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You Me Her

Even Handed Character Developement
The writers refuse to cave in to letting Izzy choose one over the other, Making the series stick to they working on becoming a three party household where love is equal for all involved. Without this major plot the series becomes something else. Most viewers that have followed the series from the beginning seems to enjoy this chase of they all becoming a three parental household. The other characters do a nice job with side plots to balance the series out.

Supergirl: Menagerie
Episode 12, Season 4

James Comes Up Single Again...
So many viewers and maybe writers just can't stand to see him with any female characters in the series. I thought at many times there relationship was great. Just about all the romances seems a little forced, probably due to the writers letting some vocal fans and there particular views dominate what other less vocal fans like......I loved the sister and her cop gal pal.


They all found themselves
The thing I noticed about the film was that the long term couple had a different type of relationship before the lover entered their lives. It was apparent the way she showed very little emotions/support about his illness and his mom's passing. He seemed meek and she aggressive and distant, but I guess it worked for them.

Interesting how she became affectionate in the more traditional way with the lover as her role in life changes meanwhile he became more independent from her and started to assert himself in a more aggressive manner. There lives were coming to be the cliché norms from being with the lover, witch seems to be what the were both looking for.

She became a nurturer while he found responsibility in the more tradition role of the husband. The ending seems to be an easy answer, but I will not spoil it for you.

Talk to Me

Difficult Dialog..Spolers
I found this series to have some difficult dialog. Some of it would contradict itself in latter scenes. For example, She says I don't love you to Mitch then says I never did as if there affair had been going on for a long time yet the series showed it was no more than a few weeks if that plus she never even hinted to him that she was in love with him and one would have thought this was a no brainer. He even sas himself that she was just out fo the sex. We never really know why she, Clare was truly unhappy, all that is said is we sometimes have problems. Yet she was wrecked with guilt after the sex she had with Mitch. The never discussed anything at all. It seemed as if they Woody and Clare were supposed to be the perfect couple. In the end she says all she wanted was to feel special. But all through the series she says it was lust, nothing more. The guilt she felt far outweighed the issues at home which again we were never even shown what they were.

She never tells Mitch why she does not want more out of the relationship.

The other story of the sister bedding a student half her age did not develop. We never understand what happened to her pregnancy, We only see her leave her husband and close some blinds of who knows where. Did she actually go to jail. The third story was just comedic relief.

The Mob Doctor

A definite Hit
The pilot gives us quite a bit to chew on. Lots of action and suspense. I was impressed by how it developed and the pacing could not have been better. More than anything I really loved the acting by the lead actress Jordana Spiro. I must admit I am bias as she is good in anything she does. Her look and feel fits this show to a tee. There is also great acting from the rest of the cast, Wendy Makkenna and Zack Gilford, I also detect it will have a soft side to it as the action slows to do human stories along the way. You will enjoy seeing scenery of the Chicago that does not make into most films and television. Over all I feel this will be a strong drama series based on, yes, just the first episode. Watch and enjoy.

A Village Affair

In the end the right thing was done
SPOILERS....I watched this movie and found the actual love story different than most only because of the way the lover approached the wife. There was quite a bit not explained such as why the wife was really unhappy and why neither of them wife and the lover gave much serious thought of there actions until the end. I found the love they shared to be believable, but in a glass house kind of way. There were many side plots that went no where and I wondered if they were even needed. In the end I felt it was perfect of someone trying to put the Jeanie back in the bottle. But the husband was the one who really shined with his sacrifice and she then follows his lead. No one wants to admit the right thing was done in the end as one the lover was willing to put the kids through anything, including taking them overseas, never for once respecting the love they share with the father, just to make it work with the wife. I believe that the wife recognized the lover was not good for her family moving on from a separation. I actually liked the ending since neither parent will continue to live a lie, but compromised a workable solution for the future. Still recommended for a true story of sacrificing and compromising from a bad situation.


This has all the looks of something good...Spiolers
This is a good series, I found much to like about almost every thing. My first is for the camera work there has been none better that I have witnessed in a T.V. series before, with the lenses focused on the never ending beveled glass shots and characters through I would assume to be glass doors. It is very unique. The second major point is the quick dialog, not a lot of deep thinking scenes to take away the mood of the cases. Every thing is rapid fire and on the go. The characters are equally balanced with mostly good points and a few bad flaws thrown in for good measure.

At first the cases i felt were a bit to dramatic but the second episode was more of what I feel this show will become. I recommend this series to anyone who likes something a bit different and if you suspend belief on a couple of things you will enjoy it.

The Finder

Something Different
This series appears to be just a bit different. We have the adviser guy with a religious soul, a juvenile bad girl, with sleazy family issues, and a FBI woman who helps with protection and provides muscle for the finder. Our main guy seems to be one who is off the rails and kind of quirky he can find anything he wants to find for the sake of closure for his clients or in the name of justice. I don't think many of us has seen this before.

His head quarters is a bar at the end of some dirt road near a swampy area in south Florida. Perfect for the type of character, mood this series wants to be.

One thing I really like, is they seem to be avoiding the trap of how long will they court each other before they give in to desires, well that was cleared up from the first episode, I think we are all a bit tired of that story.

They seem to all make a great team and I am looking forward to this show, a great contrast for bones fans so tune in, It's worth it.

The Road to Christmas

Warning Spoilers........ A decent little movie with a small and believable cast. The story was told in a manner as not to be complicated. But for a Christmas movie it was a bit cliché. Such movies like this, is a romance formula in girl saying yes to marriage then the writers finding reason where it does not happen. In order for this one to work it would not have been very believable if she all of a sudden feels she does not love him just from traveling with a single widower guy and his daughter, but cast her fiancée as gay, so the wedding most definitely won't take place, and of course the back up plan is she met someone else anyway. I don't want to sound to cynical but just how does a woman getting married one day and the next finds out her guy is gay have a great Christmas is beyond me. To write a story and make it work as this one tries, comes off a bit forced. The acting was great as the director was the silent true hit in this film.


Good looking series
After watching the pilot episode I was pleased from what I saw. The episode was long enough to give us a glimpse into some interesting characters. There seems to be a lot to go around with both leads social lives and how they impact the secondary characters. There Is no shortage of eye candy. I did find some of the time lines a bit of a stretch, but nothing major. I most enjoyed how the writers took the time to give good background material on just about the whole cast witch I think Is becoming so rare, knowing this info helps to get into these characters from the start. I recommend this show to viewers who like a lawyer type show with just a touch of softness.

Proof of Life

A kidnapping, Then a love story
I found this movie to be very good, the scenery and action mixed well and the acting was great. Most reviewers did not like the love story, but i felt it was perfect. It did not make the characters very popular but who cares. I felt the ending was a little off as most viewers. Did not like the reception she gave her husband, but it worked for me. I feel so many viewers missed what the ending meant, disliking the characters and not understanding what took place which was he basically said go to your husband because he knew he was a good man for his humanitarian work. and understood that what took place was wrong. The husband was a good guy and the affair would have in my opinion caught up with them after she realized he did not deserve to loose his wife after what he went through Plus she was the one having problems he could not do much about. So the rescuer pushed her back where she belonged and brought her head out of the clouds. The husband had figured something was up anyway and waited for her to walk back to him. At that moment I felt they would be OK. The movie would have not worked if they had gotten together with what the husband had went thru. Good fast paced action and David Coruso and David Morse were very good. I recommend this movie since you now have a different ending interpretation

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