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Fail *with anything remotely offensive removed so Hotbox guy can't complain and get this deleted again*
Hotbox is a completely unfunny show but amazingly it is still far from the worst show that has been made by the Comedy Network, I have to admit that award still goes to Popcultured or Girls Will Be Girls.

Of course being better than Popcultured or Girls Will Be Girls is not saying much, I think having *bum* cancer is better than Popcultured or Girls Will Be Girls. Actually that's ironic since I think having *bum* cancer is about equally as funny and entertaining as watching Hotbox.

It's a terrible show filled with no sketches and no jokes, just unfinished ideas for jokes. All of them involve the same fat guy acting the same stupid pot head character. The commercials probably have the best parts from the show and that says all you need to know because the commercials are *curse word deleted because someone who works for this show complained to get my original post deleted* awful. A guy has a trunk full of creams and you get the uncreative high school level "rub it on your *b-word for testicles that they said on the show but I apparently can't say it here or they will complain*" joke. The fat guy is a cop but hey wouldn't it be hilarious if he was a basketball cop? No- no it wouldn't.

I'm sure this fat guy and his balding old friends laughed their *let's say bums to be safe* off at their own non jokes ("hey look I'm fat and I'm wearing a tight basketball jersey! Now hey look at my fake mustache it's funny! I have a wig now!") Unfortunately those 14 people only make up half of the Comedy Network's audience. The other half will have to continue being disappointed and angry by how the Comedy Network wastes our tax dollars to produce pure garbage. I guarantee that fat guy is the son of the network's owner or has pictures of *let's say he has pictures of a nature that he can use to blackmail the president of the Comedy Network*.

Then again the Comedy Network has proved again and again they just don't care so who knows if they even watch this *poopoo* before they put it on TV? They probably only care that it is made in Canada and costs about $5 an episode.

Inside Llewyn Davis

Snubbed by Oscar
I will never understand the Academy Awards. Even if I live to be 100 years old and study their choices every day I will never ever in my life understand the Oscars. I just don't get what their process is. Who are these people and how do they choose? I am pretty much convinced at this point that their number one interest as far as choosing nominees in the big categories (picture, director, actor, actress, writing) is that it should be a movie that grossed a lot of money since the Oscars really are about Hollywood advertising themselves to the masses. Great films get snubbed every year. Oscar turned in a great performance in this movie and it should easily have been nominated for writing, directing and or picture, but it was overlooked. This isn't the best film every but it's definitely better than some of the movies they did choose. The other problem is they give nods to people who they snubbed previously and realize they shouldn't have (i.e. Martin Scorcese for his movie Wolf, Leo Dicaprio for acting since he has never won, even though Wolf isn't nearly as good a movie as this). Oh well maybe next year!

Meet the Family

Funny But Cheap
I had no idea what this show was when we watched it. At first we thought it was the movie Meet the Feebles for some reason it was all screwed up but obviously when it started up it was not Meet the Feebles. It was a reality show but not really a reality show. The pranks they play on the guy make him look pretty stupid but it also seems very mean because he really thinks he is meeting his wife or girlfriend's family but they are actually actors and the wife or girlfriend set him up for these pranks, where the actors playing her family are mean to him or just crazy. We couldn't help but laugh at the poor guy and in the end they gave him a free trip and he was OK with it but at the time he seemed so upset that the family didn't like him. I give it a 6 out of 10 and would go higher except it seems a bit mean and mostly it just looks cheap with cheap Canadian production values. But it is funnier than Canadian shows that look more expensive. Worth watching I assume maybe half the people will think it's funny like me and half the people will hate it for being cheap or mean.

Year One

Not Very Funny
As a fan of most of Jack Black's work so far (at least the non Tenacious D stuff that is in comedy) and a fan of Michael Cera's great straight man work on Arrested Development and Superbad, I was very disappointed in this film. It is a great premise for a movie but it fails to deliver many laughs, it is basically one of those "all the funny parts are in the trailer" movies and was I think a really wasted opportunity for what could have been a very funny film. Jack Black is okay doing his usual act and Michael Cera is very good in his typical straight man role but the laughs don't exactly come flowing through. There are a couple of very good cameo appearances in the movie, I don't want to spoil the surprise, and they help to make up for the overall poor quality of the rest of the film. Worth seeing probably but definitely not at the movies for $12.

Girls Will Be Girls

Pukey Garbage Vomit Crap Turds
Girls Will Be Girls will make you vomit and puke and poo yourself to death because it is so horrible! Girls Will Be Girls is puke! Pukey vomit garbage crap! Poo and pee and puke and vomit garbage! Worst show ever! Put Girls Will Be Girls in a hole and bury it in poo! Poo vomit puke pee garbage! Junk! Poo! Garbage! Puke! I would rather eat poo vomit puke pee garbage junk blood maggots and every other disgusting thing than watch one more second of Girls Will Be Girls because Girls Will Be Girls is worse than puke vomit blood garbage maggot pee with poo smeared all over the top of it like icing on some horrible cake from hell that somebody found in a sewer in Mexico. Put puke and poo and vomit and pee and blood and maggots and garbage and junk all over my eyes and in my ears so I can't see or hear this show again. Vomit!

Train 48

Train 48 was incredibly boring. People doing bad improvisation and trying to be dramatic or funny or even worse dramatic and funny at the same time. I don't understand how a show this boring and poorly produced could ever make it onto TV, they didn't even have a writer for crying out loud! Actually I do understand they did it because it was incredibly cheap and a Canadian produced TV show. It doesn't matter that it was horrible and boring it just mattered that it was produced in Canada and gave money to some bad Canadian directors/writers/actors/producers. Then the show finally gets canned and they move on to the next horrible Canadian produced show that has no hope of success and no hope of finding an audience that actually would want to watch it. It was on every day and must have taken about three minutes to write. The problem is when you don't have much going on and you let all these actors "improvise" all their lines you end up with pointless scenery chewing and overly dramatic scenes that nobody wants or needs to see just to fill in the extra time.


"Lost" is to put it simply one of the greatest shows currently on television, in fact it may even be one of the best TV shows ever. The cast is wonderful with all of the actors very talented and perfect for their parts, I can't think of many that could be better with other actors playing those characters. From the first episode I have been hooked on this show, the story is really interesting and this show is very unique unlike any other shows on TV that I can think of. I will be sad when "Lost" ends but glad that it lasted as long as it did, I am looking forward to all the episodes they have left. Not for people who don't like mystery-science-fiction type stuff but most people will love this show.

The Kids in the Hall

I really miss "The Kids in the Hall". Don't get me wrong I still enjoy all the reruns and even bought the DVD set a little over a year ago and don't think I will ever really get tired of it, but I just wish that they were still making more new shows or even movies (I didn't think "Brain Candy" was nearly as good as their show was but it was still good). It seems like easily 90% of what comedy is being made in Canada is horrible so it's nice to be reminded that sometimes they can really get it right. I would put "The Kids in the Hall" up at the top of the list of greatest sketch comedy shows with "Monty Python's Flying Circus", "Mr. Show" and the good years of "Saturday Night Live". If anyone from Comedy Network ever reads this please watch "The Kids in the Hall" and take notes on how to make a TV show that is actually funny.

Comedy Inc.

"Comedy Inc." is one of the worst Canadian TV shows I have ever seen. I don't know what it is but it seems like almost every comedy show that has been made in this country for at least the last 10 years has been awful. "Comedy Inc." really stands out as one of the very worst but just look at the shows that get made on Comedy Network and you'll see my point. "Keys to The VIP", "Pop Cultured", "Punched Up", "Shakespeare Comedy", "Girls will be Girls", "Hot Box", "Gutter Ball Alley", these shows are so bad I can't believe any of them were even made let alone put on TV in the first place. I am glad "Comedy Inc." is finally gone but what has to happen before we start seeing good shows again instead of one awful show after another?


Great Show!
"Life" is a really great show. The show is about a detective who was convicted (it turns out wrongfully convicted) for a crime he obviously didn't commit and the show picks up with him being cleared of the crime and released from prison, and back on the job in his old precinct working with the other detectives who used to be his friends, etc. It's a great idea for a show and every episode is awesome. For one thing the acting is top notch. Donal Logue is in it first of all and he is a great actor, and he is Canadian which gets bonus points from me. The writing is obviously great with the overall storyline very interesting but also the smaller stories in each episode are usually great too.

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