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Mind blowing!
Extraordinary! Already watched it twice and can't wait to see it more and more until I fully understand it! Acting is incredible, cinematography is mind blowing and the real action scenes are breathtaking! And the fact that all the scenes are practical effects and there's no CGI or green screen just confirms what a masterpiece TENET is! Nolan is a master!

Normal People

Relatable on every level
Beautifully written, acted and executed. Everything felt so real and I could entirely relate as I went through similar struggles. I cried. A lot. And I'm not usually very emotional watching TV. All these individuals giving low rating either didn't pay much attention while watching it or (most likely) never experienced struggles with life, with relationships, friendships or belonging. I personally want through all of them and still going through some even though in my 40s. The series is about life. Real life. Real emotions. Real understanding. If you pay attention everything is explained in the story.

Bad Trip

Dated. Unoriginal. Boring.
Watched this with my partner who is huge fan of Andre (I'm not). He laughed throughout the movie. I didn't a single time. I find it stupid. Unoriginal. Boring. And seriously dated. This something which might of been popular 10-15 years ago.

Altered Carbon

2nd season is cheap TV trash
How can anyone ruin up such a great and promising show? The second season is so badly written and acting is sooo poor. There is NOTHING which will catch your interest like the first season did. Shame.

Dead to Me

Love it BUT what's with the terrible airbrushing
Love it. It's funny and witty and very watchable BUT what's with the terrible airbrushing? We all have a wrinkled especially when we get older. But airbrush it around the mouth and on the forehead and leave eyes and mouth etc? It look amateurish and pretty stupid.

Wine Country

Who on earth would approve to be screening worthy?
This was so bad it's really impossible to comprehend how someone could give this green light. The story was outrageously stupid. Writing was terrible. And the bad CGI was just the cherry on top this pile of poop.

The Basement

Aspiring yo be the worst movie of the century
DO NOT BOTHER. Even giving it a 1 second of watch time is waste of time. I do not understand how anyone could put any $$$ into it.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

The future of film making is here.
The future of film making is here! Seriously groundbreaking! Interactive movie where you can alter the story of not just the main character but also the supporting one. Netflix claims there are 5 different endings and it all depends on your choices throughout the movie! WOW! Can't wait to experience it again!


Masterpiece not for the general public
This is one of those movies you will either love it or hate it. Nothing in between. I LOVED it! Movie which will become movie classic with huge cult following. Don't think about it as a remake because it's not. It's a re-imagination of a classic. Apart from the title, names of the characters and the general plot, the movie is totally different to its epic 1977 predecessor. It's deeply political (1977 Germany), raw, frightening and visually exquisite horror. It's a masterpiece not for the general public!

Mission: Impossible - Fallout

Predictable and cliche
Seriously? I do not understand all these high ratings. I agree with the only thing. The action is good and some of the scenes are quite surreal but the rest is A trash. I guess it all reflect the current state of the society. People LOVE TRASH!

The Dark

Serious goosebumps while watching it!!!!!
Love it!!! Fckd up, complicated and dark! Exactly how I like it!!!


Love Conquers All
Easily one of the most epic finales ever made on TV. I always thought that Sense8 was badly understood and extremely underestimated. And this wrap up proves it. The series were not perfect but with the complexity of the whole concept no one would make it perfect. The creators achieved something extraordinary and as I am happy for the finale I wish the show would continue in the quest of creating one of the most extraordinary TV.

There is/was no other show on tv or movie which would include so many gender-race-sex-feeling bending characters as Sense8.


Deadpool 2

There is NO PLOT whatsoever
Apart from not having no plot whatsoever this feels like (and in fact is) written by 2 main different writers who never met or even talked about the whole concept, or maybe they did but when so drunk or high that they could not remember what they talked about the very next morning. You know those mornings what I am talking about. The first half written by the "adult" writer and the second half by the "disney" writer. I did not care for any of those characters whatsoever except for Vanessa. There was no reason whatsoever to kill her for what exactly reason? Julian Dennison as Russel might of done ok job in Hunt for the Wilderpeople but this time he failed on all fronts and he should seriously question his acting ability. Deadpool has some good moments and funny lines but that all. You could squeeze all those good moments in a short and call it Deadpool 2(minutes) and be done with it.

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