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  • the two negative comments widely miss the mark on this movie , and show why Italian cinema is so much more appealing , often , that ideologically-drenched politically-correct dumbed down American movies often enough these days.

    first , the film showed a certain epoque as it was , and as such no reason to portray a character confirming with today's poliical correctness. as far as the dialogue which revealed both subtle individual and societal personalties and trends , they were much deeper than the previous poster recognized. second, the wishes for the turn of the century are reflected in literature and newspapers of the period, my grandparents often commented on this - and the tragedies of the 20th century were quite at odds with what Europeans in the West thought progress would bring.

    Last, the final scene in the movie by itself is worth the whole film, romantic and touching . definitely Ines Sastre's finest moment in her career in my opinion. Having lived in the "old" Italy of the 1960's much in this film hit a chord. A wonderful movie, and thank god no American political correctness !