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Four Christmases

This movie is unbearable
This wasn't funny or romantic. Not even in a cheesy way.

The only good thing was that it confirmed for me that I do not enjoy any movie with Vince Vaughn in it. I now know to avoid those. Good to know.

Father Christmas Is Back

Too over the top
I realise this is meant to be cheesy and over the top, but this was just too much. I could not get into it. I hadn't seen any of the cast in anything big lately, I guess they needed the money or something.

Happiest Season

Worse than I expected
For some reason, based on some of the actors in it, I thought this was going to be more of a parody of the Hallmark Christmas movie, with a gay angle. But no, it's just a cheesy Christmas movie with lame humor (or what I think was meant to be humorous) and a predictable ending.

Sure, the mom and dad in this movie are actors you would expect in a movie like this. Not that Kristen Stewart or Alison Brie are the greatest actors out there, but I wouldn't have thought they would lend themselves for this. Maybe they needed the money or something.

So no, this is not good. Only watch if you want to see a lot of classic red and green American Christmas decorations.

Richard Jewell

Great movie
Based on true story done well. This is one of those films where you have Google open in the next tab to look up what really happened. Only to find that, unfortunately, many things are in fact true and not dramatized. Great acting by all main characters.


Not that great
This is just unpleasant to watch for various reasons. Firstly, the acting is not that great. Main character has one facial expression, eyes and mouth wide open. Mother of main character is a cliché, over the top manic person.

Secondly, it's kind of predictable. The main character makes poor decisions, and you can see what's going to happen right from the start. You immediately know a party is going to get out of hand, for example. The poor decisions make it hard to watch, but the predictability is worse.

Finally, while I'm sure the American system is bureaucratic and flawed (I'm not from the US, but it's probably not much different where I live in Europe), the main character often seems entitled. Even though she says thank you with a deadpan face all the time. It's not everyone's fault you got into trouble, people are trying to help. But because of how the contradictions in the welfare system are repeatedly mentioned, you do get the feeling you're watching propaganda. It's also very obvious they wanted to showcase all forms of abuse, highlighting a different type in each episode. That gives off an educational or informative vibe, rather than a drama show. Sometimes, the different forms of abuse are literally spelt out for the viewer (yes, I understand there is more than just physical abuse, thank you).

Maybe it's just hard to watch that life is rough for many people and generational problems are real, either way it's not a pleasant watch, but it doesn't make you sympathise either. The main character also keeps refusing help from qualified people, which I'm sure of often the case in real life for people who live in poverty. But it's quite frustrating to watch. I suppose that makes it realistic.

The English Patient

Not for me, way too long
I'm on a Ralph Fiennes kick, so I had to watch this one too of course. For some reason, the film never appealed to me. I guess my gut feeling was right. While I normally like stories like these, I cannot stand any movie longer than 2 hours. Preferably not longer than 1.5 hours.

This just took too long for me. And then I get distracted and miss important elements of the story.

But I can see how people with an attention span longer than that of a toddler enjoyed this.

The Constant Gardener

Ralph Fiennes plays this kind man well
After watching Ralph Fiennes in Maid in Manhattan on Netflix, I knew I had to find something in which Ralph could redeem himself, because that movie was awful. I think I found it, I loved they way he played a kind, gentle and polite man. A true diplomate. The type of man who doesn't speak up, unlike his wife. His garden is his escape. But he turns out to be very persistent when he needs to. The movie has a very important story and message as well.

As an aside, I wish I met the love of my life the way the main characters meet each other.

Maid in Manhattan

So bad, that only one bad joke made me laugh
This movie was just bad. It's the type of movie you watch during a flight, when it doesn't matter if you doze off for parts.

There was one cheesy, almost unnoticeable joke that made me laugh. There is a scene where we cut to Marisa and the butler, just as she is saying that he needs to make sure maintenance gets over there with a plunger, while she calls the pharmacy to see if they have something... for that. The fact that this made laugh says so much about how boring this movie is.

Bob Ross: Happy Accidents, Betrayal & Greed

Too slow to get to the point
There's a lot of sighing and silences before just simply saying what happened. I would have liked this to be more to the point.

Django Unchained

I really only liked one scene
I watched the whole thing, but I only liked one scene; the scene with the horse raid.

Jackie Brown

The Tarantino film for non-Tarantino fans
I absolutely loved this film! I'm not normally a Tarantino fan, I didn't even enjoy Pulp Fiction (although I will not say this in public). But this one I really liked. I like how it's kind of slow and how you really get a sense on where the characters stand in life. It's all so subtle and with great attention for detail. But there are still enough surprising moments to keep you wanting to see more and find out how it all unfolds.

Barney's Version

Perfect combination of a life story with a uncertain element
I have not read the book, but I think I will do that as well.

I really enjoyed this story of a flawed man with a drinking problem. Sure, you wonder how he gets the women that he gets and that he even maintains relations with the people around him, but realistically, a lot of people like that have all sorts of relationships.

And then there's the element of wanting to know what happened to his friend, that keeps you wondering until the very end.

The acting in this was just great. Everybody, was just so good, the main characters of course, but also others, like father in law of the first bride, the daughter, or the actress in the soap.

I really enjoyed this.

The Woman in the Window

You can tell the story is incomplete
So, I just watched this not knowing there was a book as well. But as I was watching, I realised there must be a book, because a certain points the story doesn't make sense and the logic or reasoning behind certain actions are missing. Then at the end, that become even more apparent, because everything is sort of explained by the detective, simply because otherwise the viewer would not have understood.

I'm all for judging book-based films on their own merits, but the film does need to make sense from start to end. This film does not.

Great acting though.


A likeable main character, despite ego and addiction
Let me start by admitting I (1980, living in the Netherlands) had never even heard of Halston, and was not aware of how big of a name he was in fashion. And I do have somewhat of an interest in fashion, so I was surprised that I was so unaware of him and his brand.

It is an art to portray someone as a likeable person, even though this person may also have a dark, or not so pretty side to them.

Halston may have had some issues, but he was still loved by many. And Ewan was able to get that message across. This could have easily become a nasty character, who you would think deserved their downfall. But no, we're still on his side as a viewer. That was done very well.

I think the only character that may not have come across as well-rounded is Victor Hugo. After reading up on him, he allegedly has done some despicable things, according to many around Halston. But I wonder if he was the only one to blame, perhaps they should have showed the good side of Victor a bit more as well.

The Serpent

Accents aside, I loved this.
This is one of those shows that you watch with Wikipedia and the internet on the side to google all the people and events.

Yes, watching this as a Dutch person, the Dutch spoken by the English native speaker was truly hard to understand. I can only imagine they opted for this, to not have the majority of dialogue in English with a strong Dutch accent. After all, most viewers will not be Dutch. It doesn't bother me too much. Just like the weird French accent does not bother me.

I also seem to be the only one who absolutely loved that it was not chronological at all. It would have been much less exciting, and I enjoyed how we were drip-fed information. Great choice.


That was a bank holiday well spent
This was done so well! Loved all the acting, of course David Tennant was great, but everybody else was very good too, the writer, the detective, all were really good. I will be looking up things they were in as well.

I also liked that although this is about some awful murders and horrific events, we do not get to see much, it's not too graphic, I'm glad we did not get to see any cut up bodies etc. I can imagine it's a little too dry for those who are looking for more action. For me, this is exactly how I like these types of stories.

I am not from the UK and I was young when this all happened, so I was watching this, reading wiki simultaneously. All in all, a lovely Easter.

Honest Thief

I was hoping for some exciting bank robberies
I like a good heist. But this entire story starts when all the heists have already taken place. Instead you get some car chases and shooting fights. I do not care for those. Weak story as well. And Liam Neeson being Liam Neeson. Not a fan.

Vår tid är nu

Predictable, but enjoyable nonetheless
The main takeaway of this show is that not all Swedes are blonde!

I am enjoying this, although I admit that being from The Netherlands, I partly watch to compare Swedish to Dutch. Interesting. The other day I heard them sing a Dutch happy birthday tune in Swedish, I had no idea that had the same song.

Yes, it's predictable and slightly soap-like at times, and some characters have become caricatures (although, interestingly enough, there's two people who have switched, one being the good guy changing into the bad guy, and vice versa). It follows the success recipe of romantic storylines, ongoing family trouble and always one lighter, funny storyline per episode.

What I really like is the big jumps in time, where in other shows certain storyline would have ben spelled out till the very end, here it suddenly stops and we are 5 years down the line, and what happened before is explained in a brief conversation or a shot of something. I like that, because often it would have been obvious.

But what is up with that filter? It's as if they're in a permanent dust cloud!


Awful. This is the last time I follow Netflix' recommendations
This is just terrible. Bad acting, bad costumes, not historical in the slightest. Do not watch this if you thought it was going to be like downton abbey or the crown.

The Next Three Days

Action movie without the action
I do not like action movies and this is the type of story that could have easily turned into one. Instead, it's kind of slow. Maybe it was a little too long, but I like how we closely follow the main character's development.

I guess it was a little too slow for some, because I see people raise questions that were definitely answered in the film (like, how does the grandfather know they went to Venezuela, or the issue with the Canadian coins, etc.). Of course there are some unrealistic elements too, but either way, I enjoyed this.


I would have rather had a season 3 of Mindhunter
Apparently, David Fincher did not have time to do both Mindhunter and his passion project Mank. So now I'm left with an unfinished Netflix series, right when the story starts to unfold, and a movie that couldn't hold my attention.

Now You See Me

I didn't like this Harry Potter movie
I'm sure it's all me, but I don't even understand the explanations of the robberies and transactions. Sure, they give explanations, but these explanations are so unrealistic, why give them at all?

It seems that I've watched a teen/children's movie targeted at an audience whose brain hasn't fully developed yet.

The Front Runner

Simple plot, but important topic
I like this type of movie. It's not about complex storylines or plot twists, but it simply presents a real life situation and raises some questions. I like movies that make me Google what happened at the time.

Hugh Jackman was very convincing in his role as quick-witted politician/ladies' man. I did not pay attention to most of the other actors though.

The Score

I'm not usually the one who sees through a film straight away. I often don't get who is with who and I'm easily distracted so I sometimes miss things like that. So if I can even see what's coming from miles away, it's not good.

Predictable plot twist is a contradictio in terminis, but it's what's applicable here. Nevertheless, still enjoyed watching how it all played out.

Love, Rosie

Weak Four Weddings and a Funeral wannabe
Even including a quirky short haired red head side character. This was all just a little off. But ok for a rainy Sunday afternoon.

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