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Pepper Ann

Only saw one episode, so I'm judging it by that.
The one episode I saw was about a field trip to some kind of factory, and (as per the usual for comedic field trips) the kids get separated from the rest of the class and hilarity ensues. The theme song to this show was good, and the show itself was entertaining, but the cartoons of the late 80s/early 90s were alot better than this. Also, they kept making not-so-subtle marijuana references using the Jamaican-looking kid. He was always thirsty, seemed highly confused, etc. This is really getting old...the ghost of Walt Disney needs to come punch the current animators in the face. They shouldn't use the wholesome Disney namesake to pimp their stupid counter culture references....leave subtle adult jokes hidden in a kids program to Scooby Doo and Space Ghost.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Good Movie, Scary Nazis
I first saw this movie as a kid, and I remember being utterly scared by the Child Catcher in Vulgaria. I think it was his nose (plus the fact that Marilyn Manson used a quote from the movie as an album title). I thought the Nazi themes were very interesting, and it gives you some insight on how it might have felt to be a "undesirable" child in Nazi Germany. I always identified with the kids and felt that if the Child Catcher got to the kids, he'd get me right along with them. The rest of the movie is good, and the visual effects are pretty good with large sets and great location shots. There's not much to complain about, except maybe wishing for a little more story and less dancing and singing in the pre-Vulgaria story. Also, the lullaby is a great song. I thought the car was awesome, and for a movie made almost 40 years ago, the noises the car makes remind me of some kind of electronic rap beats. There's a few cheap SFX shots of the car doing zany things, but as a whole the movie looks great. So if you want to watch a nice old-timey Disney movie with some funny moments and frights as well, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is it.

The Terminator

Great Action Movie, Almost ruined by crappy plot
"The most intense scene are not those when the Terminator kills the dancers in the disco or runs amuck in the police station. It's the loving scene in the middle of the movie, when John Connor is conceived."

That's what somebody before me said in their review of this movie.

See, you're getting your adjectives mixed up. That's not an INTENSE or LOVING scene, but rather a NONSENSICAL and COMPLETELY RETARDED one. This movie rules because it's so stupid and 80s and stuff blows up and whatnot, but when you find out who John Connor's father is, you want to punch the movie in the face because it's so stupid.

As I've said before, watch Evil Dead or 12 Monkeys for movies that have plotholes out the butt but are mostly enjoyable. I can't sleep right now because Terminator 1 make so little sense, and I have to tell you about it.

I guess now I can sleep. goodnight.

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