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Underrated and a must-see
First of all l feel l should start by saying l am not a fan of director Neill Blomkamp. l thought District 9 was a horribly directed snooze-fest and l still stand by my opinion on that. I ever got around to watching Elysium even after a lot of glorifying recommendations from everybody including my mother, who'd seen it on HBO and claimed it was "fantastic"

I decided to check Chappie out despite the bad reviews that l read simply because l'm a sucker for AI movies (also Hugh FREAKING Jackman). I'm happy to report I was pleasantly surprised by this solid thought provoking film.

Now that being said the film has it's downsides. The direction and camera work were unremarkable and uninspired as expected from Blomkamp. quite a lot of unnecessary camera shake combined with a ridiculous amount of cuts.The film however does not suffer too much from this as the story pulls you in immediately. Furthermore Discount Lady Gaga and Discount Chester Benington are among the most annoying characters put to film and l suspect the reason why so many people disliked Chappie. Even though they hardly appeared in the trailer or any promotional material they are very much in the spotlight the whole time. That being said they either grew on me at some point or l just developed some sort of tolerance for their annoyance. The reason for putting up with all of this was undoubtedly Chappie. The character is amazing, funny and lovable and l couldn't help but giggle like a little girl every time he spoke. It is amazing to watch him grow and evolve. As for the other actors both Hugh Jackman and Slumdog Millionaire delivered. Sigourney Weaver wasn't really given much to do in the film.

The story is amazing and l don't want to spoil any of it beyond what the synopsis and trailers have revealed so l won't say anything apart from this: The ending seamed a bit love it or hate it but l land on the first of those and l think there may even be room for a sequel considering the applications know..(if you don't know watch the movie!)

Anyway this is one solid film and fans of the genre will definitely enjoy it. While definitely not better then Ex Machina it's unquestionably up on the list of best movies of 2015.


We need more movies like this
After being told repeatedly by what seem like the entire world that Snowpiercer is a must see, I finally got around to watching it today. I can honestly say this is one of the best movies in the post-apocalyptic and dystopian genres to come out in recent history.

I understand that a lot of people had problems with the ending and l also think it could have been handled differently but in the end l don't think it takes away too much. That being said the ending is the main reason I've given this film 8 stars instead of 10.

Everyone gives a great performance in this film. l genuinely hated Tilda Swinton's character(even though she truck me as a bit of a one-dimensional, generic villain) and was rooting for captain America till the end. Even though l probably would have made a different choice in the end. Then again that's why he's the hero of the story and not me. The cinematography and camera work is superb, the director manages to communicate a lot to the audience trough simple camera work and framing and not just trough dialogue. Most of the characters a fully fleshed out and have very interesting arcs and motivations.

All in all Snowpiercer is surprisingly good movie and l believe it will be a great watch for everyone, if you don't mind the ending that is. Also don't watch any trailers just go for it because it's just that good.

The Hurt Locker

Where do l start
OK it is perfectly clear that the academy was just trying to say "in your face Cameron". and yeah they kinda did. The only way the academy can do that-by giving Best Picture of the Year to a god awful movie.

l mean come on! apparently they have no clue on what a realistic war movie is supposed to look like. First off, the movie is filled with so many inaccuracies like the main character taking off all of his gear upon seeing a car filled with explosives and latter being punched by a guy with a lower rank. Both of them are done for right then and there. moreover that same idiotic protagonist travels all the way across the town to a house he thinks is the house of a kid he befriended only to find him self threatening an innocent guy with a gun and then being yelled at by an old woman. So he just walks all the way to the base without being noticed by anybody.

l can go on forever with these stupidities but there's more to this movie than just a completely unbelievable plot. all the scenes were shaky and the camera movement was incredibly annoying. l could barely stand watching these wonky camera shots. THEY INVENTED SOMETHING CALLED A STEADYCAM YOU KNOW! And there were more crew members visible than ever before.

So yeah sucky script wonky camera shots and zero character development. Just what you'd expect from an academy award winning movie.

this just goes to show how WRONG the academy's idea of a good movie is and how the Oscars really don't matter

Clash of the Titans

What is up with that 3D
This was just the worst 3D l have ever seen. Who ever made it should be fired. sometimes the characters were 4 ft long. it was just awful. l watched most of the scenes with my glasses off and it looked much better. As for the movie. l never saw the original one but l am planing to. it was awesome good action and all. some funny moments. As a whole a typical Hollywood movie. Sam may have done one two many movies tho. He plays the same character over and over in all of his movies. anyway this movie is good to watch but not in 3D. Just better wait for the DVD to come out or just go to a non-3D theater. l'm giving it a 9 out of the awesome action and that Achilles jump outside of Medusa's lair. People who say the original movie was better really don't know what they're talking about. The makers just excluded some parts of the first movie that's all.

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