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Air America

crazy pilots r us
mel gibson and robert downey jr complement each other well in this simple comedy. it's not meant to be serious or tell a story, it's just there to make you feel good. together they bring off some great laughs.

Im Juli

from hamburg to istanbul... a crazy ride to true love.
another beautiful christiane paul movie. searching for their sun, juli & daniel travel to istanbul, only to find what they were looking for is in each other. along the way they encounter: a corpse in a trunk; a beautiful but crazy hungarian woman; a romantic truck driver; the murky danube; and an angel named melek. i'm really beginning to love german movies. they give something essentially human that i find missing in most glossy hollywood films.

Götterdämmerung - Morgen stirbt Berlin

thor's hammer
i love christiane paul and i thought she was quite beautiful in this film. she played the part of a very passionate historian working to save berlin from the nazi's final solution to the loss of the war and the occupation of berlin.

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