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  • I heard about this film from "Kim Newman's Video Dungeon" feature in Empire.

    Normally he gets to sort through the straight-to-DVD trash that most (or some) would rather leave to others. However, his "dungeon breakout" selection of the month is always worth a look. This is one such example and is a highly ambitious film that was bizarrely "shitcanned" by LionsGate Films. Especially since they're about to release Saw 5(!)

    I feel the whiff of corporate defecation amidst!? Anyway! Sorry back to the review:

    Great acting, grizzled new frontier dialogue, thought provoking overtones of "injun" racism and amazing vista shots of 1800's Dakota plains. Plus a "beastie" that preys on all of them!

    Okay, so yes maybe it's contains some horror. but at it's heart is a great epic. Highly recommended and a lot more related to "good country for old men" or "The Proposition" than "the Thing" or "Tremors". But if you expected a trashy "short sharp shock" horror movie then don't say I didn't warn you.. p.s. this is NOTHING like tremors! :P