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Sky High

What A Surprise!
Sky High was a very enjoyable movie that was better than I expected. The previews I thought looked cheesy and kind of dumb but I was really happy with what I saw.

Kurt Russell has always been a good actor I think and he did do a good job in this film along with Kelly Preston. The main teenage boy was also great too.

The screenplay I thought was witty and fun. I really thought the conversations had good vibe.

Coming from the director who did Surviving Christmas, I was kind of afraid. That movie was not the best at all. But this movie. This movie was a big step up! I highly recommend this film if your looking for a family film that is full of fun times. Look for a special appearance by Lynda Carter. I enjoyed her too.

Bride & Prejudice

A Movie That Had Potential to Be Better Than OK
This movie was good in a way but just OK in the end. From the director of Bend it Like Beckham, I was expecting a little more.

The leading actress, Aishwarya Rai has a great sense of style with her acting. I found her to be enjoyable at times. She made the movie work.

What I didn't like, was the all the people jumping out at random spots singing. It just seemed a little weird and kind of stupid to me. It looked fake and cheesy. It could have been done like a professional movie musical but it didn't look right. It really through me off.

The director of Bend it Like Beckham needs to make another hit. Now, Bend it Like Beckham was a great movie by far. Maybe this director needs to lay off musicals.

Batman Begins

A New Generation of Batman Movies
Batman Begins is starting a new generation of Batman movies. This one if the best and it gave such a great beginning story to what happened to Bruce.

Christian Bale gave a very good performance. He is a good Batman and I hope to see him continue with other Batman movies because he has proved himself to be one of the next leading Hollywood men in this time.

The supporting cast was excellent too. Michael Caine gave a great performance as always as the Butler. He really brings energy to a movie.

Morgan Freeman too is good as always but his part needed to be bigger. He is one of my favorite actors and I thought he was good in this movie too.

Kate Holmes. She is another cute and sweet actress that I personally love to see in films. The not so good reviews First Daughter I thought was a good movie. She really has a potential too.

Batman Begins is not to be missed. It is a good film and I am waiting for the next one! :)

War of the Worlds

One of the Best Take Over the Plant Movies
This film was a jaw dropping thrill ride. I thought Steven Spielberg proved he was back with this excellent film.

Tom Cruise gave a good performance as a father trying to protect his kids. It was a perfect role for him I though playing the father who didn't know much about his kids role.

Dakota Fanning is a superb actress too. She really can play a mature role at her age. She needs to win an Oscar at her age and continue to make movies. It will be interesting when she is older because she does so good when she is young.

Steven Spielberg's direction and visuals were awesome to me. He really made it fun ride and gave a more appealing attack of the Aliens movie to me. It made more sense to me then other Alien movies.

I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys survival movies of a different kind and to anyone who just wants to sit back and think what would happen if were were attacked.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

A Tim Burton Delight
I thought that Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was a highly enjoyable candy fun film. It was funny, delicious, and just an amazing visual affect movie that really made the people in the movie happy.

Freddie Highmore someday will be nominated for an Oscar because he is just a wonderful actor. He really made the film sweet by showing how much he loved his family more than anything in the world.

Johnny Depp was good too but disappointing. He has seen better movies but he was also funny in this movie.

The oompa loompa songs were weird but it still was fine. They were just different then what I expected.

I would have to say in the end that this was Tim Burton's best film for me. He really made almost a better Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with telling more of a story. He should keep up his family orientated work. It certainly is great.

Must Love Dogs

Must Love This Movie
I must love this movie to give it a 10. And I did! It was one of the best films I have seen this year! Maybe number one! Diane Lane I have to say first is my favorite actress because she is so smart in her roles a divorcée. In Under the Tuscan Sun she was fantastic and in this romantic comedy, she is too.

John Cusack too has one of his best movies being witty. He really lightened up the scenes. He just made me smile with his scenes with Diane. Diane and John had good chemistry. It was fun.

I certainly hope this gets good reviews but I have a little feeling saying the critics will think it is like every other romantic comedy out there but that is their opinion. Critics make these reviews that we shouldn't see certain movies but people have different tastes. This movie is certainly not one to be missed. I would, if I had the chance, nominate this movie at the Awards. It is a funny and heart warming story. It made me smile! A+

The Upside of Anger

Joan Allen is superb!
The Upside of Anger was a wonderful film about life! The acting and the screenplay were just wonderful! Joan Allen gave a very Osar worthy performance. She stole the show from beginning to end. I absolutely just loved her! Kevin Costner also did an excellent job. This is by far of the best films he has every stared in. His performance showed that he is back. I hope he stays like that! All three of Joan Allen's girls in the movie did a well done job too.

Mike Binder wrote, directed, and even starred in the film. He did a good job with this film. He should be recognized by the Oscars too with his fantastic film!

Cinderella Man

Absolutely One of the Best of the Year!
Cinderella Man has to be nominated at the Oscars for sure! I know it is a summer release and they sometimes get overlooked but this film can't.

Russell Crowe and Ron Howard team up again and I say this time was better for me. Russell Crowe did such an amazing job. The fighting scenes were filmed so great and I was so amazed through the whole film. Renee Zellweger also did an excellent job but I wish there was more of her. She kind of didn't have that much time on film but she was great when she did.

I also thought they did a wonderful job with showing the Great Depression. From what I have heard and read about, this is exactly how I would have pictured it.

I hope this film gets a Best Picture, Director, Actor, Screenplay, and Supporting Actress nominee at the Oscars. One of the Best! Not to be missed!

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

An Entertaining Action Packed Comedy
Mr. and Mrs. Smith is one of the most entertaining movies of the summer. It isn't the best movie but it kept me interested.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt I thought had such good chemistry in the film. They were funny and I thought overall just a good pair. Vince Vaughn was also pretty good with the little scenes he had.

There was so much action in the film too. Sometimes it went over the top but it was still enjoyable.

The director of this film also directed the Bourne Identity. I personally enjoyed this film more even though some will disagree. Mr. and Mrs. Smith is a film not to be missed if you are looking for something is keep yourself awake!

Finding Neverland

My Favorite Film of 2004!
Finding Neverland my absolute favorite of the year! It was so touching and beautiful!

Johnny Depp did a fantastic job and he really should be recognized as the awards are given away!

Kate Winslet also just a gave a touching performance and Freddie Highmore was so believable! He stole the show at the end! So good!

Marc Forster did a excellent job in turning this film into a family film too! He used the creative world of Peter Pan and mixed it with Barrie's life! It is great!

I really hope Finding Neverland wins some at least this year but I know there are other great films!

I give it a ~10/10~

The Aviator

A Wonderfully Acted Film!
The Aviator was a great film! Leonardo DiCaprio did a great job but I really loved Cate Blanchett. She really did a phenomenal job! I thought she showed a good Katherine Hepburn.

Martin Scorsese has a good film that deserves awards. I think this is one of his best!

I thought the filming was well done and it was true story that kept me interested. At the end I kind of wanted to learn more about Howard Hughes.

I give the film a ~9/10~ because it really was one of the best pictures of the year. A great film about a Howard Hughes!

The Terminal

A Wonderful Film!
I thought The Terminal was a wonderful film! I thought Tom Hanks was great playing a foreign man by the name of Victor Navorski! Catherine Zeta-Jones was also fabulous in the part she had as the flight attendant of United Air! She is a very pretty actress. Steven Spielberg I think is a great director. He did a wonderful job with this film. The setting I think was awesome, the costars were good, and the script was fantastic. I hope I hear Oscars for The Terminal. I found to be even funny in parts and then sad in others. An excellent movie! I recommend it to the whole family. I give it ****/**** stars. I will own probably when it comes out. One of my top films already for 2004. A true triumph for me.

Deux frères

Photography is wonderful in this film!
Two Brothers is a wonderful film with excellent photography. It was sad, fun, and so darn cute. Those tigers were so cute and good. Guy Pearce did a great job too. It was so cute how he handled the tigers. How they got the wilderness filmed was amazing. It was just done so beautiful. It surely another top film of 2004 for me! ****/**** stars. I would nominate this film if I could for awards because I think this beautiful film making needs to be recognized. It was wonderful! I haven't seen the Bear directed by the same director of this film but it could be another wonderful film with awesome filming. I may also buy this film when it comes out. It a great family film. You may cry though.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Johnny Depp was great in this film! I love it! I saw it twice and I can not wait till it comes out on video! Go see it! It is worth it! It does have some scenes from the disney ride which makes it cool! I can't wait for Disney's Haunted Mansion with Eddie Murphy! A+++++++++++++++++++++++

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