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Dharmendra carries out an excellant performance along with Kader Khan and Shakti Kapoor, that's about it.
Not so much to say about this film except it has two sides - tedious and fun. It is a nice film but in some places it does get abit dull. Nice storyline and plot about some villagers who are at threat by their leader Data Guru. No one dares speak a word against him except from of course Dharmendra and Manoj Kumar. Manoj Kumar is killed by Gulshan Grover while saving her from rape. Dharmendra is introduced in the film with his pure jatt background - singing in a farm whilst on a ford tractor, and drinking fresh cow's milk. He is first shown as a tru follower of Data Guru untill he finds his true identity and seeing this as a threat Data Guru shoots him but Dharmendra is back on his feet to sort business. Akshay Kumar and Karishma play their 'love' scenes and Karishma plays Dharmendra's only loving sister, whilst Akshay is actually the son of Data Guru and brother to Gulshan Grover! Not such a nice performance by the pair except from a nice little song in the jungle - judge for yourselves! Dharmendra livens up the screen with his big presence while the comic duo Shakti Kapoor and Kader Khan play tricks on each other.

Khatron Ke Khiladi

excellent, brilliant - what more can i say?! Dharmendra, Sanjay, and Chunkey Pandey play excellent roles which truely give this film the edge!
***SPOILERS*** ***SPOILERS*** ***SPOILERS*** A must see for all action and comic fans. An indian cross over of Batman, and other caped crusaders. Dharmendra plays the part of the caped crusader in this film 'Teesree Adalt' (third law). The story revovles around the life of Dharmendra, a poor, trustworthy Sikh Jatt (you can just about make out the picture of Guru Gobind Singh Ji in his house) married to a Hindu woman. And he has the job of all typical Sikh Jatts, a truck driver. He has three roles - Balwant Singh- the truck driver, a rich citizen, and Tesree Adalt. His brother is killed in fornt of his eyes and reporting to the police he finds himself behind bars as the inspector is part of the gang who kill Dharmendra's brother. To cover all possible clues the gang also burn down Dharmendra's house with his pregnant wife in it. But his Wife's friend is burned while his wife chucks herself out and is found by a couple who happen to be walking by. Dharmendra escapes prison and thinks his wife is burned to death and seeks revenge by cutting off the arm and leg of both leaders of the gang, and then runs away from it all. While this takes place Dharmendra's wife gives birth to twins, and is told that the police thinks Dharmendra is dead and so she leaves one child behind and runs off. This takes place some 20 years ago and in the present time Dharmendra is a rich citizen while his wife is a mad woman dependent on her eldest son Sanjay Dutt. Chunkey Pandey is the son of a police inspector not knowing he had been left by his mother. Dharmendra ahs sworn on his wife's and son's lifes(who he thinks are dead)that he will wipe out all gangsters who escape prison. The storyline is excellant, Chunkey Pandey helps his 'dad' catch criminals so he can be promoted (his number one priority is Tesree Adalt his own dad!) while Sanjay steals expensive jewellery off people for Shakti Kapoor so he can afford his mother's treatment which is only available in America. The end is an happy one, the family is reunited but Dharmendra goes to jail.

Katilon Ke Kaatil

Excellent action adventure film with comic scenes, Dharmendra and Amjad Khan once again battle it out!
An excellent film for all the family. Put your feet up and enjoy!The film includes Bruce Lee look a like, a pro-wrestler appearance, many special guests, and many other movie spoofs. Although full of great stars, this film does tend to get a little typical in places, but you won't notice that as you'll be too busy enjoying yourself! The story is basically about two brothers (Dharmendra and Rishi Kapoor) being separated at birth. Thier father is killed by the notorious bandit Black Cobra (Amjad Khan). Dharmendra loses his memory, Rishi Kapoor is raised by a pickpocket theif, and the mother spends her time searching for them. The film sees great laughs and plots throughout (especially with Dharmendra and Zeenat Aman), the younger son is first reunited with his mother, then comes Dharmendra, and the only reason for this is that they are all after one thing - a golden deity saped like a chariot. Both the sons are unaware they are actually in their real mother's home. Dharmendra wants to steal it for Zeenat Aman, whilst Rishi wants to steal it for wealth. Through a considerable amount of laughter you'd want to press rewind on your vcr set and see it all again!


A uniquely excellent Dharmendra movie, this is Bollywood at it's best!
If you're looking for a good night in, a boast, or maybe just a good larf, this is THE movie for you! All age groups will love it and you'd want to watch it over and over. Dharmendra and Hema do an excellant performance (whilst maintaining their passion) and a little appearance from Shammi Kapoor livins up the film abit. The film starts off with a little 'Mask Of Zorro' style genre, Dharmendra is dressed in a cape and sets off to save a young girl. Dharmendra is a mischevious lad in this film who is living with his bhabee. His name is Ashok (Azaad) and goes around villages helping others and giving little 'freddom speeches' while creating havok. He then comes across a princess (Hema Malini) who has set a farm on fire, Dharmendra beats up the princesses guards which leads to his bhabee leaving. Instead Dharmendra leaves and reaches his bhabee's brother's house where he lives with his sister. He soon realises he's in the region of the princess (Hema) and a little hilarious intro starts his stay off. He finds a job at a beer factory which is owned by Hema, but this is just a plan for her to get her own back, and so she does by making Dharmendra ride a drunken horse (without him knowing), but Dharmendra returns and captures the princess and makes her live like a tramp but being clever Hema chucks him into a well. To get a taste of her own medicine she is pounced upon by a tiger but Dharmendra saves her, they fall in love. The film goes on to show other plots but that would be destroying the fun for you, you have to see it to have loads of laughs! My fav parts are the beginning (Dharmendra dressed like Zorro), Dharmendra swinging through the tress while singing to 'Mein Azaad' and Dharmendra rading the princesses camp before kidnapping her (alot of laughs in this part). Trust me you'll enjoy this one, excellent and enjoyable for all the family!

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