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Dragonball Evolution

Is there such a thing as Movie Rape?
Five minutes into the movie, i already started picturing James Wong's face and imagining how good it would feel like to put my hands around his neck and slowly squeeze the air around his tiny little head. that, in that moment, would have felt really, really satisfying. compared to the trauma i felt as i watched the anime i grew up with, woke up to everyday, begged my mom to stay up five minutes more to watch, and literally the pinnacle of my childhood, get raped and ravaged beyond any form of repair.

i couldn't bear to watch the movie. if you are any loyal fan to the series, you'd know perfectly well what i'm talking about. it hurt so bad just watching it. words can't even begin to explain the absolute horror this movie made me feel. i felt disgusted as i walked out the theater. barely felt like myself for the whole week.

what happened? why did they such a thing? why? the movie is beyond awful. the story was not a DragonBall-worthy one. i'd rather watch the Japanese version of Spiderman rather than watch this. the lead actor was a douche. why they chose him, i really don't know. thy could have casted anyone else and it would have been way better acting. heck, they could have signed the fat guy from LOST and it would have been a far better choice. all the elements from the legendary DB series were distastefully mutilated and crapped on. yes. crapped on. with matching flies and what not.

i could go on and on and on about how this movie made me want to commit homicide and systemic annihilation of the cast and crew, but it would take me years to actually finish. bottom line is, if you've seen even just single episode of DB, stay as far away from this movie as possible. for those who have not heard of DB and want to watch this, please don't. Dragon Ball is nowhere near as lame as this movie. my heart goes out to all of us who felt like Goku was raped. i just wish the people who thought this up would suffer a similar fate.

am i angry? yes i am. what am i gonna do about it? nothing. Hollywood will forever be Hollywood. uncaring. irresponsible. and inhuman. no thing will ever change.


Surpirsingly Good!
i watched this movie out of boredom. this was nothing good on TV so i decide to rent a DVD. spent an hour in the shop looking for a good movie to watch. finally decided to get the matrix trilogy and since the store offered a promo to get one free when you rent 3. i started searching for another DVD. there was this one guy who was returning the dvds he rented. in my hurry, i just grabbed one the dvds he was returning. so that's ho i got this.

and to my surprise, this movie turned out really, really great. the movie plays out to an inner emotion that most men don't usually admit. fear. especially the fear that you can not protect the one you love. it tells the story in a unique and very personal level. you almost feel like you connect to the character and each emotion he portrays is also your own.

in the end, i felt really satisfied watching the credits. you know that you've watched something great when they roll the credits and you find yourself smiling. i felt good after watching this. unlike most high budget movies nowadays. which leave you dazed and confused and thinking, "what the heck just happened??" goes to show that being a low budget film with almost unknown actors in it doesn't mean that it can't be a great movie. sometimes, all it needs is a connection.

you'll find plenty of that in this movie. now get your behind off your couch and watch this. :)

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