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Wicked Game

Great fight scenes
Let me tell you, I buy and watch movies based on good fight scenes and dont really mind a bad story if the action is good. Well when I found out that Koichi Sakamoto of Drive fame was the action director, I had to get this movie. I was not dissapointed by the action and stunts ( you can see how painful some of them would have been for sure),what I was dissapointed in was the screen quality, it was not shot on a normal movie camera and looks like it was done on home video camera which was tough to watch. Also some of the dialogue should have been written better ( as Guile always calls Billy Ray, Billy Ray where he could just call him Billy instead) But all in all if you are a martial arts fan and enjoy good fight choreography and entertaining stunts, you could do alot worse

Mortal Kombat: The Journey Begins

Waste of time
First of all, I'll start by saying that I'm a huge Mortal Kombat fan so I got this thinking it would be pretty good. Well I'll tell ya, this was brutal, well its not so much the story that is bad but the animation and the art. The art is some of the worst I've seen in an animated video and the computer graphics is cheap and the fights repeat the same moves alot. This looked like it was a cheap and lazy attempt to get Mortal Kombat out everywhere and milk the name. The thing that I liked was the Making of Mortal Kombat:The Movie at the end of the video.

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