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  • This movie was sweet. Both a nice retelling and sequel of the first Predator movie. Some people don't like this movie because there's not a lot of action. I hate that. There's more to an action movie than the action. There's suspense and build-up. This movie had those. They brought back the music from the first one and kind of modernized it and had scenes and lines similar to the first to try and please the Predator fan. Worked for me. While making this movie, the writers and staff were told to only use the first Predator as a reference which is why it was so similar. I loved the way they brought back Long Tall Sally by Little Richard at the credits. Nice homage to the helicopter scene from the first one. The acting was good and so were the lines, but it could've done without the 30+ F-words. The ending to me was a disappointment, though. So, all in all, really good movie if you're not picky about redone scenes from the original and redone music. 10/10 stars forever and ever!
  • This movie was fantastic! I first saw it during the last day of Summer School (yes, I went to Summer School. Shut up) and I have to admit that I did NOT want to watch it at first because it was a sports movie. But upon viewing this movie, I found that I liked it and enjoyed it. I then swiped the movie from my father's house and watched it every night for 3 nights straight. Here are the things that caught my attention.

    1) Samuel L. Jackson. One of the greatest actors ever was in this movie so I was instantly drawn in and thought that I'd give it a chance.

    2) The Music. Loved the music even though the majority is rap. It fit the movie perfectly.

    3) The storyline. I really loved the story and the plot devices. The drama sequences were REALLY good.

    4) The truth. This movie was pretty much dead-on to Ken Carter's real life experience. I watched the bonus feature "Coach Carter: The Man Behind The Movie" and it compared the movie to real life. It was like a perfect match.

    My favorite lines were at the end spoken by Samuel L. Jackson after the final game. I always watch that every night. It's become kind of like a tradition for me. I showed this to my mom and she instantly fell in love with it, too.

    So, all in all, really good movie. If I could rate this higher than 10 stars, I would've.
  • This show might be the worst show on Nick. In fact... it is the worst show on Nick. It would be good except for the parts in the show where Dan Curtis' performance is really, really terrible. There are times when his acting is okay at best. Lindsey Shaw's performance might be the best in the whole TV show. Devon Werkheiser's performance is 2nd best. Not good, but not bad. The thing that really sent this show down the hole for me was those annoying, wacky, cartoon sound effects. I have only seen 3 episodes, all stunk. 2 of them I saw just because I wanted to find at least one thing good about the show. This show is worse than the Weird Al Show, and you will know what I mean if you've seen it. So all in all, only see this show if there's nothing better to do and I would've given this Show a 0/10 but the lowest was a 1/10 so I just ran with it.