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  • From the ocean of communist propaganda productions made until 1990, as a miracle, there were a few exceptions. One such exception is this film signed by Iulian Mihu, who also signed other exceptional movies: "Felix and Otilia" or "The Pale Light of Pain". This "We don't film to have fun" is in fact unique in Romanian cinema, from all points of view. First of all, it's original, non conformist and has value. It's film in film, alert, filmed very dynamic, with intelligent and daring lines, which flow one after the other. Toma Caragiu and Gheorghe Dinica are in great shape. Aristide Teica, an actor with a special comic potential, unfortunately not evaluated in communism at fair value, makes a unique and funny presence in the role of the man trying to get free food from the restaurant canteen. Gina Patrichi is very natural as always. The other ladies, Violeta Andrei, Flavia Buref, Angela Stoenescu, Aimee Iacobescu, are all better than in any other film in which they have appeared.
  • Starts strong with a fight. And we see many more fights during the film. Which balances the slow pace of the whole movie. We won't see the black box at all, it's just being talked about. A professor also appears - could he not? - It's not at all clear what his role is, what his research consists of, but as in many other films of the same genre, he's the father of the woman the main hero falls in love with, agent John Grant, played by Craig Hill. Which Craig Hill, in real life was married to Teresa Gimpera, which is Floriane, the woman in this film. The same Craig Hill, sometime before, was Rock Hudson's boyfriend.
  • "Consciousness is in the state plan!" says the character played by Radu Beligan, the most unbearable Romanian actor of all time, himself an important member of the Romanian Communist Party in real life. What more do you want? It is clearly stated in the "film" what was wanted, brainwashing to become the "new man", the communist robot, the man without consciousness. Have you noticed that in Romanian "films" before 1990, there are no love scenes? People only reproduced in the test tube. As in this production signed by Alexandru Mirodan and Marica Beligan, the close relative of the unbearable in the main role, after the kissing scene, a shy kiss that lasts a second, the two break up, he runs away.

    The Securitate (the Romanian political police) controlled even the souls, it was present everywhere, only in Romanian "movies" it never appeared, neither as a character, nor as an organism. Disgusted by so much masquerade and hypocrisy, Mircea Crisan emigrated to Germany. Other actors emigrated where they could: Dumitru Furdui and Cristea Avram, in France, Vasilica Tastaman in Sweden, etc. Radu Beligan continued to star in communist "films" (only propaganda). And Toma Caragiu, another comedic actor born at the wrong place and time, did his best until he died in the 1977 earthquake.
  • For me, all the actors were in the service of a purely communist message: the fight against bureaucracy, that is, something impossible to eradicate, being the very creation of communist society. Unfortunately, the bureaucracy is very current in Romania, 31 years after the change of the communist dictatorship, with another type of dictatorship, the globalist dictatorship. The song "Wake up Romanians"(Desteapta-te romane) was composed in vain. Romania does not exist and never existed, it remains only a dream in the hearts of some like Mihai Viteazul and Vlad Tepes, both assassinated, like Kennedy and Lincoln in America. I wanted to see the film only because of Puiu Calinescu, whom I met personally, a genius of comedy, born at the wrong time, in the wrong place.

    Insignificant role for the later great comic actor.
  • 5 April 2021
    I only wanted to see the movie because I saw Charles Bronson's name. Big disappointment! Insignificant role for the later star. Bronson dies on duty. But, I didn't understand why he didn't eject when he could very well do it.
  • Great boredom with 4 of the most beautiful actresses of all time: Virna Lisi, Claudine Auger, Marisa Mell, Ursula Andress. Only talk all the movie, no action at all. A waste of very good actors like Mario Adorf, Jean-Pierre Cassel, Franco Fabrizi, Vittorio Caprioli, which all have small roles. Luigi Zampa has made excellent films such as: "A Question of Honor" (1966) Una questione d'onore (original title), "A Girl in Australia" (1971) Bello onesto emigrato Australia sposerebbe compaesana illibata (original title), "Secrets of a Nurse" (1973) Bisturi, la mafia bianca (original title), "The Flower in His Mouth"(1975) Gente di rispetto (original title), "Il Mostro" (1977). This "Anyone Can Play" was a mistake.
  • A movie with many cute animals, crocodiles, hippos, elephants, monkeys, hyenas, a leopard, donkeys. It's some kind of Tarzan, without screams and leaps from liana to liana. A big mistake at 12:35 "Tigers smell these animals two leagues away". None of the filmmakers were good with geography and zoology, there have never been tigers in Africa, except maybe when they made the film, But, it was shot in Hollywood, so... Van Heflin was a decent actor in everything I saw, even here. But I've seen him in movies much better than this. Ruth Roman's best role was in Alfred Hitchcock's famous "Strangers on a Train" (1951).
  • Only he could and still can, after over one hundred years, to make you laugh, doing mundane things, which if anyone else did, they wouldn't have the same comic effect. The perfect blend of comedy and melancholy, of which only Chaplin was an expert, still entertaining after 106 years.
  • It's better than I expected it to be. Usually, the Americans go to film in Romania, because it's much cheaper, when they have bad scenarios. This time, the script isn't really bad, either on the contrary. And Romania is beautiful anyway. James Brolin is funny, and Cindy Busby is nice.
  • Soon, in just 4 years, the film will turn 100 years since it was made. And after so long, it's more than current, it's overwhelming. The scene when the two fight with the rifle pointed to Chaplin, the scene when they eat the boot, then when the big guy thinks that Chaplin it's a chicken, when Chaplin is burying the rifle in the snow, then the dance scene when Chaplin's pants fall off, followed by the dog which is tied to the end of the rope with which Chaplin tightens his pants, and more, all are scenes of reference in the history of world cinema, scenes that inspired many other filmmakers from then until today. And they certainly will inspire and from now on. Georgia Hale was very beautiful!
  • The whole film is about Robert Hoffman and Lisa Gastoni. They are both very beautiful, it's true, but they do the same thing again and again, in Milano, Como, Nice, Paris, etc. Gian Maria Volontè, the greatest actor of all time, has just a smaller role. The music of Ennio Morricone is good. Carlo Lizzani has directed much better films as "The Violent Four" (1968)Banditi a Milano (original title), with the same Gian Maria Volontè, but in a super role, or "Torino nera" (1972), with Bud Spencer, Françoise Fabian and Marcel Bozzuffi.
  • It's comedy but you don't laugh. The best actor is Bernard Blier, I love him, in other movies! Same, Lino Ventura, I love him too, again, in other films. Just a little bit funny here are Jess Hahn and Francis Blanche. The whole movie is a long, long talk inside a castle. Indeed, there are some fights and shootings too, but they all look exactly the same. And there are some more similar scenes on a train.
  • Excellent interpretation of Jean Gabin, especially in the final scene, when he sees Yvette (Brigitte Bardot) dead, very emotional! Brigitte Bardot, she's herself impeccable in the role of a beautiful double-dealing young woman. Very good Edwige Feuillère in the role of the cheated, resigned wife. Nicole Berger, she's also good in the role of the maid, Franco Interlenghi is good as the lover and Madeleine Barbulée is good too as the secretary. This movie is worth more than 6.7, it's worth 10, it's probably the best film of the Gabin- Bardot couple and an extremely sensitive film signed Claude Autant-Lara. Claude Autant-Lara also directed other very good films, which I saw when I was a teenager, such as: "The Red and the Black" (1954)Le rouge et le noir (original title) with Gérard Philipe, "Four Bags Full" (1956)La traversée de Paris (original title) with the same Jean Gabin and Bourvil, "A Woman in White "(1965)Journal d'une femme en blanc (original title) with Marie-José Nat.
  • Virna Lisi, the love of my youth! Very young and beautiful here. An excellent Marisa Merlini, a sober Vittorio De Sica, who says real things about the world of film, about the director-producer relationship. Jacques Sernas is OK and nothing more. It's worth seeing, especially by those who know and appreciate the actors, the world of theater and film.
  • Beautiful song sung by Orieta Berti. The film, in its entirety, is a kind of nonsense, George Ardisson does not impress with anything, Michel Lemoine, again in the role of villain is a little better, Frank Wolff is just a bit funny as a Russian spy, Evi Marandi is a Greek (in real life) beautiful, OK as a English spy. And Fernando Sancho is the same as in all the movies. To be seen only if you got nothing better to do.
  • Fernando Cerchio, the director, made a few films with Toto. This one is not good, actually is very bad. Bad acting, specially Samson Burke, the big guy in the role of Maciste. Nino Taranto is very annoying like in all the films I've seen him. Only if you know and love Toto.
  • Also original! Of course I won't tell the movie, like most others do. I will only say this: it's absolutely worth seeing! Richard Boone, an actor I love, is excellent. Stella Stevens, when she was attractive and sexy, is no less good in the role of the adulterous wife. There is also the sweet Suzanne Pleshette in the role of a caregiver. John Marley, was much more convincing in "Love Story" (1970) and "The Godfather" (1972) here, as a detective cop is not perfectly credible. Instead, a very beautiful and very smart dog is also in the cast. Robert Day, the English director, was a good craftsman, directing episodes of famous TV series such as "The Avengers", "The Invaders", "The Streets of San Francisco", "McCloud", "Kojak", "Dallas". He also directed "She", the boring "cult" film with Ursula Andress. This "In Broad Daylight" is perhaps his best film.
  • Many similarities in this film made in 2006 with what really happened in the world starting in the Fall-Winter of 2019. That will be a good reason to watch it. Joely Richardson and Stacy Keach are another reason to watch the movie. It's well made but has lengths that will be harder to digest.
  • I wish it was a little longer, something is missing. Anyway, the beautiful Diane Baker is excellent embodying a mentally unbalanced young woman. Joan Crawford, a top expert on the characters of very strong women, here she manages to make you shiver only with the force of her steel eyes. Paul Burke and Charles Bickford, as son and father, are good. Worth seeing!
  • Well, it's not a masterpiece of a movie. It has two or three funny lines and that's it. The rest is boredom in the company of a few big names and recognizable faces from many other movies: Bob Hope, much better in other younger movies, Don Ameche, Claudia Christian, Ann Francis, Kevin McCarthy, Frank Gorshin. Stella Stevens, herself a reason enough to see the film, no longer looks like she did 20-25 years before, the film is from 1986 and she was born in 1938. Some women are still sexy at 48, but she looks like 68. I'm not mean, I fell in love with her when I saw her in "The Ballad of Cable Hogue (1970), when she was 32. One of the last films directed by Charles S. Dubin, which has no masterpiece among the films made. No stars from me.
  • Just a short film about what it used to mean to be human. The two actors are good, very convincing.
  • Some very good actors, in other movies not in this one, like James Mason, Susannah York, James Coburn. Just sunznc, who wrote another review, thinks like me, I mean right. The others, for subjective reasons, gave it many stars. I can't even give it one star.
  • It's only for those who love Tuesday Weld and Anthony Perkins, both very good actors, even in this very boring movie. I can't give it more than two stars, one for Weld, the other for Perkins. Everyone who gave it 9 or 10 stars and wrote superlative things, like the movie it's a super masterpiece, they're all snobs.
  • Remember Stacy Keach drinking some alcohol from time to time, 5 years before, in 1972, in "The New Centurions"? Well, you'll have to see him here, as a former cop totally addicted to alcohol all the time. But, even so, he manages to defeat the villains, another great performance from the excellent american actor who, here being English, he also manages a genuine British accent. The film was shot in 1976, the year of the album "High and Mighty" by the group Uriah Heep, we see a poster at one point on a wall, in a market. And the special music of the film, with synthesizers, is signed by David Hentschel, who has collaborated with big names in rock music, like George Harrison, Elton John, Genesis, Tony Banks, Ringo Starr, Queen, Nazareth, Marti Webb, Andy Summers, Mike Oldfield, Renaissance, Peter Hammill. Michael Apted, who left us in January 2021, also directed many special films that delighted my youth: "Coal Miner's Daughter" (1980) with Sissy Spacek, "Gorky Park" (1983) with Lee Marvin, "Gorillas in the Mist" (1988) with Sigourney Weaver,"Blink" (1993) with Madeleine Stowe,"Nell" (1994) with Jodie Foster, "The World Is Not Enough (1999) with Pierce Brosnan, "Rome", excellent TV Series (2005-2007). Now, about the other actors, which are not so great as Stacy Keach: David Hemmings, he was great in "Blow-Up" (1966), his best film, not here; same Edward Fox, who was super great in "The Day of the Jackal"(1973), his best; Carol White and Freddie Starr are OK; Stephen Boyd is very good, the most convincing from all the villains. I give it 10 stars mostly because of Stacy Keach and you have to be an actor yourself to understand why.
  • If you want to see a mustache (Sam Elliott) who fires his gun many times until he hits the target, this is the movie for you. You will also see a lady (Rebecca Gilling) who helps the mustache, because the lady feels an acute need to be taken in his arms. There are also villains in the film, who will fall to the ground like flies, led by the "ruthless" Robert Culp, who, talented as an actor, should not be taken too seriously, because he does not fit the role of a villain, it's a parody of a bad man. There are two more successful scenes, the two most dynamic, the chase with the cars and then the one with the planes. Everything around a gemstone, an opal, that a guy wants. Not completely bad but not great either!
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