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Certain Women

Really enjoyed it
I liked this movie, despite it being extremely slow moving and not really following any sort of traditional plot. The movie wasn't intended to do that, after all. It was more of a snapshot into life in a pretty harsh environment, and one that makes me glad I live where I do, despite the beauty of the landscapes captured.

At times I found this movie blackly amusing (the hostage scene, the little doggy chasing after the buggy, the teachers asking irrelevant questions of the lawyer), and at other times it was desperately sad and a little depressing (that small town life just isn't for me).

Overall I would recommend it, but not if you're only into action or psychological thrillers or slasher flicks - it's just not that kinda movie.

Naesungjukin Boseu

I really enjoyed this one
It was great to see a show featuring a character who struggles with anxiety, as you don't see that very often. The story was really tragic and so aspects of it were hard to take. I felt so bad for the main guy being so misunderstood by everyone, but it was great to see him gradually come to have a little circle of people he trusted, who trusted him too.

I think this show highlights how people with anxiety and similar conditions can so easily be misunderstood. I didn't think of the other characters as jerks, the way some reviewers apparently did - because I could see things from both sides. They had no reason to know that their boss wasn't a jerk, especially as his family worked so hard to hide the fact. There were of course plenty of moments where I wanted to shake people till they came to their senses. But every character was dealing with their own "stuff".


Still love Michelle Obama
As a foreigner watching on in 2008, I was stunned that America had done this thing. Like many, I hadn't thought it would ever happen, or at least not for many more years. I was also extremely proud of the nation for the choice they made (unlike 8 years later). But you know one thought I had almost right away? "Oh God, I hope he doesn't get assassinated." Because I'm not naive about racism and extremism in America.

Watching this documentary gave me more insight into the person Michelle was before becoming First Lady. She came from such a great family so it's easy to see why she aimed so high with confidence. I could also see a little hint of how difficult it must have been, not just after the election but in the lead up to it with all the hatred directed towards her in the media. You could see on her face that she was feeling the pressure, and justifiably anger too, even while she stayed quiet, knowing that speaking her mind was detrimental to the campaign (for no good reason either).

I've always known that she was relieved to be leaving the White House, but this documentary gave me a better understanding of why that was. The Obama administration wasn't perfect, as I learned from watching Michael Moore's documentary about these years, including the story of Obama's visit to Flint, Michigan. I also knew that he was more of a deadly president to some Middle Eastern countries than even his predecessor, which I can't ever condone. Even so, watching this documentary made me pine for a time when the entire world didn't feel under threat because of the identity of the US leader.

Aetaneun Romaenseu

Not bad
I quite enjoyed this drama, although I don't think I'd class it as one of my favourites. I liked that it was a little more "modern day" and progressive than other Korean shows, in terms of the way in which the heroine and hero originally met. It made me laugh, but also melted my heart at times.

It was more light and fluffy than many Korean dramas I've watched, in that there was no dark, dangerous secrets to be uncovered or any of that. Each of the main characters had their own personal struggles, but overall it was a light and fluffy story. If you're looking for something light, sweet, and funny, then I'd recommend this one.

Sa-rang-eui bul-sa-chak

Definitely a "slow burn"
I watched the first episode of this one back when it first started to play on Netflix. After that, it wasn't until the full series was available and had been for a while that I went back and watched the rest of the show.

I really enjoyed the show, whose two main stars I have seen in other shows that I also loved. It was quite slow moving, but had plenty of tension, action and laughs along the way. The way it ended was interesting, as I guess it was quite realistic - but also would you want to live your life like that? Well, I guess it's better than nothing right?

Anyway, I'm not sure how much I can take as gospel the information gleaned about life in North Korea from this show, and I'd never presume to believe I'm now an expert - but it was still interesting to get that insight.

I loved all the supporting characters as well as the main hero and heroine. This show might not be one of my all-time faves, but it's one I may watch again someday, so I'm calling it a good one. :)

Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List

Is it really so bad?
I'm surprised that this has such a low rating. I watched it and thought it was a great story about two best friends figuring out who they are without each other - and eventually coming back together. It has been a while since I saw the movie, but I'd definitely watch it again to refresh my memory.

Which I plan to do!

Lady Bird

Really good
I loved this when I saw it for the first time recently. I feel like it was a little bit more 'realistic' than some of the other coming-of-age stories I've seen, and for that reason it was more relatable than many I've seen. It was also captivating with lovely cinematography.

If you're looking for an action-packed story, this isn't it. But if you're looking for a beautiful work of art, then I'd recommend this one.

Knock Down the House

Loved it - and love AOC
I really enjoyed this when I watched it not long after its release. I know it's not all about AOC, and I liked seeing the other women talk as well - though it was sad knowing they didn't succeed in the end with the ultimate victory. As for AOC, well she's a breath of fresh air in politics and as an Australian watching from afar, I can see that she is just what the USA needs. Actually, the USA needs to clone her and have many more like her.

It was great to get insight into where her campaign began and the uphill battle that was faced before the election.

I hope she gets reelected - A LOT.

The Perfect Date

I am a Noah Centineo fan in a big way, but this movie was just 'meh' for me. I didn't really care about his character, or any of the characters for that matter. I only saw the movie fairly recently and can't really remember how it ended, which tells me it wasn't too memorable.

I can't imagine that I'll watch this one again.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

A great movie ... but I need to watch it again.
First up, I will say I have not yet read the book - even though somehow I have ended up with two different editions of it on my bookshelves. But I'm pretty sure that even when I eventually do, I won't change my mind about the movie being a great one.

I didn't know what to expect when I first saw it, but I wasn't expecting the dark aspect that was revealed later in the movie. All the actors did an outstanding job in this one.

Definitely recommended, including to myself because a rewatch is in order to refresh my memory.

The King: Youngwonui Gunjoo

Loving it so far
We're only 6 episodes in but I'm I'm eagerly looking forward to each new episode - these weekly releases are killing me! It does move a little slowly I guess, but I've never been bored by it. I want to know more about each character, but in the meantime I'm captivated by the story unfolding, and by the beautiful cinematography (and yeah, the beautiful Lee Min-ho ;) ).

I'm scared about what evil stuff the bad guy is gonna do next. That's one thing I've noticed about Korean dramas - they have EXCELLENT bad guys that just make the viewer seethe with hatred, and you can't wait till they get their comeuppance. I don't feel quite that strongly about this jerk yet, as it's early on in the series, but he's certainly already bad enough to deserve a cold serve of justice.

Can't wait to see where the series goes. I'll update this review when it's done. :)

Ibeon Saengeun Cheoeumira

Another great drama for my faves list
I don't know why I overlooked this drama for so long, but I looked at it so many times and just didn't sit down to watch it. But I finally got around to giving it a go the last week or so, and was quickly hooked on the story.

I've finished it now and I can say it's another one of those "slow burn" dramas, so if you're looking for something action packed, you probably won't like this one. Like other dramas of a similar nature, however, I loved it for the insight it gave into Korean culture, the slowly unfolding love story, and the complex character development.

The ending did seem a little too convenient with the way it worked out for all three of the main women characters (you'll know what I mean if you've watched it), but in the end I just didn't really mind.

Recommended for fans of "slow burn" romance stories, and people who are curious about social customs in South Korea too.


All-round brilliant show
I didn't know what I was getting into when I first started watching season 1 - little did I know how captivated I would be by the excellent drama, the at times painful suspense, and the 'thriller' aspect of each season. The first season in particular had such an impact because it was all brand new, and so excellently done.

The actors did a phenomenal job, and it was fascinating to get insight into how the work on serial killers first got started. The interviews with various evil people in prisons constituted some of the most suspenseful and creepy moments of the show. Dr. Wendy Carr's encounters with ... whatever was living downstairs in the laundry room ... were another that had me constantly on edge.

The way season 1 ended was incredible - what a cliffhanger. Having watched season 2 now, I still find that I'm dying to know more about Holden Ford's background, because he's still quite a bit of a mystery. I feel like there's so much to know, and I wonder what season 3 will bring in that regard.

One of my favourite shows ever seen, and it's highly recommended for any lovers of the thriller/suspense type dramas.

Neodo Inganini

Loved it
I watched this a while back, and was very impressed with the show. It's one I will certainly re-watch at some point - I'm getting the urge to do so now, so who knows.

The lead actor is absolutely beautiful, not that that's what makes a drama great of course. I like stories about AIs and this one is probably my favourite that I've seen so far.

This show pulled at my heartstrings as I watched, in many different ways - every actor did a great job.

Love Wedding Repeat

Lots of out-loud laughs
I hadn't heard anything about this movie before watching it tonight, so didn't know what I'd be in for.

To be frank, I wasn't a fan of that movie Serendipity, whose plot was similar to this one. I'm also not always a fan of movies that feature comedies of error throughout them, at least not work they get particularly ridiculous. But I think that this movie did a better job than many at making use of both the alternate endings and the "comedy of error" devices.

There were numerous times when I couldn't stop laughing - like when the maid of honour was "under the influence", and doing that speech. I'm not sure where the seeming hatred for this movie comes from. Sure, it's not the most brilliant film you'll ever see, but I didn't think it was in any way bad.

Spenser Confidential

Pretty good
I love Mark Wahlberg, so the decision to watch this movie was a no brainer for me. I enjoyed it, and anyone who likes action movies will find a bit to like. I think it almost bordered on being one of those cheesy action movies at times, but didn't completely stagger over that line.

That said, I wouldn't say that this was a brilliant movie (unlike a few others with Wahlberg that I count amongst my favourites). I don't think it had enough to make me want to watch it for a second time, now or in future.


Wasn't the worst, but wasn't near the best
This movie caught my eye after I saw an ad for the next one - so I just watched it on Prime. I haven't read the book so can't comment from that perspective, but I feel a little underwhelmed in the wake of this movie.

The "black moment" of the story wasn't black enough to be a convincing reason for the heroine to flee town, and everything in general seemed to happen too quickly without much development behind it.

Perhaps they tried to put too much into the movie (that was in the books) and so weakened the whole thing (jack of all trades, master of none?). In the end, I didn't hate it but didn't adore it either.

Tae-yang-eui hoo-ye

One of my fave K-dramas seen so far
This is definitely a drama I'll be happy to rewatch in the future. It's a love story but it's also action-packed - and it shows the journey two people must go through to really understand and accept each other, when they come from two very different worlds. It had plenty of heartstring-tuggy moments and a few painful ones too as I waited for the two main characters to get their crap together.

Definitely recommended if you like K-dramas.

Real Detective

So good - wish there was more
I watched this on Netflix as soon as I noticed it, and thought it was extremely well done. It's a mix of acting and real life interviews, and the actors did a really good job of doing the sad stories told in the series justice.

I think this show should have continued, but I suppose all good things must come to an end sometime.

Forensic Files

Binge watched the whole series (not sure what that says about me ...)
This might sound weird, but my beloved cat died a few years ago unexpectedly, and in my grief I started watching this show, and just couldn't stop. I don't know why I felt the need to continue on at the rate I was going, but the TV show was a good distraction.

I like that this show has victims' family members, or sometimes even survivors of attempted crimes, featured on the show - it gives them the opportunity to speak out, and in the case of family members allows them to give life to those who have been lost, by giving insight into the sort of people they were to those who cared about them.

I think that although each episode is quite short, they pack a lot into that short space of time. It's also interesting seeing how crimes were handled in the early days of forensic science, and as the series goes on from season to season, you see scientific/technological advances being made. Occasionally, cold cases are solved due to those advances as well.


I expected this movie to be amazing before seeing it, simply because it stars Joaquin Phoenix, one of the most brilliant actors of his time and any time. I wasn't disappointed - this movie was captivating from start to finish.

There were moments when I wanted to look away because of the cringe factor - but overall what I felt was creeped out (the movie is full of suspense, like you're holding your breath all the time wondering what will happen next), horrified, enthralled, furious (at the societal injustices that sometimes trigger already 'different' people to become twisted), and exhilarated (like, with that ending sequence of scenes).

If you haven't seen this one already, and aren't looking for something 'fluffy' to sink into, then I highly recommend this movie.

Alien: Covenant

Comedy gold?
When my friend and I saw this movie at the cinema, we were surprised to find it was more of a comedy than an actual scary movie. I don't think they intended it to be funny, but we laughed a lot. Unfortunately, I was disappointed in the film - that will always happen for me when there are so many stupid characters who do dumb things and therefore end up dead.

The whole movie plotline wouldn't have even existed if not for one very idiotic decision early on that set the spaceship on an unplanned course. "Oh yeah, let's go check out this mysterious planet that is just PERFECT, but that we somehow never found before when we scanned everywhere for suitable planets." The captain was warned not to divert from the planned course, but he just took it under advisement and went ahead anyway and did a dumb-arse thing.

So, that set the tone for the entire movie - lots of stupid decisions, like "Oh I'm just gonna go do a pee, I won't be long." YEAH RIGHT. YOU WILL BE VERY LONG. YOU WON'T BE COMING BACK FROM THAT PEE.

Basically I was disappointed, particularly thinking about the original movies and how epic they were. And I'm sorry, but this new "bad-ass lady" character can't hold a candle to Ripley.


So sad it didn't go for longer or get more recognition
This is one of my favourite shows, but I feel like it's "unfinished". I absolutely love the job that Damian Lewis did portraying Charlie Crews. The character development is awesome to see - you get hints of what's going on under Crews's 'zen' surface, but it's not till quite a way into the show that you see that truth explode outward.

The other actors in this show do a great job as well, and I love the professional (and friendly) relationship that develops between the two leads. They both did such a good job at portraying rich, complicated characters. I love how they clash but ultimately can relate to each other.

it's just all round a very well made TV show.

I may be biased since I have a major crush on Damian Lewis, BUT I still think that this show is one everyone should watch.

Step Brothers

Amusing but not one of my all-time faves
Although I knew what I was getting into when starting to watch this movie, I still rated it the way I did because it probably isn't a movie I'll watch ever again. Some of Ferrell's movies I do like to re-watch now and then. I think this one just got a bit too juvenile even for the subgenre it belongs to.

I still laughed a lot while watching it, and these guys are very good at what they do. I felt sorry for the guys' parents but at least things improved by the end.

That's all I'll say about this one.

Draft Day

Great insight into behind-the-scenes sport stuff
An American friend of mine had recommended this to me to watch a year or so ago when I was talking to her about the Aussie Rules draft period that was going on at that time. I finally got around to doing so recently.

I really enjoyed the movie, which gave insight into the huge pressure people in the sports industry can be under sometimes - especially with American sports that are incredibly wealthy, compared to our little Aussie Rules com. It also had the personal side which Costner's character was having to balance with that pressure of work.

There is really some 'wizardry' that seems to go into draft and trade periods in Aussie Rules, and the same can be seen in this movie as well. It shows that people must do their due diligence in investigating potential draft prospects, and it'd be very easy to make mistakes that will turn out to be extremely costly (both on a personal level and at a team level, which can affect millions of fans).

It's funny to think that something that might seem completely uninteresting to some (how players are drafted into teams) could be made into a great dramatic story, but this movie achieved that.

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