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The Day After Tomorrow

I wasn't expecting much from this, only some mild entertainment. Yet, I was disappointed. Halfway through the movie I was checking my watch and feeling like it was never going to end...

The disaster scenes didn't seem very impressive (I guess there are only so many ways for a filmmaker to tear apart the statue of liberty and still make it noteworthy), and I really didn't care much for the characters. Even the confrontation between the noble scientist-hero and the stupid bureaucrat Vice-President seemed too stereotypical.

On top of everything else, apparently reaching for the status of "serious movie" (without being successful) The Day After Tomorrow lacks any sense of humor.

And what were they thinking on that stupid sequence with the obvious cgi wolves - how lame was that?

Perhaps Emmerich's work is suffering with the absence of old partner Dean Devlin.

ID4 was certainly not very brilliant, but at least was fun. And Stargate (an incomprehensibly underrated movie) had a really interesting premise. But then again, the idea for that wasn't really Emmerich's...

Crossing Jordan

If they could only get rid of Jordan...
I watch this show in spite of the title character. Jordan was supposed to be a competent, strong willed, dedicated medical examiner, marked by a family tragedy... instead, she is incoherent, irresponsible, incredibly arrogant and unbearably annoying. On the other hand, the "secondary characters" are really interesting, and the supporting cast of the show is terrific; they simply worth the wait. Steve Valentine and Kathryn Hahn are great, Ravi Kapoor is outstanding, Miguel Ferrer has such an intense presence that he can steal the scenes without even saying a word, and overall the team share a remarkable chemistry that jumps through the screen. Even the guest stars are noteworthy. I specially enjoy the work of Jerry O'Connell as Det. Woody Hoyt, a refreshing character that accomplish the realization of running away from the cop stereotypes. It's true, the plotlines are far from original, and the solutions are not very brilliant, but the keyword for appreciating this show is "fun". Tune in and watch Dr. Macy's Team working their charm. If they could only get rid of Jordan...

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

So bad you can't believe
Considering all the comments and reviews, I knew that I should not expect much from this movie, but I thought it could at least serve as some mindless entertainment. I was so wrong...

The movie has absolutely no saving grace. It's lame, lame, lame. Stupid plot, poor character development, boring dialogue. As for the many action sequences, they are so absurd that cannot draw any real interest. The lack of logic even prevents us from appreciating the visual / special effects - which, I must add, are far from remarkable.

By the end of the movie the people in the theater were actually laughing at it - and I don't mean laughing because it was fun, but because it was simply ridiculous.


Wonderful Revolution of the "Fairy Tale"
Talking about bad luck for Disney Studios, just in the year the Academy finally conceded to create the Oscar for animated picture, their Monsters, Inc (very good, by the way) had to run against simply the best one ever made by any other studio.

Shrek is original, hysterical, delightful.

It makes fun of practically all the fairy tales classics.

The prince is the bad guy, the ogre is the hero, the princess ridiculize her own stereotype.

Even in the "happily ever after" ending the movie remains true to its nature.

And, last but no least - the donkey as the sidekick is priceless. Eddie Murphy at his best.

The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension

It hurts the concept of a cult movie
I can't understand how people can find this movie even watchable.

The presence of a few good actors (John Lithgow, Jeff Goldblum), is not enough to make this mess even a little bit interesting.

I understand the idea of appreciating a movie without taking it seriously, but there is nothing here to appreciate! Just a bunch of boring characters parading around trying to advance a plot that doesn't make any sense.

Some movies are so silly that end up being fun - this one is just plain silly.

All it did for me was make me sleepy.

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