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Low budget masterpiece
If this movie had bigger budget and more famous actors I bet it would end up in top 100. Highly recommended for all SF, Cyberpunk and Action fans. Very unique story and action.


A good but not great movie
I am no X-men movies or superhero movies fan. I watched all previous Xmen and Wolverine movies and they were OK to me.

This is a movie with no satisfying introduction or ending. There is a lot of good and funny dialog in it but sometimes it is out of the place. The bad guys are easily the worst part of the movie. There is no single memorable villain in it. Action scenes are good but kinda repetitive. There were few times that I could feel that audience in cinema was bored. Overall, it is a good movie more focused on drama then action. I must say the IMDb rating is a way too high. Fairly should have be around 7.5-8.

Mad Max: Fury Road

Insane, must-watch movie
I would say 80% of this movie is insane no CGI action. Its brutal, visually stunning masterpiece backed with sound of constant war-drumming and heavy metal guitar. Plot is minimalistic but decent fitting well wide desert setting. I had feeling I was watching war movie where people would easily go insane in chaos of battle. There is no Oscar winning acting here for sure, but every actor deliver pretty good. There was no boring moments here. Every character was unique in its own way. I was not fan of the first three movies so I had no any hype for this one.

A must watch movie, cant really compare it to anything similar.


After Death Note and Code Geass, I finally found another show worth calling amazing.

Starts slow and immature. But soon plot develops great as well as the characters and their relations. Amazing and very realistic characters. Great plot. Great sound and animation. Very emotional. I was skeptic when heard that this show was about time travel but it exceeded all my expectations. It's amazing and must watch show. Consider that I gave 10 starts for this show and I am very hard to get impressed. 9 of 10 movies or series I watch I'll probably consider boring, stupid or simply bad but this one is simply amazing.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Not better then the last one
This movie is weak. I heard rumors that it is great, but I was disappointed when I saw it. Again, much of the story has been cut off, like some parts vitally important for the sequel. Voldemort's flashbacks which are the most interesting thing in the book has been seriously reduced. We didn't find out nothing about Voldemort's family and very little about his personality. Snape, who is very important character in this sequel was to little used and some of them like Moody and Scrimgeour were not used at all. Action scene at the end has been cut off and Dumbledore's end badly changed. Harry's relationship with Ginny is not long enough developed and badly presented. Young Riddle is acted badly, Alan Rickman casting Snape is to old, Ginny is not pretty at all ,as well as Lawender Brown. I don't know why Harry Potter movies can't be longer, at least 3 hours long, most of people wouldn't have problem with that. At least they should put extra part on DVD.

Fans will not be satisfied again. Maybe amused for a while, but not satisfied.

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