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The Keeping Hours

Love, Loss and Forgiveness
This is a lovely, thoughtful movie about love, loss and forgiveness.

Beautifully filmed in a loving, slow paced way. It's a movie you just go into with no expectations and it finds a home within you.

Characterisations are well written and Sander Thomas is such a find as Jacob. Both Lee Pace and Carrie Coon are excellent in their respective roles.

I know that this is a movie I'll watch time and again. Subtle, soft and moving.


What a ride!
I've been waiting to see this film arrive since I happened to be staying at the same hotel as the film crew in South Africa when Revolt was being made back in 2014. Now the blu ray DVD has been released in Oz.

I have to admit that I was impressed with its production, design, cinematography, cgi and effects, soundtrack and especially the acting. For a small budget movie, they certainly made it look big budget to me.

Who can ever forget the amazing light that is found in South Africa. Such an incredible look to this movie that the director, Joe Miale and cinematographer took clear advantage of.

I'm not a great sci-fi buff, but I do like a good story line. Alien invasions have been done badly and very well and this movie is well done without exception.

The African bush is a character in itself and just enhances the scenes between the main protagonists, Lee Pace and Berenice Marlohe as they trek towards their destination. I'd completely forgotten that Jason Flemyng was in the movie also until he popped up on screen. A small, but unforgettable role.

Excellent performances from all the African actors as well as the main leads who bring this sci-fi/road movie together.

Loved the look of the aliens, even if they creeped me out. Brilliantly done CGI work there.

All in all, an enjoyable and interesting movie which I will enjoy watching again when the mood strikes.

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