantastic Superman Original title: Come rubare la corona d'Inghilterra" (1967), but it's a little bit better. Not as good as "Danger: Diabolik Original title: Diabolik" (1968), with which it also has points in common. The action is super predictable and childish, as in many other genre films. The main hero, with a black mask on his eyes and dressed in a red suit molded on his body, looks embarrassing. Watch it only if you have nothing better to do!

Shin Zatôichi monogatari

It's just OK!
This is more boring and more predictable than the other Zatoichi movies I've seen so far. And, I only mean the ones with Shintarô Katsu, excluding the one with Takeshi Kitano. However, it has some good moments, still worth seeing. Mikiko Tsubouchi is not as beautiful as the actresses in other Zatoichi movies, but she has her own charm.

Zoku Zatôichi monogatari

Seen on YouTube in black and white and, checking on IMDb, it is in black and white. Beautiful music as usual, captivating story as usual, good acting and, especially, notable female beauties such as Masayo Banri and Yaeko Mizutani, two very beautiful Japanese women. Mixture inspired by drama and action, worth seeing.

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