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WrestleMania 13

a Great Event on it own
I Don't What to Bash the Effort that the Wrestler Put in the 13th Wrestle Maina but if you Comapre it to the Wrestle Maina XII the Year Before and Wrestle Maina XIV the Year After but Wrestlemania XIII not the Greatness that a Wrestlemaina is

Like i said I Don't What to Bash the Effort that the Wrestler Put one of my Fav was the Austin/Hart Maitch the Sycho Sid/Undertaker WWF Title Mitch was a Great one

but Dispit those Great Maitch it was not a Great Wrestlemaina like ones in the Past and Todays

it Sorry Effort of a Wrestlemaina Event but on it own it a Great Event

Star Trek: Elite Force II

Better than the Frist
While i did Enjoy The Frist one This Far Out is Better Everything is Better from the Small to the Big Thigs And to Makes thigs better the Story n my view is good to be a Storyline for the Next Trek movie is you don't have Star Trek: Elite Force II Get it

Star Trek: Nemesis

One of The Best
After Seeing 6 of the Original Cast and 3 of the TNG Cast Seeing The Previews of This Made what to see the Movie Bad and After Seeing the Reviews i Could not Understand why they don't Like it and When i saw the Film i Think they are wrong. Star Trek: Nemesis By Far Ranks Close to the Top as one of the Best Trek Movie Close to First Contact and Wrath of Khan. I saw Nothing that World make me Upset. the Action was Great The bad Guy Shinzon (Tom Hardy) Was a Cool Bad Guy. It had the best Special Effects of the Trek Movie Series. It had a Great Story and it had no Rip off from Past Trek Movies. Will their will be a Star Trek 11 I Hope cues I Beleve that with the 4 Trek Serise and with Enterprise going they still have more Stories to Make and their be a Home Run Like First Contact and Wrath of Khan and in my view this is too Home Run

I Hope that Years later People Don't Say that Star Trek Nemesis is a Wrath of Khan Rip off but a Great Story to the Legend of Star Trek

Late Night with Conan O'Brien

a ok Late Night Show
I'm Glad This Show on Late Night cuse it wrold not last any outher time

I Like Conan O'Brien he funny a but the one thing i Don't Like is the Stuff that he dose that just turn me off

so for that it a ok Late Night Show

Lady Jane

A Nice movie
This Movie to me was good in 2 Ways 1.The famly Ties in this Movie that Make seeing this movie Really Cool 2 Patrick Stewart who did a Great Job in this Movie is My Fav Actor

It Had Great Acting Great Directing and overall a Great movie


Unfaithful You got that Right
Well i did not see this movie but my mouther did and what she saw in this movie the Plot was good to her but she thinks and i agree with her that the story wrold have better without the Nude stuff and the things that was their

If you love this type of movie Get it if you love this Type of Thriller Get it

But if you what to watch a Thriller without the Nude thing Don't get this

ME **out of ***** my Mom *** out of *****

Bud Abbott Lou Costello Meet Frankenstein

a True Horror/Comedy Classic
This Movie is a True Horror/Comedy Classics With The Abbott & Costello Comedy Duo and the Classic Horror Legend Makes A Great Movie. I also injoy the Behind The Movie on how the Movie was Made. I Recommend This Movie to anyone that like the Abbott & Costello Team or a Big Fan of the Classic Horror Legend.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The darkers Turtles
I have said in outher movies The frist is Always the Best

but this one Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1 is alittle a darker Movie than the outher 2 movies Just look at Raph

This is almost the Bigging of the Turtles kick Butt Ninja Style becuse thay Got their Butts Kick by Shredder

Anyway it was a Good Start of the Turtles Serise

Masters of the Universe

A Great Movie but it Has it Flaws
I Get Sick and Tired of the Stuff i Read Yes it Has it Flaws but it Ranks as a Great Movie of the 80s

One thing that Wrold have make the Movie better to the Viewers that it should have been released in 1986 a Year after the Cartoon Serise that Wrold have wrok out

but that ok i Love this movie for two reason 1 the Storylne wrok out Just Fine the last Battle

2 the Cast Frank Langella is the MVP of the Movie He Make a BAD Bad Guy. when the movie Ended and the credits Roll By and seeing the Skeltor thing Freak me out cuse in my Young Mind i thought He Said Something to me. that what made this Movie Good with me a

i like Dolph Lundgren as He-man Furture TV Stars Courteney Cox and Robert Duncan McNeill as Good looking 80s teen and with all the bad rap that They Good i felt that Jon Cypher and Chelsea Field as at their Best Playing Man-at-Arms and Teela

Overall it was not the Best but it had all the He-man Stuff that any he-man Wrold have like but but had it Flaws

no matter it Will Always be my Top Ten Movie of all Time

4 out 5 Stars

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Raiders of the Lost Ark
if i Could make me Top 3 in the Indiana Jones Series here how I world put it

1 Tie Raiders of the Lost Ark' and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

2 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Like any the nonstop Fun and great Stuff that they Find in any Movie

But i like the 1st and this cause it was not weird Temple of Doom was a little no i take that Back a lot Weird

It the Frist of the Serise where Indy is hired by the U.S. Government to find the Ark of the Covenant but their is a Rush when the agents of Hitler are also after the Ark

The Story is Great the Fun is Great this is a All time Classic

***** Out *****

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

the Last Crusade
if i Could make me Top 3 in the Indiana Jones Series here how I world put it

1 Tie Raiders of the Lost Ark' and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

2 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Like any the nonstop Fun and great Stuff that they Find in any Movie

But i like the 1st and this cause it was not weird Temple of Doom was a little no i take that Back a lot Weird

This movie Show the Story in Indy Past with his Father in his life Long search for the Holy Grail and Their battle to get their first with the Nazis

The Cast is great Harrison Ford has done a Great playing Indiana Jones Sean Connery is Funny as Heak as Indy Father And the rest of the Cast delivers

If they are going to make to 4th that ok with me but I World live at 3

***** Out *****

WCW Monday Nitro

The greasest WRESTLING Show Ever
I Don't Care what Anyone will say about Nitro This Show Rule Monday Night Wrestling from the Started to when WWF Got it act Toughter

i Enjoy this Show From the Wrestling to the Announcers Tony Schiavone (he along with Gold old JR is one is the Best Play by Play Men in the Game) Bobby The Brain Heannen to the Storys they Tell

it a Sham that the Terkey Vince McMahon Byes WCW and it just a one Man Show cuse the Bishoff and the Group got WCW and Stay on TNT the WWE Wrold be Gone and they Wrold of just been too Sweet.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Power Rangers A Great American Show
i was 11 Years old When The the Rangers Morph for the Frist Time

America Kids Loved it and at my Age i Loved it too so i Follow it

i loved the Cast they Had That Luch the Careers of Some and the Stories was Great

But what Turn me off was when they Started Change too much and now Seeing the Rangers of Today i must say it Sad to see how the rangers was and how much it has Change

that ok i missed about 5 Years wroth of Rangers from 1997 turbo to Last Years Wild Force and seeing what they Did look Cool so i think their doing ok.

Halloween Havoc

A Good Wrestling Event
I Enjoy This Event 11 matches NWA/WCW Styles Matches being top by the NWA Wrold Championship with Sting Vs. Sid Vicious

the Place did not Look Souled out but i think that the Fans got a Good Moneys Wroth and the Fans that bought

Jim Ross and Paul E. Dangerously(Paul Heyman) Did a Great Job Doing the play by Play

Overall it was a Great PPV

WWF in Your House 16: Canadian Stampede

a Good Wrestling Show
Before Brock Lesnar The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin Was Good their was Hart

Bret Hart

at the Time when WCW was winning the war With the WWF/E

the Main Storyline was Austin vs Hart USA vs Cananda and Heading into this PPV a 10 man Tag

It was not a long PPV Like the 4 Hours Wrestlemaina's like Today but the Wrestling Was Good 3 Undercard Maitches Dilever HHH vs Mankind Taka Michinoku vs Great Sasuke WWF Title Maitch Undertaker vs Vader

and the night Main Event Delever in a Big war Stone Cold Steve Austin Ken Shamrock Goldust and LOD vs Bret Hart Owen Hart Jim Nighthart The Bulldog and Brian Pillman

Over all with a Hour 4 Maitch event it was one of the Top Events of 1997


After Years of Bad Talking and Stuff The War of WWF and WCW can Not fight Each outher

When Vince Bought WCW to Me the WWF was not the Smae Again

i Saw this PPV and i was in All Seeing Wrestler that was never thought of Fighting each outher was unreal

but as Good as i thought it was it now know as the Start of a fail Storyline and is Still Fell today by the Flailing Thing that is try Today

Over all a Good PPV a Must See For all Fans of Wrestling


A Great Christian Movie
It's hard to think Why anyone world what to Put down Deceived I Loved Deceived for 3 reason's

1. with this movie I Have now seen all Andre Van Heerden Movies and I have to say he one of the Great Christian Director he dose a Great Job in making Deceived

2. The Cast. with Well know Names like Judd Nelson and Louis Gossett Jr they Did a Great Job Playing Their Roles and For the Rest my Fav is the Rev

3. The Story. when I first Saw a Preview for Deceived I thought it was a Alien Movie but I was Wrong when if you have not seen this movie im not telling you what it is but all I can say it show a Good and Freaky Christian Movie with a Story that I Think World Make a Great Preview of the Last days in my View I

it is a Must See Movie for Sci Fi and Christian movie Fans **** out of ****

Left Behind II: Tribulation Force

Loved it A Great Christian Flim
When I Saw the First Left Behind I loved it by the Great Job they did of the Start of the Tribulation from The first to This One I was Hoping that they Make More and I was Happy.

Set One Week After the Vanishing we see the Start of the Tribulation Force Buck (Kirk Cameron) Pastor Barnes (Clarence Gilard) Rayford (Brad Johnson)and Chloe (Janaya Stephens) as they try to Win Soles to Christ from The Antichrist Nicolae Carpathia (Gordon Currie) I Love This Movie for 2 Reasons

1.I have seen a lot of End Times Movies (Christian and non christian)and I Believe Gordon Currie in my View Gives a A Different view of The antichrist and with a Bad Guy their a Good Guy the Tribulation Force I Liked All of them They Gave Even More Then the First witch Makes my Smile

2.The Story. I have not read the Book Tribulation Force but my Mother has and from what see told me They Are Ideas that is used from the Book and I Think That What Best Selling Book Turn to Movie Should do and that what Makes this movie Good For me

it a Must See Movie and I Can't Weat for Left Behind 3

**** out of ****

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