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Ernest Goes to School

Ernest movies are true gems
Ernest movies are a staple in my house. The priceless humor of Jim Varney is entertainment perfection for children of any age. My absolute favorite is Ernest goes to Africa, but honestly it has only slightly edged out the other titles.

As for critics, I do not see how Ernest humor differs much from such accepted classics as Lucille Ball or Jerry Lewis brand of slapstick or Mr. Bean's lame'o humor which I also enjoy. Ernest is not a dumb character set out for ridicule. He is an innocent sweetie with a giant heart who never lets life events get the better of him.

His movies always contain a good, positive message for all. I only have one question...When will Ernest Goes to School be published in R1?

Martians Go Home

When is the Region 1 DVD coming out?
Martians Go Home is one of my movie comedy staples. A must have for a serious comedy movie collection. Imagine what life would be like with omnipotent, green, sarcastic, amoral creatures popping in and out of your every day life without notice. You poo-poers out there just need to unhinge your reasonable brain and enjoy. The more often you watch Martians Go Home the funnier it gets. Yes, the martians are annoying...that's the point. The martians grow on you, infecting your cerebral cortex. Six months after watching this movie you will find yourself craving to revisit this atrocity. That's how the martians get to you. Ever since I got rid of my VHS player I have gone through "Martians Go Home" withdrawal. Please make the DVD!

The Don's Analyst

Whe will the DVD come out?!
I love The Don's Analyst and am impatiently waiting for the DVD to come out since changing all my players to DVD only. Angie Dickinson, Robert Loggia, Rick Aiello and all of the cast were perfect choices for the movie. I am also a huge fan of both Robert De Niro and Billy Chrystal but both Analyze This and That fell flat for me. I never could understand the media hype over Analyze This and That. The Don's Analyst does have a few comments well within mob characterization that could be considered somewhat anti semitic and I have often suspected this may the reason it is overlooked in favor of This and That. Anyone else? I think the movie is fantastic.


Exciting, thrilling, awesome performance by Mr. McGinley
I watched this movie sometime last year and have been searching for the video to add to my personal collection ever since.

This movie had me on the edge of my chair the entire time! Maybe it was due to the shock of seeing happy-go-lucky John McGinley playing such a happy-go-lucky maniacal psycho-killer that did it, I don't know, but if I could I'd give this film three-thumbs up!

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