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Nothing new, but entertaining
You gotta wonder how something strong enough to punch through metal walls, or rip your spine out of your back with one hand while you're alive and struggling against it, could realistically be defeated in hand-to-hand combat by a human being (no more than one occasion...), and I was also left wondering why sometimes their weapons disintegrate their targets and other times they're just plain nonlethal, but other than that - as long as you keep in mind that the predators aren't interested in killing things so much as they are interested in hunting them for sport - the movie is remarkably lacking in the typical huge question signs.

I don't know what you had expected to see when sitting down to watch this movie if you ended up giving it less than 5 or 6 rating. It doesn't to anything new or particularly interesting (though I liked the premise of predators abducting people and dropping them on the preserve), but the action is solid, the acting is solid, and the characters are interesting AND they're not (too) huge idiots.

My biggest gripe is that I really would've liked to see survivors be rewarded with a trip back home in typical honorable hunter-style, which would seem to fit with predator behavior. Yeah they abduct you, throw you out of airplanes while you're unconscious and then hunt you, kill you, skin you, rip your spine out and make a trophy out of your skull, but they usually give respect where respect us due - and respect is due to any human who manages to defeat one of them. But I guess the ending we got was alright.

The Pacific

Vastly inferior to Band of Brothers
I only got 4 or 5 episodes into this series, it was just that boring. Why? I can't really put my finger on it. Maybe it's a combination of many things? The characters look identical - they're all white, black-haired 20-30something males with similar looking faces and no distinguishing features. None of them have any real character development. As soon as we get to know one guy, he either gets killed off or they change to a different one and preferably a different location. At one point I was starting to enjoy the series and the characters, then out of nowhere they left the battlefield, my favourite character was sent back to the US, and I got served a whole episode of some guy wooing some chick who turns him down - which took something like a whole hour of screen time to show us.

The battles are TERRIBLE. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE. Band of Brothers had tons of exciting battles with all sorts of absurd twists and turns. The only battle I remember from all the episodes I saw was where they sat in a ditch and shot at wave after wave of suicidal japs, and we had something like one character who did anything interesting.

All the soldiers seem utterly incompetent, and when they're not in battle (which is like 98% of the time, which may be nice for "REALISM" and all, but it's actually not entertaining at all) they spend their time whining like little girls, stealing stuff from each other, getting locked up in mental health facilities, pissing themselves, and committing suicide. This is entertaining TV? Apparently people think so with all the 8 and 9 scores this is getting, but I sure don't think so.

In summary? Uh, I don't know. I'm not in it just for the action, I loved every moment of BoB, including just the conversation between the characters, but The Pacific just made me bored. I barely entertained at all. The only reason I got as many episodes in as I did was because I was hoping it'd get better.

It didn't.

Law Abiding Citizen

From good to decent to bad.
It was good to see a movie finally depict what I like to think I'd do to someone who went free after they broke into my home, stabbed me in the chest and then raped and murdered my wife and daughter in front of me while I lie there helplessly.

The - I suppose he is the antagonist - then goes on to flip off the entire justice system, and continues to kill people while rather plainly stating that the only way they'll stop him is to admit that their system is broken then shoot him in the face.

Sadly it became harder and harder to sympathize with him, as his targets became less and less involved with his case to the point where he eventually started killing random people because it was convenient for his plan, or just for being part of 'the system', in order to 'deliver his message'. Does somebody really deserve to die for handling the paperwork of the lawyer who dropped your case? One also wonders exactly how he meant for his message to be conveyed as all the public saw were people getting murdered for no apparent reason, and the mayor and her higher-ups didn't seem to care at all about his plight.

The movie would've been more interesting if he had simply stopped killing people after the two who murdered his family, and then eluded punishment through the same legal abuse that failed to give him justice. (Perhaps to then turn around and point out the system's flaws before accepting his punishment?) Him being a super-awesome-CIA badass also took away from the fun of him being an everyman standing up for himself.

The movie rapidly degenerated to the point where, in the final half hour, nobody seemed to care if anything made sense anymore. Still, I liked it.


boring and derivative movie for children
The only thing this movie did for me was make me soooo bored I actually started remembering the plot of FernGully. Which I hadn't seen in like 18 years. I couldn't even remember its name. When I arrived home I furiously searched the internet for this mystery movie that I had forgotten and that Avatar somehow reminded me of.

Then I found it and realized that it's exactly the same plot, except that it's a movie for children - which incidentally AVATAR also is, it's just that it cost 500$ billion, or whatever, to make so they had to pretend like it was for adults, but it really isn't. It's a kid's movie, and a 2 hours too long one at that.

Frankly, what surprised me most about it was that it gets such good reviews... from almost everyone. I'm going to sit and wonder why for a while.

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