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Beautiful Boy

As someone whose survived living with two addict brothers, this is very real, honest look at addiction and it's ripping affects to a family and self. This one was hard to watch but masterfully done and respectable to the realism of addiction. I encourage you to watch this even, especially if you've never had to live through addiction because it will hopefully open your eyes and heart, finding empathy for those who have lived or are currently living this unmistakably hellish nightmare. It is nothing to glorify, nothing to joke about and everything to take seriously. Thank you to all who made this film possible, it was direly needed.

Run Hide Fight

Not bad
Didn't seem much different than any other Hollywood b-movie. I will say the acting was great. The ending leaves you with the wrong message though. Def not as bad as critics rate it, but not amazing or revolutionary. 6.5

Immigration Nation

Irony at its finest
You come into the country illegally. You understand the risks you are taking but then you are baffled to find that you are removed when you get caught? The irony of this doc is amazing. They paint this picture of these poor innocent people who are blameless but completely ingores the fact they they are COMMITTING A CRIME by illegally living in America. It's painfully obvious the creators narration was aimed to paint ICE as these heartless individuals who don't care about anyone. FALSE. What a lot of people don't understand (because they live in a bubble and love to cry morals from their living room chair) is that these hard ass working individuals are doing one of the hardest, most thankless jobs you can do. They are literally upholding the rightful law and get demonized for it. These laws are not new people. They've been around since the beginning and rightfully so. Anyone with half a brain who can think for themselves can see the pure irony of this film. It's honestly laughable to see how hard they try to paint the Illegals as angels as if they committed no crimes. You come to this country illegally, YOU ARE COMMITTING A CRIME. This propaganda is straight garbage.

Designated Survivor

Season 3: How to lose your whole fan base
That's the title they shouldn't given it to save us all from this trash. Seasons 1 & 2 were great. Season 3? Absolute garbage. The writers should be fired because they clearly didn't do their homework on the fan base and I'm almost positive they never even watched the show before writing. Forced crude language, extreme leftist agenda, a unnecessary sex scene, the list goes on. It's like Netflix said "Oh! It's a show about the president? Let's jam as many of our leftist views as we possibly can! They'll love it!" Yeah no. It's a chore and distasteful. No one wants to watch that. Oh wait, the show got canceled? Huh, hopefully Netflix learned it's lesson. Sad that this show was used as the example.

Parks and Recreation

Stick with it!
Im going to say right off the bat, the first season is quite slow and is not a good representation of the overall show. Though, don't skip the first season because it helps establish the characters. Once you get to the second season, oh yeah, thats when it starts to get real good. The characters start to mingle more and the humor becomes much more apparent being light and sometimes dark. Watching Amy Poehler (Leslie Knope) and Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson) go at it with complete opposite beliefs is enough to watch this show. Like I said, its slow at first but gets a hell of a lot better.


The Walking Dead: Welcome to the Tombs
Episode 16, Season 3

Worst season yet, the finale was dismal.
I absolutely love this show and I badly want it to do well, but with the very underwhelming ending of season 3 I've been second guessing this series future. The season finale started off O.K. with so many opportunities to be amazing with the impending battle between the Governor and Ricks group, but nothing too great came out of it. Im starting to feel this show is becoming like a drama that consists of mostly arguing/talking with the occasional zombie and gunfight... Not impressed with this season! But I'm hoping in season 4 the crew will get back to writing good episodes like they did in season 1 and 2. At least we have Breaking Bad to look forward to.


Genuinely Scary
Im not one to be easily frightened when it comes to horror movies and for the most part i find the majority of modern horrors laughably bad and not scary. This movie is not the case.

I wont go into the summary of the movie because you can read that anywhere but i do want to say that this movie is genuinely a scary movie. I found the stories to be quite creative for the most part and really kept you on the edge for most of the movie. Now not to say this movie doesn't have its flaws (some scenes were unnecessary and there isn't a very strong plot) but if you can watch this going into it knowing not to try and focus to much on the overall plot and focus more on the individual stories I guarantee you will enjoy it. Like I said, i don't get scared very easily but they did a great job scaring me.

Requiem for a Dream

Not for the weak.
Having brothers who have gone through the incredibly disgusting, horrifying addiction of heroin i can tell you, this film nails the scariness and dread that comes from this addiction. This film is not for the weak at heart, it is real, gruesome and truthful. But, this film is important to understand and comprehend the power of these drugs. A great film that is produced, directed, and acted very well, i highly recommend. Just make sure you can handle the truth, This film expressed the true evil of addition, please be careful when watching this movie, it will move if your not ready, i cant stand this stupid review s**t limitation crap. etc. etc.

The Woman in Black

Cheap Scares and Mediocre Performances.
I really wanted to like this movie after just seeing Devil Inside (poor film). When i saw the trailer I was truly hoping for a eerie classic horror movie where you really felt scared without the use of cheap scares and in your face randomness (birds scene, need i say more?). It started to get so repetitive and desperate trying to create a scary movie but by the end of it people in the audience were laughing, myself included. Save yourself the money and time. Worth a rent? sure why not if your into those sorta movies, but otherwise don't bother. Trust me. ...... Nothing left to say. 10 line minimum is stupid, sorry. So please ignore this text ..


M. Night Shyamalan is back!
First i'd just like to say that i rarely post reviews, but when i saw that this movie was only given a 6.2 i had to set it straight. After several past movie busts, M. Night Shyamalan returns with Devil. I went into this film expecting sub-par acting, lengthy and complex dialogue, and a lack of suspense from Shyamalan's past movies, but was i wrong! This movie starts off at a great pace with upside down shot's of Philly, making it seem like the devil is walking the earth, looking for people to devour, and then at the end ties in it all back together very nicely (you'll see what i mean when you watch it), though i thought that was very creative. The acting was also much better than expected. The usual killer with these movies is the acting that takes away from the experience, but for the most part the acting was pretty good. I wouldn't say this movie is very scary, there are some moments that might make you jump but for the most part it was the ability to keep you on the edge of your seat that really engaged me into the movie. I could ramble on, but im not, JUST GO SEE THIS MOVIE! :D


One of the WORST movies
I HAVE EVER SEEN! Please, PLEASE, do NOT watch this movie. It was so bad i caught myself with my mouth wide open from the TERRIBLE plot,actors,everything! I watched maybe 15 minutes of the movie (which i regret dearly) and i couldn't take it anymore. I already knew it was going to suck story-wise, but the plot is SO unorganized and SO BAD it literally made my head hurt IM NOT KIDDING. Let me just tell you how bad it is: so right when the movie starts this guy bets a kid that if he can deliver his drugs from los angles (i think) to las vegas within 1 hour n 45 mins he will give him a million dollars so the kid jumps in the car and puts on NIGHT VISION so that he can drive secretly, i know i didn't know people could make this crap up.... So like i said, PLEASE do not watch this movie!!!

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