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Just a Kiss

It could have been called...
Just A Kiss? It could have been called 'Surrealistic Fruitcake'.

Certainly a strange flick. Lots of big stars doing weird work in Manhattan, but certainly not up to normal standards. I can just see Woody Allen doing a face palm. Not a high point for director Fisher Stevens.

Not sure if it was about schizophrenia, or just a case of writers' discarded notes being made into a movie. Visually, a strange intermix of normal filming and painted-over frames, to look something like comic books.

Mildly entertaining, for all that.

Shows Tomei and Sedgwick in different kind of roles than their usuals.

Could have been a breakout role for Taye Diggs and sexy Marley Shelton, had the movie not totally bombed.

Worth a look if you like the offbeat.

The Girl from Petrovka

A good 'chick flick' and 'date movie', definitely worth seeing.
A romantic Tragedy with comic elements, this underrated early Goldie Hawn feature is set in Russia during the Cold War (a very serious and cynical place). Goldie's conflicted character, Oktyabrina, appears mostly as a silly young woman, beautiful but fickle. While she is very interested in older men, there are also signs that she has been deeply hurt by them. Through most of the movie she is a puzzle and a pain, especially to her co-star (Hal Holbrook as Joe, an older American journalist), who has trouble seeing through her carefree facade. What is wrong with her? Does she feel unworthy? Is she too jaded? Can she overcome her issues? Her behavior regarding willingness to risk and sacrifice is both fascinating and informative. But perhaps Soviet Russia is simply too brutal a place for love. Will Joe give up on her?

A good 'chick flick', this film also has interesting Cold War elements such as "official truth" (pravda) and the relationships between Oktyabrina's men which lead me to rate it as a 'date movie' also. Definitely worth seeing, this love story breaks the stereotype, showing a woman running from intimacy. Simultaneously, it examines the timeless question 'if you can't feel innocent, how can you fall in love?'

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