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Doua lozuri

He won. Or maybe not.
This is the story of a man who wins the lottery. Lefter Popescu (name meaning Poor Popescu), a stressed man (kinda like Michael Douglas in Falling Down), buys two tickets for the two lotteries. He puts them in a coat. The coat gets lots. The results are announced and he realized he might have won the lottery. He recovers the coat with trouble and he goes to cash his prize. At the bank, he find out he has the right numbers, but for the wrong lottery. In other words, he did not win. Quitting his previously job, he has nothing left. He goes nuts. The masterpiece scene of the movie is him, middle-aged, calm, clergy type, hanging from a chandelier at the bank.

Ion: Blestemul pamîntului, blestemul iubirii

money or love?
Ion is the story of a man that chooses to marry for money, instead of pursuing his true love. He marries a rich and ugly girl just to realize that money isn't everything in life and end up with a broken home, a dead child, a mean mistress...the curse of the land.

Ultima noapte de dragoste

the last night together can there be the last of love?
Cmil Petrescu presents a love story. He is drafted and forced to leave the woman he loves behind. While on front, that's all he thinks about and he remembers every moment he spent with her. Practically he goes insane over her. A really deep and hard to watch film.

Ultimul cartus

why didn't he fire the last one?
A detective investigates the killing of his dear friend Miclovan and uncovers a conspiracy that goes deep in the politicians. COmmunistes, legionaires and liberals, along with mobsters are present in this great movie by sergiu nicolaescu

O scrisoare pierduta

love and politics mixed together
A Lost Letter is the story of love and politics mixed together. Zoe Trahanache loses a love letter addressed to her lover, a subordinate of her husband, the letter ends up in the hands on Catavencu, a political enemy that intends to blackmail her for political advantages. The story mixes up, enemies become friends and everything closes with a character that many of us identify with: The Drunk Citizen.


a visit with surprises
This is the story of a visit. A very unusual visit. A man, a woman and her son. The son is the centerpiece of the story. He is the spice and suger, he pours jam in the man's shoes and shows every aspect of bad manners and bad parenting that ever could be. Another masterpiece of Caragiale.

Trandafirul galben

margelatu returns
story about a feared outlaw, named "trandafirul galben" (yellow rose) that fights against the injustice of corrupted politicians ruling romania in the 1800s. the movie continues the saga of Margelatu, a modern robin hood

Conu Leonida în fata cu reactiunea

mister leonida fights his own war
beautiful story by Lon Luca Caragiale, in which a man fights the revolution from inside his house with the help of radio, newspapers and outside noises.

pretty much like "dr strangelove" by kubrik but only funnier. it's worth seeing


when it's hot outside
a conversation between 2 people takes strange connotations due to the hot weather outside. a gentleman comes to visit a friend who is not at home and leaves a message to the butler, a hard-headed man, who does not understand what is it about and who was the gentleman...

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