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Malcolm in the Middle

horrible, stupid and ridiculous
This is one of the most horrible shows I have ever seen! It replaced a show I love on ABC, which is bad enough, but the actual show is stupid too. The theme song makes no sense, the characters are unrealistic, and nothing happens in the plot.

The show is not worthwhile to watch. I personally think it should be canceled.

The show pretty much follows some brothers and their father and mother (who are incredibly annoying). some of the brothers are young, some are already out of college or something. it's really hard to follow because the scenes completely skip around.

Baby for Sale

lovely, touching movie!
*!* Spoilers Ahead *!*

Baby for Sale is the true story of a couple, Natalie and Steve Johnson, who cannot get pregnant. They keep trying, but with no luck. They finally decide to turn to adoption. They find out that it could take years to adopt a baby, and Natalie signed up for an online adoption site. A few hours later, she received an email with a photograph of a hungarian child, Gitta, who needed parents. Natalie automatically fell in love and convinced Steve that they should meet Gabor Szabo, the man who is trying to get Gitta adopted. They met with him, and so starts the story of babyselling. Szabo had promised the baby to several families, and was trying to find the couple that would give him the most money for the adoption. Steve and Natalie are approached by another couple who were actually FBI agents who have been working on baby selling cases for years. Natalie and Steve joined in a sting and after catching Szabo, had to work to actually be able to adopt Gitta. Of course, they ended up adopting Gitta and the story ended on a happy note.

The acting was all very good, the story was great, and the movie was altogether enjoyable to watch.

The Golden Girls

Wonderfully funny for most ages!
Until about 2 years ago, I hadn't even heard of this show, but when I started watching Lifetime, I started watching it more, and now I love it!

**Possible Spoilers ahead**

The show follows 4 women: Dorothy Zbornak, a sarcastic (substitute)teacher who has little luck with men; her mother, Sophia Petrillo, a tell-it-like-it-is woman who has a never ending supply of "Picture it...Sicily...19-something" stories; Rose Nyland, a clueless but lovable woman who always has advice to offer which begins with "Back in St. Olaf" ; and Blanche, a woman who considers herself the beautifulest of them all, and who everyone else considers the sluttiest of all of them. Sophia, Rose, and Blanche Deveraux had buried their husbands, Salvador, Charlie, and George years before, and Dorothy's husband, Stan, left Dorothy for a much younger woman years before.

Things that happen to the girls include Blanche and Dorothy appearing on a talk show where they are incorrectly labeled as lesbians; Rose nearly marrying a midget; Rose unknowingly having an affair with a married man who ends up dying in her bed; Sophia going on dates with a man and his wife, who is dying and wants to find a suitable second wife for her husband; Blanche finding out that her brother is gay; and Rose accidentally placing an ad for Dorothy in the Personals instead of the Employment section that says that Dorothy "will do anything for 8 dollars an hour".

The show is fun to watch, but to truly enjoy the show, you need a good understanding of all of the characters.

The show is not appropriate for children, as there is a lot of sexual language and themes, but for teens and adults, it is funny and interesting.

Freaky Friday

hilarious and well done!
This movie is incredibly good! The characters are likable and believable. Lindsay Lohan did a great job of acting as an adult, and Jamie Lee Curtis did an even better job of acting like a teen!

**spoilers ahead**

This movie tells the story of a mother and daughter who don't really get along. The teen, Anna, is rebellious and in a rock band, and completely the opposite of Tess, her very organized mother. While at a Chinese Restaurant, they are fighting and the owner comes up and gives them a fortune cookie, which they eat. The next morning, Anna and Tess have switched bodies, and they have to live in the lives of each other. Anna comes to understand that her mother lives a tough life, and Tess understands that being a teen isn't as easy as it seems. In the end, they switch back and understand how much they mean to each other.

The only thing I didn't like in the movie, was Jake. While his character was fine, it was embarrasing to watch him and the mother.

Finding Nemo

cute and fun!
I loved this movie! The animation was fantastically done, and it was just fun to watch. The characters were very funny and they all had lines that make you laugh. There were even a few parts where I almost cried, like at the beginning when all the fishies die except one, and at the end when Marlin and Nemo are back together because it was so sweet. I recommend everyone to watch it, no matter what age you are!

**Spoilers ahead**

Marlin and his wife, 2 clown fish, move to a new area to live. A shark comes and kills the wife, and all of their eggs except one, who's fin he injures. Flash forward some amount of years. Marlin is now incredibly overprotective of his child, Nemo. on the first day of school, Nemo goes off as a way of rebellion to a ship and he gets "fish-napped" by the divers of the ship. So, Marlin goes off in search of him, meeting up with some very interesting characters, such as Dory, a very forgetful fish, and a group of sharks who are in what you could call "Fish eaters Anonymous". Marlin and Dory also meet a group of turtles who speak like the stereotypical CA surfers. In the end, it takes a lot of working together, and Marlin and Nemo are reunited.

Agent Cody Banks

Not too bad, not too good.
I missed it when it came out in theatres, but I rented it and watched the DVD. It was pretty interesting, though not one of the best things that Hilary Duff and Frankie Muniz were in. I loved all the extras that were on the DVD. There were parts in the movie that I was cracking up in and parts that I didn't really like. 6.5/10.

Lean on Me

Actually pretty good!
I watched this movie in class because our substitute was obsessed with inspirational movies that are about possibility. It was actually pretty good! I liked it and so did most of the rest of the class. I give it about a 6/10. And it was very cool that it was actually a true story! I recommend it to most ages.

Max Keeble's Big Move

Umm, it was ok.
First of all, I just want to point out that this movie is for kids younger than 12 probably. So you can't expect adults to love it. I wanted to watch it in the theaters, but i missed it and 2 years later, I rented it. I thought that the story line was really cute, but not very well acted. Of the main characters, Alex Linz (Max) was the only one that gave a good performance, the others sounded kind of fake. I didn't really like his friends, Megan and Robe. One of my favorite things about the movie was that they brought Adam Lamberg in, if only for a few seconds. Orlando Brown gave a great performance as a greedy, money snatching bully. I wouldn't watch it again probably, but I would recommend it to kids under the age of twelve.

Big Wolf on Campus

My absolute favorite show of all time!!
Big Wolf On Campus is about the best show of all time!! At first, I would see commercials about it and think "That must be the stupidest show ever!". But then I watched it and totally fell in love!! It's hilarious and fun to watch. I guess it might not be for really young kids cause there are some 'scary moments' in it, but anyone like 10 and up would probably love it!!! I totally recommend it!!!

It's about Tommy, the captain of the football team and most popular kid in school and how he turns into a werewolf. He makes friends with Merton, a geek, and then Lori, who thinks his 'wolfing out' is really cool.

Unfortunatly, it is not showed on TV anymore, but when it comes back, I will be glued to the TV!

You Wish!

I really loved it!!!!!!
You Wish was a really fun movie! I had a lot of fun watching it. I was already a big fan of AJ Trauth from Even Stevens, Lalaine from Lizzie McGuire, and Spencer Breslin from The Santa Clause 2, but now I like them much more. This movie is about a teenage boy, Alex who is incredibly annoyed at his younger brother, Stevie, makes a wish that he was an only child. The wish comes true and now he is very wealthy and the most popular boy in school. But he discovers that he is miserable because he misses Stevie and his best friends no longer want to have anything to do with him. So Alex and Abby (one of his old best friends) along with Terrence Russell McCormick (the movie star form of Stevie) try to figure out how to get Alex and Stevie’s old life back. Obviously, they succeed. I have already seen it a lot of times. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a funny film about brotherly love.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

I loved it!
As a great fan of the Harry Potter books, I was really looking forward to seeing the first Harry Potter movie. Well, I went to see it in the theaters a few weeks after it came out and I was not disappointed! It was very funny and true to the book. Most of the parts of the book were in the movie, and the parts that were left out did not hurt the movie at all. For anyone who has not read the book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone is basically about a boy, Harry, who discovers that he is a famous wizard goes to "Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry" and has to figure out who is trying to get at a secret package in the school. In the end, Harry comes to literally come face to face with the evil wizard that killed his parents and gave him a scar on the forehead. The movie has a very good cast...

Daniel Radcliffe as Harry... Emma Watson as Hermione (a friend of Harry)... Rupert Grint as Ron (Harry's best friend)......and too many more to mention.

One particular group of lines in the movie that I loved was:


Hermione: I'm going to bed before either one of you come up with another plan that will get us killed or even worse, expelled.

Ron: She has got to sort out her priorities! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It really is a great movie to watch for anyone who who enjoyed the books!

The Lizzie McGuire Movie

I loved it!!
This movie is above most that I have seen. It is fantastic, well acted and while not altogether realistic, lots of fun to watch. This movie is about a teenage girl, first introduced in a television series. Lizzie [Hilary Duff] messes up her graduation and is trying to live down the embarrassment. Her brother, Matt [Jake Thomas] isn’t much help: he taped the graduation and sent it in to CNN. Lizzie goes to Rome with her future principal, a MEAN woman named Ms. Ungermeyer [Alex Borstein]; and a small group of her classmates. Lizzie meets teen pop star, Paolo and is asked by him to impersonate his ex-singing partner, Isabella [also Hilary Duff] so they won’t get sued. Well, I won’t give away the ending, but lets just say the movie ends “on a high note for Gordo [Adam Lamberg]. Lizzie and Gordo find out where they stand with each other. Carly Schroeder (Melina), Ashlie Brillault (Kate) and Clayton Snyder (Ethan) come from the show onto the movie brilliantly and it goes for Hallie Todd and Robert Carradine (Lizzie’s parents), too. The movie ends with a brilliant performance by Isabella and Lizzie, with great singing and dancing by Hilary Duff. The only thing missing from this movie is Lizzie’s other best friend, Miranda [Lalaine] and she was once again excused by saying she was on vacation in Mexico City, as they had to do in the show a few times.

Overall, this is a great movie, and anyone who was captivated by the show, should see this movie. At the theater when I went to see it the second time, when everyone had left, my sister, cousin and I danced to the music that was playing in the credits. I want to own it as soon as it’s out on video.

The One

A good film for the most part!
I have seen this film four times, and I think it is a pretty good movie.

**Spoilers Ahead**

The movie is about Michael, a romantic chef, who daydreams about meeting the perfect girl, Jill, while he is in a restaurant. When he comes back to reality, he sends champagne over to her like he did in his daydream. After she receives the champagne, her fiance, Gordie Parks who just came in, comes over and punches Michael out, landing him in the hospital. Michael finds out that the girl of his dreams is actually named Gail, not Jill. Gordie finds out that Michael is a caterer and asks him to cater the wedding. Michael falls deeper and deeper in love with Gail, as he discovers that she is very much like him. Michael and Gail go shopping for everything for the wedding while Gordie hangs out with his hockey pals. Michael finally tells Gail that he loves her and she tells him that she is sorry; they can't see each other because everything is settled and she can't change her mind again. At the wedding, Michael interrupts when everyone is asked if there is no reason for them to be wed, and Gail finds out that Gordie really doesn't know much about her. Later on, Gail comes back and she and Michael start going out.

One thing that I didn't like is that in the movie, there is a lot of strong language that does not belong on family channels.

Double Teamed

For the most part, a good movie.
Though many people did not like this movie because the girls looked nothing alike, I actually liked that! It was easy to keep track of who was who, especially during the games. My sister thinks that they should have found two twins who were age 14-16, were really tall, and identical. I disagree, because when producers pay too much attention to looks, and not acting, the movies stink. This movie, on the other hand, was interesting to watch, and easy to follow. I was disappointed that I could barely find Annie McElwain and Poppy Monroe in any other shows and movies, but I did see Annie in an episode of 7th Heaven, and I'm almost positive that I saw Poppy posing in a store ad for shoes or clothes or something! I've always thought of Mackenzie Phillips (the mom) as a good actress (she played in a great show, So Weird), and I felt she did a very good job in this movie, and so did Nick Searcy (the dad). I thought that the way they became friends with Nicky was great and pretty believable. I loved Zoe (Iyari Limon)'s enthusiasm! I really disliked the way the father, without any regard for what Heather and Heidi want, changed their schools.

And finally, I thought it was hilarious the way that the twins and Nicky flirted with Galen Alderman (Chris Olivero).

Lizzie McGuire

Lizzie McGuire is a great show! A lot of people here are saying bad things about it, but it is a really true show, for the most part. The guy who plays Gordo, Adam Lamberg, is 18 but he plays a great 14 year old. Also, he is an total HOTTIE!!!!!!!!! Hilary Duff is a great actress and a great singer! Lalaine, Hilary, and Ashlie Brillault are beautiful and their characters have awesome clothes!! Jo and Sam McGuire (Lizzie's parents) are really funny, especially in that part in "Dear Lizzie" when Lizzie asks them for advice and for them the heavens open up. Matt acts like a brat, but he is practically a genius, and Lanny is so cute (It's really funny when Sam tries to get him to talk) and Matt is the only one who can understand him. Melina and Matt make a great "couple".

The episodes are "realistic fiction" except for "Those Freaky McGuires", when Lizzie and Matt switch brains. Everyone says that Ethan Craft (Clayton Snyder) is real hot, but I think that he is just OK, not anything special, but his hair is real great! I also suggest Even Stevens for anyone who likes Lizzie McGuire!!!

The Other Me

This is my absolute fave movie that I have ever seen!!!!!! Andy Lawrence is a great actor as Will, but he is hilarious as Twoie, the clone! I was laughing at every single scene. I have seen the movie at least 20 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The guy who plays Chuckie, Brenden Jefferson, is pretty funny, and I liked how Scottie DeSota became friends with Twoie when they bonded about not having dads! Allana is really a brat, but in the end, she comes through!!!

I adore this movie, and anyone who likes to laugh hysterically should watch it. Also, notice that everyone who commented on this movie said it was great, and no one ragged on it.

Even Stevens

I really like this show!
Even Stevens is a show that you can really enjoy. Louis is really funny, and his best friends, Twitty and Tawny are lots of fun to watch. Ren is a perfectionist in a funny way. She has a calendar where she puts stickys about what she has planned, and on most occasions, it is jam packed!! Beans is funny because he is everywhere. He sneaks into the Stevens house very easily. Tom is a geek and he always is prim, proper, and beside his mother, Doris. Once in a while, Tawny and Louis go out, and they are as perfect a couple as Lizzie and Gordo on Lizzie McGuire!!!!!! The parents are most of the time entertaining!!

Seventeen Again

Great movie!!!
Spoilers Ahead:

Willie (Tahj Mowry) loves to do experiments and when one experiment goes bad, some of the mixture spills on a box of soap. Willie's grandparents, who are divorced and hate each other, come to visit and accidently use that soap. They both become 17 (they used to be 67) again, and decide to live life to the fullest this time around. Young Grandma Cat (Tamera Mowry looks just like Willie's older sister, Sydney (Tia Mowry, Tamera's twin sister) and they use that to get a boy that Sydney likes to like her, and the end result is that Grandma Cat and Grandpa Gene fall in love again, and once Willie finds a cure for the de-aging and the grandparents are 67 years old again, they begin planning a second marriage for Cat and Gene.

This is a great, great movie!

Smart Guy

Best show ever!!!!!!
I love this show and it is the best ever!! Tahj is the cutest kid ever--though the fact that he is now older than me makes it hard for me to call him a kid--and in almost all his movies and shows(Seventeen Again, Smart Guy, Hounded, Poof Point, Kim Possible) he plays a genius.

TJ is a ten year old genius who is put in tenth grade. He is an outcast because everyone thinks that TJ is making them look bad in comparison. Marcus (Jason Weaver), TJ's brother and his best friend, Mo (Omar Gooding, who is the brother of Cuba Gooding Jr.) are both failing high school and are really funny when they chase every cute girl in school.

Sister, Sister

Great show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love this show! It is funny, and Tia and Tamera are great! I liked Roger best, 'cause he is incredibly funny as he worships the twins. The only thing I didn't like was the way they said things in unison, except when they said, "Go Home, Roger!" Jackee Harry and Tim Reid are really funny as Lisa and Ray! My favorite episode was the pilot! This is a great show for kids, teens, and adults to watch!!

The Santa Clause 2

A wonderful movie
The Santa Clause 2 is an awesome film. It has a great cast, such as Spencer Breslin and Tim Allen. I found it hilarious and so did the rest of the audience. I recommend it for anyone from age 1 to age 500!! So, if you like the subject of Christmas, or just want to see a movie with these stars, watch The Santa Clause 2!!!!!!!

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