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BridesMaids - Crude, whacky but entertaining
Kristen Wig's Bridesmates impresses with whacky incidents and uncommon characters making each scene worthy to watch making you laugh hard. The novelty of the universal theme of jealousy-friendship triangle is conveyed very well on screen. Due to that, it becomes very easily relatable to watch right from the first act of the film.

The big ensemble of cast, notably Kristen and Melissa impress with splendid performances.

The dialogues are crisp, funny but crude to a great extent but eventually works at most instances. However the crude exhaustive conversations at some scenes could stand out to be quite odd. At the downside the last act becomes shockingly cliché and ends like a typical chick flick.

But In overall a great entertaining, stress reliever.

Rating: 7/10

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

MI- 4 : A greatly balanced, action- entertainer.
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol is undoubtedly the best instalment in the franchise with gripping action loaded scenes which will never let you relax at any point of the movie.

Brad Bird's animated style of physical humour is instilled in this and it works big time with comical moments coming in even at the edgiest instants.

From the opening credits segment onwards, he stamps his authority over the genre intently. With dazzling action and matured performance by Tom Cruise, it easily becomes our favourite MI movie when the film hits the end of the first house mark with a hot-headed Dubai sequence which will make everyone shout at the cinema. The mission tactics are also ingenious and the comedy acts as a breather for them.

Verdict: In overall, a greatly balanced, action- entertainer.

Rating: 8.5/10

Mayakkam Enna

Mayakkam Enna - A Genuine Masterpiece
'Dumbfounded, Astonished, Shocked', I am not so sure how to explain the experience of this genuine master piece which is delivered straight from the heart without any cliché frills. It's an experience and the first one to credit is no doubt, Selvaragavan who does not disappoint at any frame of the film. Strong characters, Great screenplay and Excellent performances, make Mayakkam enna certainly one of his best without any doubt.

Now to the review. The story starts of as simple following of a young man, Karthik (Dhanush) who aims to become a wild life photographer and the struggles he faces. As the story unfolds, new characters are introduced in the story, such as his close friend Sundar who is also the reason for him to bump into Yamini (Richa), Sundar's GF. He is in dilemma as he falls in love with his best friend's lover. When we thought this is going to be a love triangle, Selvaragavan tricks us and transits the story into a heavy drama with a strong twist and ends of with a ending which makes us realize the true meaning of ambition, friends and love. Basically the meaning of life. A message of "FOLLOW YOUR HEART" impact fully carves on your heart when the end credits roll.

Such a gripping story never deviates and what makes the film even impactful is Dhanush's portrayal as Karthik. He shows maturity and versatility in the film and no doubt this is one of his best, standing next to Aadukalam. Richa does not look like a new comer at all who impresses even overshadowing Dhanush at some shots. Other cast also elevates the realism of the film.

Technically, Ramji underplays and stays genuine to the content and delivers what is needed for the film. G.V.Prakash's songs are remarkable and his BGM's does makes the right impact. His rapport with Selva stands out more in this than AO.

There is no downside to this honest product and as many plagued about the slow pace, I strongly disagreed to the claim as slow pace is needed for this kind of life portraying film. However some events like the wildliife photographer Madesh is being nominated for the same photograph after many years and a scene where he is shown involving in a fashion photoshoot and Karthik's photo being published in the front cover of Kumudham, shows some inaccuracy in the characterization/content but the impact is quite minimal.

Verdict: In overall, A great attempt by the team and easily can be labelled as a 'Cult Classic'.

Rating: 4.5/5


Astounding Comeback
Velayudham – 7/10 – Velayudham certainly halts the continuous falling streak of Vijay in recent years and announces a big comeback for the actor. With a premise adapted from a telugu film, 'Azad', Jeyam Raja (who is famous for adapting successful films to Tamil) have once again proved his forte in it with an entertaining fare, Velayudham. Velayudham is not an experimental film with pretentious plot but first of all it also did not promise to offer one. It contains a story which is tested many times but what makes it sparkle, is the way it is being presented. Vijay delivers a well-balanced performance after a long time and walks away with applause in every frame as he enhances them with amazing amount of energy and freshness.

Despite taking a commercial route, Raja did not deviate too much from logic and tries to inject fair amount of intelligence too and of course a thoughtful message at the end. Most importantly unlike previous ventures of Vijay, Valyudham does not over exaggerate too much in the name of glorifying, at any parts. He shows maturity having able to handle a sensitive subject and direct scenes with almost 50 experienced artistes in once scene. No doubt it is a big step for him to step into the leagues of biggies of Koolywood.

Performance wise, all of them do their role well and stands just behind Vijay is Genilia with a matured makeover and in the other end Haniska over emotes at many instances.

Technically the film is quite competent. Priyan's cinematography needs a special mention which enhances the Super Hero theme very well. Vijay Anthony's tune might not be so innovative but satisfies the audiences especially Vijay's fans. Out of all, 'Chillax' stands out the most while 'Mayam Seidayo' is a visual treat.

In Overall, Velayudham is not a landmark film in Kollywood but has all the ingredients to entertain the audience which is what expected from Vijay.

7 Aum Arivu

Over Rated
7aam Arivu - 6.5/10 - 7aam Arivu as promised managed to deliver a strong message weaved with a sturdy historic story. Certainly any 'Tamilan' who watches this film, can feel the pride of knowing about an ancestor like Bodhidharman. A.R.Murugadoss have caught such a solid premise and the initial 20 minutes of the film really sets the tone really big.

However, what makes it fall apart is the weak and unfocused screenplay which often slips out of the main objective of the story. Badly placed songs and redundant love track (which comes immediately after the epic 20 minutes start), are some of the examples of the wandering screenplay. The vision of the director and what he wanted to tell the world is very clear by just seeing the visuals and the central plot itself, therefore some of the preachy dialogues could be avoided. In addition, Harris Jeyaraj - Murgadoss combination is surprisingly missing in this film.

On the brighter side, 7aam Arivu boasts with good use of technicality. Be it Ravi Varman's subtle yet epic cinematography or Rajeevan's grand art direction, they impress to the core, enhancing the story. All the actors score well in their given role but the real scene stealer is Johnny Tri Nguyen who casually cake-walks his role with such a majestically menacing posture. However the over use of 'Nokku Varmam' by the character rips the whole genuine feel of the art.

As expected by many, 7aam Arivu might not be a next Ghajini but really scores in the originality and the patriotic feel towards the Tamil. In overall 7aam Arivu is not a disappointing fare but not a remarkable one either.


Mankatha - Hitting the bull's eye
Mankatha – 8/10 Ajith's 50th movie certainly has exceeded the hugely speculated expectations it garnered. Like its title, it travels in a racy pace with full of twists and turns presented in a thoroughly entertaining way. Story wise, Mankatha is can be said as the best of all Venkat Prabhu's film. It is thoroughly entertaining with Ajith oozing with energy in every scene with power packed one liners. The films has many scenes at the first half which may seem irrelevant but gets all paid back with the climax explaining everything.

For the other casts, Premji and Vaibhav impresses and are at their best. Action King Arjun proves his proves his dynamic experience even in just few scene he have done. All the other female casts just does fine given that their roles are merely blink-and-miss ones.

Technicality wise, Sakthi Saravanan's cinematography is apt for the commercial action film and Yuvan's music plays as an important factor for the scenes especially the epic BGMs.

Venkat Prabhu has shown maturity in is directing with Mankatha and broke his all the stereotypical heroic roles of Tamil cinema by giving Ajith an Negative role. Kudos to the ultimate star for accepting it bravely putting his name in risk at his 50th film. All said, Mankataha proves that a film need to be artistic to be favoured by critics, but a entertaining film with intelligent twist can garner all the interest from all side.

Verdict : Ajith's show all the way

Manmadhan Ambu

Manmadhan Ambu- Half Baked
Man Madhan Ambu can be described as a intelligent comedy by the successful duo Kamal Hassan and K.S.Ravikumar. From a promising casting, writer and strong technicians, Man Madhan Ambu does not disappoint to deliver.

Firstly talking about the story, this film has a simple cute love story with comical elements. It is about possessive Madhan (Madhavan), setting up a detective, Mannar(Kamal Hasaan) to spy his ex girlfriend, Ambu (Trisha) during her holiday trip to Barcelona with her friend, Deepa (Sangeetha). The simple story has unexpected twists here and there which sets the pace of the film. Kamal interestingly feeds messages on the rich stepping the poor intelligently. Kamal Hassan has written a light hearted story after delivering a gigantic Dasavatharam two years ago. The film contains strong clever dialogues and the play of words at each scene is interesting to watch. Kamal Hassan's idea of revealing flashback in reverse mode needs applaud. Thinking out of the box is not new to this veteran and he has proved his talent once again. However the screenplay lacks punch and pace at the first half, It wonders aimlessly until a major twist before the interval. But the 2nd half sets momentum and leads to a super comical climax. But however it is quite disappointing as it is from Kamal Hassan who always comes with a strong screenplay, comes with a simple story with sprinkles of illogic.

Man Madhan Ambu's next strength is its music. The music is cool and calm just like the movie. The songs are well picturised and suits the movie well. Neela Vaanam's picturisation makes the whole film's mood and in fact saves the film! The casting of the film is also the major strength. Trisha who is speaking in her real voice for the first time evokes emotions well and renders tamil perfectly with her own style. Sangeetha steals the show from the 2nd half onwards with her comic acts and does terribly well during the climax potions. Kamal Hassan as usual does well and proves his talent but one could wonder why his character is designed in such a way the it is too simple for an actor like him to play. Madhavan steals the show by his timing sense and drunkard acts. He is the true hero of Man Madhan Ambu according to me. Other small characters of Ramesh Aravind, Oorvasi, Usha Utup, Kurup couples and the small kids gels well with the flow of the narration.

Man Madhan Ambu also scores in technicality with excellent cinematography. The cool tones and breezy place is showcased beautifully. There were lots of crane shots in the film which makes the film look rich. The films marks its innovation by recording live sounds by avoiding dubbing. Its something new in tamil movies and worth a special mention. The set designs were classy and rich. The colourful, stylish costumes make the film more light hearted like its story.

In overall, the film certainly creates a new skin to Kollywood, thanks to the team of innovation lead by Kamal. The film starts off slowly but takes off in a jet speed in the second half. A novel attempt! VERDICT - 7/10

Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa

Vinnaithaandi Varuvayaa- Different Yet A Powerful Love Story
After 1 and quarter years of anticipation and eagerness, Gautham's Vinnaithaandi Varuvayaa. Right from the cast to the technical team, the movie is purely packed star cast with proved technicians.

I was listening to the songs every day since they were released in Amazon. I am one of the biggest fan of Gautham and a crazy fan of Silambarasan for many years. With the Oscar award winner A.R.R handling the music, there were no doubts for everyone that the movie sure to make it big. I entered the theatre expecting a true love story with quality acting and a powerful story. I was not disappointed at all; in fact I was dumbfounded by it.

VTV is all about falling in love, the emotions, confusions and the innumerable roller-coaster sensations associated with it. Karthik (Silambarasan), a mechanical engineer, hopes to be a aspiring film director one day. It is love at first sight for this young man with his landlord's daughter Jessy (Trisha), a Malayalee Christian and a computer professional. Karthik expresses his love to her in a quite unexpected manner but she does not accept it citing practical reasons, such as age, culture and family's pride. Notwithstanding her absence even for a short while, Karthik leaves Chennai and travels to Kerala just to apologise to her. Jessie understands the depth of his love by his words and actions.

He finds Jessie and apologies for his behaviour and earns her friendship in return.. The ensuing train trip to Chennai from Allapuzha paves way for a deeper bond between the two. Jessie's brother gets to know about Karthik's love and problems emerge between them which create a conflict between the two families and Karthik's family is made to vacate the premises. This triggers the hasty arrangement of marriage for Jessy in Kerala. Needless to say, Karthik reaches there and what happens thereafter form the crux of Vinnai Thaandi Varuavaayaa. The rest of the story is all about the life of the main leads after these incidents. The love has been portrayed in the typical narrative style of Gautham.

Simbhu's performance has been impressive from the first shot of the movie to the last frame of the movie. His toned down dialogue delivery works very well for the story and especially towards the climax; he makes the audience move in tears with his acting.

Trisha stays impressive from portraying the character of a confused lady who couldn't decide on her love at many instances. No doubt that it will be a break for her too in her career.

A.R.R's music is very impressive and his background music is magical and makes the audience go into the story deeper and deeper. Especially during scenes where Karthik proposes his love and the scene where he sees Jessie for the first time. The deep experimental of new type of music have come out in a very pleasant way. No doubt that this movie will bag him numerous awards.

In Overall, Gautham have crafted a love story which revolves around these two characters. Many could think that the movie's pace is very slow, but I felt that if the pace has been quicker it may not have been as powerful or impactful as now. The climax is a shocking one yet a perfect one.The wait is certainly more than the worth and is another breakaway from traditional Tamil movies. As a film student and critique, I felt that this is a classic love story which portrays not only the happy side of it but painful one to. Gautham have chosen a cliché' story and experimented deeply in the screenplay. There is no doubt that Vinnaithaandi Varuvayaa will be remembered by everyone for long. Thanks to Gautham!!!

Verdict- A Tribute to Love

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