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  • Warning: Spoilers
    This was worse than I expected, and I did not even expect that much. The quality of this movie might just explain its rather limited cinema release here in the UK. Firstly, the film has minimal relevance to its predecessor. The dance moves and lead character are on a far different tone. How? It appears to have been sexualised, and this has ruined it in my honest opinion. This film had more in common with 'You got served' than Honey 1. At least 'You got served' had brilliant dancing and a climatic showdown at the end (more important for such a movie). We have cheesy acting, cheesy dancing & slutty tones all over. We are supposed to feel sorry for the lead character when she decides to hook up with her ex, after he demonstrated how thuggish he still was at a nightclub by picking a fight with her dance partner. We are supposed to believe that the police are dumb enough not to search the girlfriend of someone who has a history of narcotics possession when he is stopped. I don't know about the U.S, but over here in the U.K they can still hold a juvenile female suspect until a female officer arrives to carry out a body search. Not in this case, they just leave the scene believing all is OK! We are supposed to believe that a dance competition would allow a lead member of a competing dance group to sit on the audition judge panel! To top it all off, our star dance crew blatantly rips off Step up 3 with their kit in the end scene. I had some hopes for this movie, and tried to like it, but there was too much cheese and stupidity thrown in my face. And I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one to notice.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It appears that this TV adaptation has been overrated, possibly because of it's so called appeal to the younger generation and educational value.

    Sadly, this nonsense shouldn't be exposed to kids, or anyone for that matter. Only Bob Hoskins would agree to appear in such drivel. So here we are on yet another adventure trip where the scientists are out to prove the existence of dinosaurs. Yep! it seems that the producers obviously thought this one hadn't been done before, and we're only just getting started! Along the way they encounter a tribe who offer their friendship and protection. Just when you thought this film was going to get better we are then subject to some of the most ridiculous scenes in film history. Some crazy monkeys are in a cage, but the spacing between the bars is wide enough to ride a Harley Davidson through. When two of our adventurers are out on a swimming session, they spot what appears to be two velociraptors, they then proceed to run TOWARDS them when the scene ends. Apparently, dinosaurs are immune to two thirds of bullets fired at them. A lot of the 'emotional' scenes are completely unbelievable. Near the end of the film, our main character returns home to find that his fiancée is actually with another man, and neither are the least bit upset about it. Crikey thats gratitude for an adventurer then. Now im not expecting Oscar material here but there were no standards at all. Unless you want a few laughs with some mates, avoid this Garbage at all costs!
  • Many people say that this movie is cheesy. Its 1982 for gods sake! Its not even that cheesy like the sequels. There is constant action right from the beginning. This movie is definately one of the top movies of all time. The ending isnt typical at all. Its actually a brilliant ending. This movie almost got an academy award. I believe that it should of because it is very different from every other action movie. It follows no previously used plot in any way. The soundtrack at the end is excellent and well timed. Go and watch this movie.
  • Equilibrium is simply the most powerful movie ever by a crystal clear longshot. It has taken the incredibly realistic scenario and storyline of George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty Four. It has developed its own type of fighting in the action sequences. It has used the very best actors for their roles. Its even borrowed a setting from the matrix just for a particular scene (that's not illegal!). In the future, the survivors of the 3rd world war are well and truly fed up of conflict. They decide to start a new society where everyone is equal, and no one has any emotions. It is a totalitarian society where the proceedings of peoples thoughts are kept strictly emotionless by a mandatory drug that is constantly being self administered by everyone. Anyone who misses a dose, or attempts to develop feelings against the control of the drug is immediately executed. Emotion is a 'sense offense' punished by death. The high ranking police that uphold the law against emotion are called 'clerics'. One of the clerics misses his dose by accident and starts to develop emotions. He then realises that the society is wrong, so he must bring it down.............
  • This movie has some of the worst acting that I have ever seen! Some scenes are original such as the nails coming through the floor. This nail trap catches these bad guys. The rest of the movie degrades as you go. I can't believe that this movie is not even in the bottom 100 movies of all time. I also can't believe that there are sequels! The next crap movie that I want to watch is R.O.T.O.R. Could R.O.T.O.R really be much worse than this?
  • When you hear the name "Raw Deal, you already know that it's going to be crap. But this is so awful that it's actually quite funny. Listen to that dreadful synthesized sound at the very beginning of the movie when the train heads towards the screen! That front cover is laughable. There is never a point in the movie where arnold is wearing a vest and carrying big guns. The motorbike scene is one of the cheesiest. Arnold rides away from his own explosion. He blows up an oil rig for no apparent reason! Watch this movie, you will laugh.