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The Desert Song

what happened to the color
First saw this movie in 1945,when I was in the navy.Recently saw it again on video,but this was in black and white.A couple of the scenes seemed different,but my memory is not what it used to be.Maybe one of the other users could clear this up for me.

The Vagabond King

fine rudolph friml score
Enjoyable version of Rudolph Friml's operetta.Beautiful score song by Oreste and Kathryn Grayson.This was Oreste's only film.I read somewhere that the moviegoing public did not take to him .I think this because younger movie goers did not have the exposure to this music.If Nelson and Jeanette had startd in the fifties,I doubt they would have enjoyed the success they had in the thirties.Personally ,I considered Oreste a fine tenor and I still enjoy his recording of The Vagabond King.I wish they would show a marathon of operettas, so that the older viewers,such as myself ,could relive the pleasant movie going memories of yesteryear

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