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Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

Maria Bakalova, a star is born
Don't see this if you don't want to be entertained or experience cringe worthy moments but especially don't see this if you don't want to see a true breakout star in the hysterical and lovely, Maria Bakalova who reminds me of a young Tracy Ullman. She is amazing.

Nancy Drew

Hannah Gruen just threw up!
Why even bother to use the Nancy Drew name? I don't mind that they wanted to modernize it but there is NOTHING resembling Nancy in this pilot nor is this entertaining in any way. If anything, They could have gone for camp. I would have even understood if they made George a lesbian (c'mon, didn't we all think it?) but it's just so dark. Our Nancy was made for roadsters and smart luncheons - not this disgrace.

Hold on Hannah, I'm going to join you!


The Chicken Shirt Returns
The first two episodes of the reboot are already better than the "winning the lottery" infused last season. All looks familiar but the eyeballs have to adjust to some changes like a "svelte" John Goodman. While happy for him on a personal level, I miss the portly Mr. Goodman on my TV screen. Also an adjustment - there are three Connor grandchildren that I don't know one has a black mother and I can't help feel this is somehow a nod to an episode of a preteen DJ not wanting to kiss a black girl in a school play. Other than that I find much that is familar enough to find it realistic that I am spending time with the Connors in almost real time. I will certainly be tuning back for many reasons not the least of them as why Darlene's son is named after a not so beloved brother-in-law.

Young Sheldon

This Should be Good, Right?
Young Sheldon, in theory, should be a great show but it's more like being presented with the most beautifully wrapped gift and finding inside the box, a cheap, fuzzy pair of slippers. I have held off writing a review to give it a fair chance but now after watching every episode, I can honestly say I find it unwatchable. What is it supposed to be? A comedy you say? Well where are the laughs? Are they hiding in Meemaw's cookies? It is supposed to be the heartwarming Wonder Years of a young genius because it's failed on that end too. Even if we don't define what type of show it is, it's just not at all entertaining.

If anything, I find the show rather depressing and there is nothing likable about this young Sheldon. Due to the enormous popularity of The Big Bang Theory, there was so much anticipation of seeing our beloved Sheldon as a young boy.This fan couldn't help but look forward to Young Sheldon but all I got was a cheap, fuzzy pair of slippers. No thanks!

The Bronze

Much Better Than Critics Will Have you Believe
As someone who has actually seen this movie and liked it, I feel a responsibility in taking it under my wing to protect it from some of the unfair criticism it's received. I think some people don't want Melissa Rausch to succeed because she's already a wildly popular TV star and they are punishing her. Some people are actually delighted that it's doing poorly at the box office.

I don't say this movie is a 10 (how many movies are) but its certainly enjoyable and original. While you can label it a comedy,it's more appreciated as a character study of Hope Greggory, a former bronze medal gymnast who had to cut her career short due to an injury and has put her life on hold ever since. I'm sorry if this has turned into more of a rant instead of a review but I'm just not understanding why it's being panned when this is a pretty good movie. Melissa is very talented and versatile and has a great career ahead of her after Big Bang Theory.

The Big Bang Theory: The Opening Night Excitation
Episode 11, Season 9

Can I Love This Episode and Also Complain?
Any Sheldon and Amy fan will be thrilled that the two of them finally had coitus but in this fan's opinion it happened too soon (yes, even after five years).

After keeping the couple apart for so long, they should have gotten more mileage out of their break-up and reunion. We should have seen Sheldon on a date or two with another woman. We should have seen Sheldon and Amy with respective dates bumping into each other and seeing their reactions. And most importantly, if they were going to have them come together in a carnal way, there should have been a modicum of passion on Sheldon's part.

Yes, the writers wanted to keep Sheldon true to his character but the prompt to "give Amy coitus" should have introduced something that sparked within him. While their bedroom scene was sweet and tender, it would have been so much more gratifying if we heard some pillow talk. The other storyline of the opening of Star Wars was pretty good and tied into the Sheldon and Amy event. I did love the episode and there were plenty of laughs (particularly from Amy and Sheldon), I just didn't expect them to be brought together so soon and with a relative lack of passion.

The Flight Before Christmas

Yes, a Movie Can Be This Bad
If not for my admiration of Mayim Bialik, I never would have watched this Lifetime movie but watch it I did and suffer I did. Formulaic movies don't have to be horrible but this one sure was. There may have been powdery snow in the picturesque Montana locale but it smelled like a combination of skunk and cabbage on a hot summer night. I don't blame the actors - they did a nice enough job and it actually started off well but by the time our two leads were forced off their plane due to inclement weather, the plot and dialogue skidded off the runway. It's nice to see Mayim playing someone other than Amy from Big Bang Theory and I'm sure casting her brought over BBT's huge fan base to their first ever Lifetime movie but it would have been nice if she had something meatier to work with.

Watch this if you're a Mayim Bialik fan or want to see a shirtless Ryan McPartland.

The Leftovers

So Glad I Hung In There
I didn't want to watch this but I wanted to get my money's worth out of HBO since I have it as part of a package plan with my cable company. I haven't been in the mood to get into another series. Sure, I've watched and loved the biggies like Sex in the City, The Sopranos and True Blood. I adore Game of Thrones too but was not much interested in starting up with another series. I sat down two weeks ago and binge watched The Leftovers. I was going to watch three episodes and if I didn't like it, I gave myself permission to walk away satisfied that at least I tried.

Quite honestly, I liked it enough to go past three episodes. I won't say it was one of the best but certainly held my interest. With Season 2 starting last week, I was intrigued enough to continue until I read some reports that the writers/creators don't intend on giving the viewers an explanation. I started to feel that it was with great conceit that they dare write this ridiculous notion that 2% of the world's population disappeared and not tell us why. I thought at best it was a clever Twilight Zone episode that they stretched into a series. That was enough for me to hand in the towel. I felt ripped off.

For some reason I decided to watch the premier episode of Season 2. I watched it twice and I am so glad I did. This has the makings of something very exciting even if we are never provided with a definitive explanation. I guess we'll not be presented with a "To Serve Man" cookbook but will have to rely on our imagination which is not a bad thing.

Olive Kitteridge

Well Acted, Written but....
Just because something is well written, nicely directed and terrifically acted doesn't mean that it will be enjoyed by viewers, at least not this viewer. OK, I understand the awards for individual achievements but as someone who just sat and watched the whole thing in one sitting, the only thing I'm walking away with is depression. Usually when you have a show of this type, there is some nod to something positive, maybe a small uplifting message but alas there was none. You don't even get a sense of self awareness. I don't think this was boring but just wish it would have come with a disclaimer "Warning - Viewing this show can be a real downer".

Rosemary's Baby

A Little Better Than OK (but not by much)
When you remake a classic, the goal should be to blow your audience away not barely make a ripple. As one of many viewers of the original, I was pretty open minded, an opportunity to see one of my favorite horror novels brought to the screen again and looking forward to seeing how they could improve on perfection (okay, maybe I wasn't so open minded).

Hats off to the locale. A great choice Paris, urbane and dark, however the apartment building was nowhere near as creepy as The Dakota. The acting was believable with a good looking cast and at first held a lot of promise. Instead of eccentric senior folks, they are replaced by well dressed, well connected and attractive AARP members.

One of my main criticisms of this version is the excessive use of blood and guts. I recently read an interview with Zoe Saldana, who plays Rosemary Woodhouse and she said for today's audience they needed to make it bloody. Really? Gratuitous violence just like gratuitous sex feels false and detracts. How wonderful that the original didn't rely on jump scares(not found here but such a staple in modern horror) and horrific images. Nothing is more scary than the imagination.

Is this the worst remake ever? No, not by any means. It was entertaining though a bit long. The main difference between this and the original is that in the original I didn't want it to end; in this version I couldn't wait for it to end.


Pretty Good (so far)
I'm so tired of these new TVLand sitcoms. This is not why I come to TVLand. I come for comfort. Most of these TVLand sitcom's feel contrived. Give me I Love Lucy's, Roseanne's and Cosby's. There are plenty of other new sitcom's out there As you can tell, I'm not a fan of these new TVLand sitcoms but I have to say Kirstie was pretty good or at least good enough not to make me change the channel. Kirstie stars as a Broadway actress who is reluctantly reunited with her son that she gave up for adoption. Kirstie doesn't have a mothering instinct in her body and it will be interesting to see how this show develops. Rhea Pearlman and Michael Richardson co-star but the #1 draw to tune in is Kistie Alley.

Red Rover

Shoot Me...I liked it...a lot
This film really amazes me. I've seen some big budget films that aren't half as good as this one. The fact that you can only find it on the Lifetime Movie Channel kind of saddens me since I think it deserves more respect. Yes, it is a little slow and Billy Baldwin playing the psychiatrist brother is a stretch but it has plenty of atmosphere, perfect music and more than a decent story. The sense of isolation you feel as brother and sister go off to claim their inherited home on a New Brunswick island and attempt to cure newly released Sis from the mental hospital is all you need to know. A much more interesting story unfolds when Sis learns the family history. There is something haunting about this film that I will return to over and over again every time I see that it's going to be on TV.

Sister Wives

Is This The Best Reality Show on Polygamy? No.
The success of the HBO show Big Love and the many bestselling books about the FLDS and Warren Jeffs has put the spotlight on a topic we Americans find very interesting. So here in this era of reality shows, we have the Brown family who consist of one husband, Kody Brown and his 3 wives and many children who live polygamy in a very non sensational way. The premise is timely and intriguing. They all live under one roof in a lovely, spacious home and all the Moms (and Dad) take good care of all the kids seeing that they get enough to eat, are educated and even the girls are encouraged to go to college and be whatever they want to be. Unlike what we've been accustomed to believe regarding polygamy in the US, they seem to be able to afford their many children. The show gives us a glimpse of a seemingly, normal family who just happen to be in the process of taking on a new sister wife, Robyn a 30 year old woman with 3 children of her own.

I can forgive a lot and there is much I can overlook but the one thing that can't be overlooked is how uninteresting this show is and maybe that's the point, to show America that "normal" polygamous families do exist and they seem to be a lot like us. They make sure their kids get up for school on time, prepare breakfast, go to work, cook dinner, make sure the kids to their homework and oh yeah, share their Daddy with the other Mommies who live with them and try to hold in the jealously in trying to deal with dividing their limited time with their husband with yet another sister wife. Understandably they want to be seen as separate from the child brides who leave school at 13 to marry old man who can't support their enormous families. Well they've got me to like this nice family and while I don't approve of their lifestyle on a personal level, I do accept their right to live their lives. But as entertainment, this show is not even as good as the worst Brady Bunch episode.

True Blood

Suck On This!
I won't bore you with how this compares to the books of the same name, Six Feet Under or any other book, movie or TV show that ever existed. Let this baby stand on it's own two feet and you'll walk away with it. True Blood is darned entertaining, captivating and oh yeah, sexy as hell without being gratuitous. I love a show that starts off good enough to make me want to watch it every week and then POW, my interest level just keeps multiplying with each episode. Those of you who haven't seen it yet, you already know what it's about; what you may not know is that you will be hooked on it sooner than a vial of "V". I love the actors, the characters, the writing, the sets, the music. I love True Blood.

Those eyes, those lips, those fangs. Delicious.


Any TV Movie on Teen Pregnancy - All are better than Juno

This is the first time I have ever done this and I hope I am able to do it. I want to apologize for blasting this film. After another viewing, I started to fall in love with this little charmer. Now after several more viewings, I am totally in love with this movie from its folksy little songs that at first seem silly but are oh so perfectly fitting to brilliant performances to a story that at first seems mundane but becoming a lot deeper than you realize. Juno you are a wonderful film, sorry it took me so long to come around.


For starters I didn't hate Juno. I thought Ellen Page was charming (though I agree with so many others in that her character could be annoying and pretentious). I also liked the rest of the cast. However, The story line of teen pregnancy is an old one. We've all seen countless movies on the subject matter so if you are going to make a film on this subject, you need to bring something new to the table which this film clearly didn't do.

If this was just some throwaway indie film, I would have walked away from this thinking, okay, it was cute but when you hear buzz about how great this is and then HBO gives it 3.5 stars (which is the same rating they give The Color Purple), there are expectations that this film is special; it isn't. Could it have been more than it was? I don't think so. If you are reading this review and want to watch this film go into it not expecting anything great. Maybe if my expectations weren't so high, I would have given it another star, who knows?

Mamma Mia!

Not Enjoyable On Any Level
When this movie came out, it looked so appealing in the trailers. I never got around to seeing it and just recently heard that Mama Mia is breaking all kinds of records in the UK so figured it was time to give it a shot. What a waste of my time. I hated this boring turkey with a passion. Why? I liked the actors. I love ABBA music and I like beautiful scenery. With all these positives, why did I hate this movie so much? If the singing was passable, I could have found something positive to say about it but it really was mediocre. This was so boring and didn't work on any level. Amanda Seyfried was pretty good which is about the only nice thing I can say. Maybe I would have enjoyed the Broadway play more but as movies go, this one stinks. It really and truly does.

In Treatment

Simply Brilliant
I was ready to be seduced by a new HBO series and here it was. Perfect timing coincided with perfect writing and acting had made an immediate fan out of me before the end of week 1. We follow week-by-week the therapy sessions of four individuals (which includes watching Paul Weston, the therapist go through his own therapy) and one couple. For anyone who has ever been in therapy there is an automatic connection to the whole process as we see it unfold with different characters and being able to relate to pieces of all of them.

The acting is incredible though this show belongs to Gabriel Byrne and Diane Wiest. I'm having my own erotic transference to Dr. Weston but am I relating to him as an actor or a therapist? That's how wonderful he is in this role.

"In Treatment" is what "Tell Me You Love Me" tried to be but didn't quite hit the mark. Promise you, after 2 sessions, you will be hooked.

Flight of the Conchords

How can you not love this show?
What more can you ask for? It's funny, it's silly, it has characters that you love and musical numbers that really work. The simple storyline of two New Zealand musicians trying to make it in the Big Apple puts to shame other comedies that try so hard whereas Flight of the Conchords just seems so effortless. Murray their manager who is trying to treat the whole "band" experience" as though they were much larger in scope than just the three of them with almost non existent gigs is hilarious. Their one fan, Mel, is a wide-eyed, curly haired, stalker who conveniently runs into the guys everywhere. Never has stalking been this much fun. Not since Da Ali G. show has an HBO comedy been this enjoyable. Long life to the Flight of the Conchords. A hit if I've ever seen one. I LOVE YOU BRET (Brit)!

John from Cincinnati

Quirky and not Delightful
Go ahead - those of you who love the show will automatically give me a "not helpful" rating and attempt to make my comment look like it was written by a second grader. Here is the truth, my truth anyway. This is a challenging show to watch. It took me four episodes to determine if I would be back for a fifth but I am and I will continue. It's building up to something that is slowly giving birth to the idea that we are going to witness something incredible. I just wish not every single character was so odd. There's no doubt in my mind that there's going to be some big redemption factor coming up. This is one weird show; I don't mind it being deep and mysterious but there is something about it that makes me uneasy - maybe that's good. All I can say is I hope it has a payoff that I'm "not expecting".

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

Love the film but really love the HBO series more
Don't get me wrong. I love this movie and will see it another 2 or 3 times before it comes out on DVD. Just thinking about certain segments and lines from the film have made me laugh out loud. That being said, I feel all the praise and buzz about this film should really be devoted to the HBO Da Ali G Show which is superior to this film, great as it is. As a long time fan of Mr. Cohen's, I'm glad to see him get the recognition he deserves as well as happy that those who didn't follow his HBO show have their first exposure to this genius but again, I think his HBO series is superior to the film.

In the HBO series,watching Borat go house hunting or canvassing for votes with a mid-western Republican party candidate are among some of the most tear inducing and choking from laughter experiences I've ever had in front of the TV screen.

Failure to Launch

Incredibly Bad Film
I must say that I've sat through worse films. This one sort of held my attention and I liked all of the actors and on face value the script wasn't too bad. So why did I hate, hate, hate this film? I couldn't figure out why until it dawned on me that I felt that I was expected to laugh and it just wasn't funny. There is nothing worse than feeling that you are expected to laugh and the laughs just don't come. I'm only glad that I didn't view this film with someone who had any part in making it because if I did, I would have been incredibly embarrassed since I can only muster one or two pity laughs without it being obvious. I cannot believe Sarah Jessica would have allowed herself to be in this. The worst Sex in the City episode is better than this contrived piece of "can I get the two hours spent out of my life back?". Dreadful movie.


Wonderful and Moving
I thought I would have a problem with the very female Felicity Huffman in the role of a transgender male becoming a woman. Well, I was gratefully proved wrong as Felicity gives an incredible and believable performance as one such man named Stanley Osborne who is days away from being operated on for gender transforming surgery.

With a week to go, a life altering phone call comes in regarding a teenage son he never knew existed who is in jail in New York City. Since the boy's mother is deceased, "Bree" was contacted. Bree is not interested in entering this boy's life but her therapist forces the issue and refuses to allow the surgery unless Bree deals with her son. Bree makes the visit to NY under the guise of a church representative who bails out the boy. What ensues then is an eye-opening adventure for both Bree and son.

This is a wonderful movie, a little quirky and totally enjoyable.


Painfully Boring
I won't say this is the worst movie I ever saw, but when you go into a movie, actually only watching the movie because of all the great things you have heard about it, and are so bored that it's a chore to sit through, than yes, to me it does become a candidate for one of the worst movies.

Yes, yes, the acting was wonderful and the scenery breathtaking but if I had it to do over again I would have preferred spending the time watching a TV show on the California wine country and would venture to say I would have enjoyed it far more.

I am very tired of people with inflated egos who complain that those of us who didn't like it, aren't "connecting to the characters" or are missing "nuances" that I guess are only afforded to those sophisticated enough to sit through this very dull film. I am also tired of people using the fact that it had "very honest dialogue" as a reason to love this movie.

Sorry folks, but in this reviewer's opinion, the emperor really has no clothes.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

To be Oohed and Ahhed Over
Hoorah! The best of the lot. For all you Harry Potter fans out there, readers of the series and non-readers alike, this is the absolute best Harry Potter movie. This new film comes to me as renewed faith in the Harry Potter series after what I considered a horrible turn by Alfonso Cuaron in Prisoner of Askaban. I know fans were divided on "POA" and I was definitely in the "hated it" camp with the reason being how many important elements were left out, and not just nitpicking little items but key ingredients.

Enough reviewers here have told you about the plot and my, my how the kids have grown but what I would like to add is that this latest Harry Potter film really captures the humor of the books. JK Rowling's humor is one of the key ingredients to the success of Harry Potter and it's nice to see it fully demonstrated here.

This is a truly wonderful film. Can't bless it enough!

The Exorcist

Real, True Horror
If you don't know by now what The Exorcist is all about, please skip to another review because this one isn't going to give you a synopsis nor is it going to speak of great performances.

What I will share with you is how utterly scary this movie is. Teenagers and others who might think they are immune to this film because they have seen "Bloody Ax Murders Who Know What Jason Did Last Summer" type horror movies should not dismiss this as just another horror flick. To this day, I occasionally have nightmares of Linda Blair's possessed face while "Tubular Bells" chimes in the background. It's a nightmare that I am always grateful to wake from.

I know that I could not even in broad daylight watch this movie without shielding my eyes or muting the sound of the demon as he speaks through the 12 year old girl with eyes that are the windows of hell.

If I had it to do over again, I probably would never have watched this film. It honestly is terrifying and I've never seen anthing that has come close.

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