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By the Sword Divided

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I didn't catch the first series but I caught the second and thought it was great. The scenery, costumes, music everything was fantastic and that's all before the storyline itself!

I think it was the actors that really hooked me though. Charles I at his trial was awe inspiring. His voice, his expression, his posture, even the way he moved his eyes was regal. When Tom Lacey confronted Sir Ralph it ripped my heart out but when he made the comment to Lady Francis "you don't have a mother." it was hilarious.

They were all fabulous in this series, my list would be endless if I named them all.

Also very historically accurate and informative. The trial and the witchburning episodes in particular.

I've been trying to find VHS of both 1 & 2 as well for several years now and no luck. sigh wistfully...

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