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Runaway Jury

Weisz and Hackman shine with a unfaithful script that does not follow the book.
While I do understand the fact that books that becomes movies usually do not follow the same pattern of the original source, I can't forgive the fact that this film does not even follow the book's theme. While that does bother me, I can't deny the fact that the movie was entertaining. Mostly because of the performances of the actors involve. The Best of these performances goes to Gene Hackman, who is always a delight to watch and is always capable of taking a mediocre film and making it better. The other goes to Rachel Weisz, who not only holds her own with the Great Gene Hackman but also matches his intensity with lethal charm. Don't go in with the notion that this will be just like the book, but go in knowing that you will be entertain by two great actors at there game.

Jurassic Park III

With out a doubt, The worst sequel since Highlander 2: The Quickening.
Amateurish and down right degrading entry into the Jurassic Park series finds Sam Neill returning to play with the dinosaurs, and on a search and rescue mission to find a missing child. Unfortunately Poor Sam does not have the flare and coolness of the Character he played in the original Jurassic Park, nor does he have a script to work with. The rest of the cast in general is as disposable as paper and the special effects were done better before with the other movies in the series. The movie is more and less a rip off of the Lost World, and a very bad one to boot because at least The Lost World was entertaining enough to be considered a worthy follow up to the original Jurassic Park, and had a lead ` Jeff Goulblum' who held his own with the special effects with his great performance. Poor Sam Neill though not only gets lost with the sub par effects in this film but actually looks like he does not want any part of what is really happening in this movie. The direction is a real come down from what Steven Spielberg had achieved with the first movies of the series, and the Dinosaurs themselves act like Serial Killers than real animals.

If this the best they can come up with, then they should end the series right now before it gets any worse.


Decent but way too long.
The movie is an achievement, but takes way, way too long to get to its ultimate point. Ralph Fiennes though is proving to be an extremely gifted actor, and plays each part with genuine talent and flare. Rosemary Harris, and Rachel Weisz give great supporting performances as well but unfortunately, The movie itself falls a part with it's own ambition with a three hour and a half running time that is at times very boring to watch. If only they could cut out about an hour from it, then the movie could have worked a lot better. It's a good film but expect to invest a lot of time with it.

Jonathan Creek

Great comic who dun it
Jonathan Creak is a great comic who dun it in the great mold of The Thin Man. Alan Davis is wonderful as the title character who always get himself in the worst of predicaments, and Caroline Quentin is also great as his partner in crime. Great mysteries with a great flare of comedy and magic make this the best British import since Cracker (Which By the way air back to back On BBC America if you get cable)

Can't wait for new episodes.

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